Short-term Goals (by 2025)

Educate the public to coming dangers and opportunities, as well as our efforts to preserve life in the future. Encourage the public to participate in solutions to reduce threats from terrorism, and other abuses of technology.
Stimulate discussion of how people best discover dangers in advance and act upon them. How do other dangers approach unnoticed? Create prototype forums that begin to improve foresight or preparedness.
Host meetings that compare self-sustaining technologies and target those that are underdeveloped.
Encourage advancements in technologies to combat biological viruses and encourage advancements in self-sustaining technologies and space technology. Create contests similar to the X-Prize cash award.

Medium-term Goals (by 2030)

Stimulate continuing development of self-sustaining technologies, with a focus on modifying advancements in nanotechnology for use in maintaining a space station and its life support systems. Support enabling steps that help others to research AI, microgravity horticulture, and to develop test beds for sustainable technologies.

Long-term Goals (by 2035)

Help complete development of self-sustaining technologies by offering prizes that zero in on well-targeted bottlenecks ensuring that all the other technologies being developed will weave together as quickly as possible.
Encourage corporations to use these self-sustaining technologies to create one or more self-sustaining space colonies. Some of these corporations would likely be launched by Lifeboat Foundation supporters.