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May 9, 2021

My Theory & The Future Of Aging | Prof George Church Interview Series Episode 1

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7:01 they talk about Church’s comments of ending aging by 2030. Also this appears to be a part one.

In this video Professor Church talks about his theory of aging and touches on his ideas on the future of aging.

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May 9, 2021

Homocysteine Increases During Aging, But Can Be Reduced With Diet And Targeted Supplementation

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Papers referenced in the video:

Bacteria Boost Mammalian Host NAD Metabolism by Engaging the Deamidated Biosynthesis Pathway:

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May 9, 2021

María Blasco sobre retrasar el envejecimiento y extender la vida (with S/T in English)

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Excerpts from an interview with Dr. María Blasco, Director of the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), where she covers how telomeres shortening induce aging, how artificially lenghtening telomeres has proven to extend lifespan in animal models like mice, and what the impact will be in human health and lifespan once the techniques (gene therapies) get effectively translated into humans.

The interview took place on May 6, 2021 as part of a program organized by the Madrid Planetarium, to contribute to a better orientation of the students of the last years of high school when deciding which university studies further engage.

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May 8, 2021

Super Long HealthSpans: In The Making

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0:00 — Title.
0:35 — Into.
1:15 — Super People of The Future.
1:46 — Neal VanDeree ‘Living Long Healthy Lives Will be Possible’ —
3:24 — Dr. Bill Andrews ‘Super Wonderful Future’ —
6:27 — Selim Bakırcı ‘1000 years long life’
6:58 — Rodrigo Guinea ‘Great Responsibility’ —
9:22 — Significant Research.
9:40 — Significant Research — Liz Parrish —
10:44 — Significant Research — Brent Nally —
13:10 — Significant Research — Cain Hillier —
14:43 — Significant Research — Chris Curwen —
17:16 — The Threshold Times.
18:41 — The Threshold Times — Brent Nally.
21:35 — The Threshold Times — Chris Curwen
24:25 — The Threshold Times — Liz Parrish.
26:21 — The Threshold Times — Nicolas Chernavsky
27:00 — The Threshold Times — Josh Martin.
27:42 — The Threshold Times — Cain Hillier.
28:50 — The Threshold Times — Vikram Pandya —
31:24 — Ageing Is a Disease.
32:49 — Ageing Is a Disease — Neal VanDeree.
34:09 — Ageing Is a Disease — Dr. Bill Andrews.
37:48 — Ageing Is a Disease — Liz Parrish.
39:28 — Ageing Is a Disease — Brent Nally.
42:10 — Ageing Is a Disease — Aaron King.
44:44 — Ageing Is a Disease — Lukas Vismantas —
46:07 — Ageing Is a Disease — Cain Hillier.
48:02 — Ageing Is a Disease — Chris Curwen.
50:23 — Ageing Is a Disease — Nicolas Chernavsky.
52:49 — The Big Times.
54:40 — The Big Times — Dr. Bill Andrews.
56:52 — The Big Times — Liz Parrish.
59:16 — The Big Times — Brent Nally.
01:03:50 — The Big Times — Nicholas Mohnacky —
01:05:00 — The Big Times — Bolek Kerous —
01:08:24 — The Big Times — Nicolas Chernavsky.
01:08:58 — The Big Times — Chris Curwen.
01:09:48 — The Big Times — Nicolas Chernavsky.
01:11:19 — The Big Times — Jeremy Rumble —
01:12:22 — The Big Times — Jakub Czubak —
01:14:20 — The Big Times — Josh Martin.
01:14:50 — The Big Times — Nicolas Chernavsky.
01:20:15 — The Big Times — Brent Nally.
01:22:09 — Ending.

