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Mar 7, 2021

Nanoprinted high-neuron-density optical linear perceptrons perform near-infrared inference on a CMOS chip

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Today, machine learning permeates everyday life, with millions of users every day unlocking their phones through facial recognition or passing through AI-enabled automated security checks at airports and train stations. These tasks are possible thanks to sensors that collect optical information and feed it to a neural network in a computer.

Scientists in China have presented a new nanoscale AI trained to perform unpowered all-optical inference at the speed of light for enhanced authentication solutions. Combining smart optical devices with imaging sensors, the system performs complex functions easily, achieving a neural density equal to 1/400th that of the human brain and a more than 10 orders of magnitude higher than electronic processors.

Imagine empowering the sensors in everyday devices to perform artificial intelligence functions without a computer—as simply as putting glasses on them. The integrated holographic perceptrons developed by the research team at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology led by Professor Min Gu, a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, can make that a reality. In the future, its neural density is expected to be 10 times that of human brain.

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Mar 3, 2021

New skills of graphene: Tunable lattice vibrations

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Ranjan KC

| Phononic crystals as a nanomechanical computing platform.

Without electronics and photonics, there would be no computers, smartphones, sensors, or information and communication technologies. In the coming years, the new field of phononics may further expand these options. That field is concerned with understanding and controlling lattice vibrations (phonons) in solids. In order to realize phononic devices, however, lattice vibrations have to be controlled as precisely as commonly realized in the case of electrons or photons.

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Feb 26, 2021

This company is making smartphones you can upgrade yourself

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A call to protect the planet 📱

🔎 Learn more about the rise in e-waste:

Feb 26, 2021

Tongue phone

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We regret to inform you this phone licks you when the other line talks.

Feb 25, 2021

Artificial intelligence is killing choice and chance – changing what it means to be human

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FEATURE (THE CONVERSATION) — The history of humans’ use of technology has always been a history of co-evolution.

Philosophers from Rousseau to Heidegger to Carl Schmitt have argued that technology is never a neutral tool for achieving human ends. Technological innovations – from the most rudimentary to the most sophisticated – reshape people as they use these innovations to control their environment. Artificial intelligence is a new and powerful tool, and it, too, is altering humanity.

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Feb 24, 2021

Medical Diagnosis Software With Just A Smart Phone — The Future Is Arriving

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Monitoring your vital signs is becoming easier and easier these days, critical if you want to keep track of your general health and well being, and incredibly useful if you want to see how a life style, or dietary, change is playing out. In this video I look at two new companies that are utilising mobile phones to measure a whole raft of biometric data, simply and easily, and clinically tested to deliver medical-grade accuracy. And these are just first generation versions, who knows where this will take us, and what we will be able to monitor quickly and easily in the next few years.

Medical Diagnosis Software With Just A Smart PhoneIn the near future, your phone or a wearable of some description, will constantly be able to monitor all your health signs continuously ready to alert you to any worrying signs, and what they can do today is just the beginning of where we are heading.

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Feb 22, 2021

The tech industry is looking to replace the smartphone — and everybody is waiting to see what Apple comes up with

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Today, the most common use cases are much more mundane, including smartphone-based games and apps like Pokemon Go or Apple’s Ruler app, which use the phone’s screen and camera rather than relying on glasses or another set of screens sitting on your face. The few companies who are actively producing AR glasses are mostly focused on work scenarios, like manufacturing and medicine.

Industry watchers and participants think that Apple has a good chance to validated and revolutionize augmented reality like it did with smartphones.

Feb 21, 2021

What is the Samsung Infinity-O Display?

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Introduction Samsung wasn’t as quick to embrace the display notch trend for the front camera even though many of its rivals had made the move years ago. That all changed in 2018 when the company revealed four different “Infinity” display concepts. Only then did it become apparent that Samsung was considering the full gamut of punch hole, notch and no-notch solutions for smartphone displays with significantly slimmer bezels.

Feb 20, 2021

Russia’s Kalashnikov eyes production in India, woos gadget lovers with hi-tech shotgun

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Featuring a built-in computer, the Ultima shotgun envisages WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and can synchronize with smart phones. It is intended to woo younger clients such as gadget enthusiasts.

Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov plans to start making its AK-203 assault rifle in India this year and wants to attract a wider audience with a hi-tech shotgun, chief executive Dmitry Tarasov said.

Feb 19, 2021

Samsung’s Find My Mobile App May Soon Work Without a Network Connection

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Samsung’s find my mobile app will work without a network connection.

Lost your phone and your connection? Samsung’s Find My Mobile App is promising a solution for that.

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