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Feb 22, 2016

Welcome to the age of user-generated virtual reality & 360 video

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Yesterday LG and Samsung, two of the world’s largest consumer technology companies, announced the release of consumer-priced 360 cameras that will make it possible for millions of people to create their own virtual reality & 360 videos. Ceci Mourkogiannis, a co-founder of Metta — the first video platform dedicated to user-generated 360 & VR content — looks back to a time just a few months ago when the options for creating 360 videos were limited, and ponders the future of user-generated 360 video in 2016.

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Feb 22, 2016

Swiss Startups Delving Into Virtual Reality

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On the heels of the MindMaze round of $100 million, it is clear that Swiss tech is booming and beginning to tickle the curiosity of international investors.

The startup had already closed an angel funding round of $10 million and recently announced the opening of their Series A round at a $1 billion valuation. The lead investor is multinational conglomerate Hinduja Group, with participation from family offices that haven’t been disclosed yet.

MindMaze is a neuro-rehabilitation platform that helps stroke victims to recover faster by “fooling” the brain through VR/AR technology.

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Feb 22, 2016

Facebook wants to help internet providers get ready for virtual reality

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Facebook today announced the launch of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), which is bringing together a coalition of internet service providers and tech companies to focus on the engineering challenges of delivering high-res video and virtual reality. The group has 30 initial members including T-Mobile, Nokia, Intel, Deutsche Telekom, and SK Telecom. The approach is modeled after the Open Compute Project, which was started by Facebook in 2011 to share designs of data-center products, and has ties to Facebook’s initiative to bring connectivity to rural areas and developing countries.

“Every day, more people and more devices around the world are coming online, and it’s becoming easier to share data-intensive experiences like video and virtual reality,” Jay Parikh, Facebook’s global head of engineering and infrastructure, writes in a blog post. “Scaling traditional telecom infrastructure to meet this global data challenge is not moving as fast as people need it to.”

The TIP’s technology companies and hardware makers will work together to contribute designs for products like wireless radios and optical fiber gear to better manage, store, and deliver intensive data, while telecoms can then use those designs in practice. “This will result in significant gains in cost and operational efficiency for both rural and urban deployments,” Parikh adds. The group will also work toward accelerating the development of 5G networks.

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Feb 22, 2016

This Room-Size VR Game Makes You Into an Actual Action Hero

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Thanks to “room-scale” VR, full-body gaming is coming. WIRED’s Peter Rubin tries out “Raw Data,” a first-person shooter that turns players into jumping, shooting, crouching, katana-slicing action heroes. Your living room will never be the same again.

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Feb 22, 2016

Here’s All the Cool Stuff From Mobile World Congress (So Far)

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We’ve just wrapped up the second day of Mobile World Congress, the annual mobile technology conference in Barcelona. We’ve seen smartphones, VR headsets, and some batshit crazy stuff (see photo above)—and almost all of it has been awesome. Here are some of our favorites:

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Feb 22, 2016

HTC Vive vs. Oculus Rift: What your money gets you

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The VR system from HTC and Valve comes with greater sticker shock, but also includes more stuff.

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Feb 22, 2016

Facebook to Open New Division to Build the Future of Social VR

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Ever since Facebook purchased Oculus in 2014, Mark Zuckerberg has been speaking to promise of virtual reality as the next communications platform. Yesterday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona he punctuated those thoughts with a big announcement – the creation of an internal team dedicated to Social VR.

Led by Daniel James and Mike Booth, the team will work closely with Oculus as well as other divisions within Facebook to explore and build the future of social interaction in VR, the company says.

Facebook describes their work in VR as “still early” but Oculus has been working to lay the groundwork themselves with experiences like Toybox and an upcoming social SDK that will allow developers to easily implement key multiplayer and networking features into their experiences. In fact, Oculus’ dedication to Social VR is “the reason why [they’re] part of Facebook,” Oculus founder Palmer Luckey told us earlier this year.

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Feb 22, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg talks at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016: VR is the next social platform

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Full event:
Watch Mark Zuckerberg talks at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016: VR is the next social platform.

At Samsung’s Unpacked event — where the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge were revealed — Zuckerberg explained about his fascination with VR and how he has been dreaming of using the technology since the age of 11.

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Feb 22, 2016

The internet is losing its mind over this photo of Mark Zuckerberg walking through a sea of people in VR headsets

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Welcome to the future.

On Sunday, Facebook CEO and virtual reality enthusiast Mark Zuckerberg shared the image above on his Facebook profile.

The photo was taken this past weekend at the Mobile World Congress, a big tech conference in Spain.

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Feb 21, 2016

PlayStation VR Will Launch In Fall 2016, Says GameStop CEO During Live TV Interview

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It’s looking like 2016 will be the year virtual reality hits the mainstream now that Oculus Rift is on the brink of shipping and Google Cardboard is into the millions of units sold. Now, we finally know when Sony is releasing its new VR headset too. GameStop CEO Paul Raines revealed the PlayStation VR will launch in the third quarter of this year during a live television interview.

“We will launch the Sony product this fall,” said Raines, “and we’re in discussions with the other two players.” Shortly after blurting out the PlayStation VR release date, Raines redirected the conversation to GameStop’s dominance in gaming hardware sales. To watch the flub, jump to the 2:40 mark in the clip below:

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