Lifeboat Foundation ClimateShield

By the Lifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board. This is an ongoing program so you may submit suggestions to [email protected].

Adelie Penguins on an ice shelf glacier in Hope Bay, Antarctica (Angell Williams, 2007)


We support investigations into climate change such as the Glacsweb program led by our Scientific Advisory Board member Kirk Martinez which monitors glacier behavior using sensor networks.
We also support attempts to develop control over the weather, including the problems of droughts, hurricanes, and tornadoes.


We propose installing a comprehensive planetary weather and climate control system. We would start small, as with regional rainmaking, tornado dissipation, hurricane steering, and so forth, and move up to orbiting solar shadescreens/reflectors for insolation control, global rain scheduling and hydrosphere management, skysweeper nanorobots to remove particulates from the air (or install them, to control planetary albedo), etc.
This system would allow control of glacier melt/freeze rates and allow atmospheric greenhouse management, thus completely solving global warming. It would allow us to regulate seasons locally. It would allow us to clean particulates out of the air caused by a supervolcano eruption, a modest asteroid strike, or a nuclear war. Indeed, it would protect our current climate from any sort of sudden change.