Omitting natural disasters like an asteroid smashing Earth or a volcano eruption we can say that improving human health and condition is the most important safety case/concern and the fundamental thing to consider and accomplish on our way to be super cosmic humanity. Significant health improvements will free us from all diseases, allow us to develop superhuman intelligence, let us totally self-realize, and consequently, help realize the infinity in the matter for the common good. However intensively we focus on intelligence, it is not possible to experience its natural consequence or the next level of its advancement/evolution if there is no good health. Coherent and consistent collective mind continuum experience is not possible without super health (Healthy life that is free from the danger of uncontrollable death). Our bodies are short-timed and not strong enough to hold up the Earth-Gravity-Geometry sized/adjusted thoughts that are necessary to naturally manage and effectively inhabit our planet.

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May 7, 2021

People who live past 105 years old have genes that stop DNA damage

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People who reach a very old age may have their genes to thank. Genetic variants that help to prevent DNA mutations and repair any that do occur have been found in supercentenarians and semi-supercentenarians – people who reach the ages of 110 and 105, respectively.

“DNA repair mechanisms are extremely efficient in these people,” says Claudio Franceschi at the University of Bologna in Italy. “It is one of the most important basic mechanisms for extending lifespan.”

May 7, 2021

Founder of Forever Healthy doubles down on mission to accelerate rejuvenation biotechnology

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That’s good funding.

Berlin, Gerrmany — Michael Greve, founder of the Forever Healthy Foundation and owner of Kizoo Technology Ventures, announced today that he will make available an additional €300 million to be invested in rejuvenation biotech.

The funds, to be deployed via Kizoo, will be used to create and support more startups in the rejuvenation space. They will also allow Kizoo to maintain a strong commitment to its key startups during follow-up rounds and to advance the therapies from clinical development to public availability.

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May 6, 2021

Something Is Frizzling Up the Brains of Old White Guys

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“This work confirms that there is a link between air pollution and how well the aging brain works,” senior study author and Columbia University researcher Andrea Baccarelli told The Guardian. “These shorter-term effects are reversible: when air pollution clears, our brain reboots and starts working back to its original level. However, multiple occurrences of these higher exposures cause permanent damage.”

Thankfully, it’s reversible.

May 6, 2021

Trent Stamp, CEO, The Eisner Foundation — Investing In Intergenerational Solutions For Healthy Aging

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Investing in inter-generational solutions for healthy aging — trent stamp, CEO, the eisner foundation.

Trent Stamp is the CEO of The Eisner Foundation (, an organization founded by Jane and Michael D. Eisner (the former Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company), that identifies, advocates for, and invests in high-quality and innovative programs that unite multiple generations for the enrichment of our communities. Trent has been in this role since 2008 and under his leadership, The Eisner Foundation became the only foundation in the U.S. investing solely in intergenerational solutions, garnering many honors and awards including Generation United’s Leadership Award.

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May 5, 2021

Chronic attack on the aging nervous system

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Aging is the biggest risk factor for perturbation of the nervous system, even in the absence of distinct disease or trauma. For yet unknown reasons, the impulse conducting, myelinated projections and synaptic connections between nerve cells are especially vulnerable to aging-related degeneration. These pathological alterations often manifest as cognitive, sensory, and motor decline in older adults and represent a serious socio-economic challenge.

Malactivation leads to damage

Scientists have long assumed that inflammation plays an important role in this process. Mal-or overactivation of distinct belonging to the innate immune system—the microglia—appears to promote damage of nerve fibers and synapses in the aging central nervous system (CNS). In a recent project, scientists of the University Hospital Würzburg have now discovered an important role of the adaptive immune system.

May 4, 2021

Can humans achieve biological immortality? Brent Nally (longevity) interview

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Hey guys — you might like this interview I did with Brent Nally (CEO — Longevity Plan) about why humans can and should strive towards biological immortality. Very grateful for any subs to support the channel!

I interview Brent Nally, host of Lifespan News and CEO/co-founder of Longevity Plan, about the longevity movement and why he believes humans can and should strive for biological immortality. Covers scientific progress, the evolving longevity movement, why some oppose radical life extension and a brief section on Bitcoin.

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