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Oct 24, 2020

Seagate Confirms World’s Largest Hard Disk Drive on Track for December

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Seagate’s first HAMR drives will feature a whopping 20TB capacity when they debut later this year.

Oct 21, 2020

LG’s rollable TV finally goes on sale — but it will set you back £66,000

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The hugely expensive TV will go on sale in select premium electronics stores throughout South Korea.

Oct 21, 2020

Navy Hires Boeing To Develop A Very Fast And Long-Range Strike Missile Demonstrator

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“The SPEAR flight demonstrator will provide the F/A-18 Super Hornet and carrier strike group with significant improvements in range and survivability against advanced threat defensive systems,” Mercer, the firm’s SPEAR program manager, added.

Very-long-range, high-speed strike weapons could be very valuable for the Navy’s carrier air wings, especially as potential near-peer adversaries, such as China and Russia, continue to develop and field increasingly longer-range and otherwise more capable surface-to-air missile systems and associated radars and other sensors. Aircraft carriers and their associated strike groups and air wings are also increasingly at risk from various anti-access and area-denial capabilities, further underscoring the need for weapons with greater range and that are able to prosecute targets faster to help ensure their survival.

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Oct 20, 2020

New wearable sensors can be printed directly on human skin

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Oct 17, 2020

Ultra-Speed Caltech Camera Films Light Moving Through Space in 3D

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A very high speed camera.

Wang’s newest camera called, which has the wordy moniker “single-shot stereo-polarimetric compressed ultrafast photography” (SP-CUP), builds on previous iterations that were capable of shooting at even faster rates, some of them capable of shooting up to 70 trillion frames per second.

But what the new Caltech camera brings to the table is its ability to perceive the world more like humans can. The human eye’s depth perception relies on there being two of them — and the new rig can pull off the same stereoscopic trick.

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Oct 14, 2020

This crazy pen lets you write and draw in any color you want

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Circa 2016

Scribble Pen is a smart pen that lets you draw in any color simply objects by scanning them with its built in color sensor.

Oct 13, 2020

Putting a RED Cinema Camera on a 100mph First-Person Racing Drone

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As drones become better and better at everything they do, it’s only natural photographers and videographers alike start pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. This particular boundary push is not for the faint of heart, however. I’m reasonably new to the drone world. While I’d been keen to dip a toe for a long time, I had been waiting for commercial applications to justify the acquisition. Thankfully, I found a window and jumped right through it.

Oct 12, 2020

The Coming Internet: Secure, Decentralized and Immersive

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The blockchain revolution, online gaming and virtual reality are powerful new technologies that promise to change our online experience. After summarizing advances in these hot technologies, we use the collective intelligence of our TechCast Experts to forecast the coming Internet that is likely to emerge from their application.

Here’s what learned:

Security May Arrive About 2027 We found a sharp division of opinion, with roughly half of our experts thinking there is little or no chance that the Internet would become secure — and the other half thinks there is about a 60% probability that blockchain and quantum cryptography will solve the problem at about 2027. After noting the success of Gilder’s previous forecasts, we tend to accept those who agree with Gilder.

Decentralization Likely About 2028–2030 We find some consensus around a 60% Probability and Most Likely Year About 2028–2030. The critical technologies are thought to focus on blockchain, but quantum, AI, biometrics and the Internet of things (IoT) also thought to offer localizing capabilities.

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Oct 11, 2020

Motion Sensors & “Holograms”

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Motion sensors make avatars dance, via Mark Bartkevitch. Some new technologies about holograms you find here: “A Hologram of Anyone Speaking Any Language” (1 year ago):…__tn__=K-R and

Oct 9, 2020

FBI ‘Drive-By’ Hacking Threat Just Got Real: Here’s Why You Should Be Concerned

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This latest IoT security warning is hard to believe…

Warnings that our IoT devices might be spying on us are nothing new—remember the smart speaker fiasco last year? But at least we expect those devices to be listening and can exercise some caution. The latest such warning, though, takes these risks to a new level. It turns out that there may be surprising little spies hiding in our living rooms.

Last December, the FBI warned that the perilous state of IoT security means that “hackers can use an innocent device to do a virtual drive-by of your digital life.” A week earlier, that same FBI office had cautioned on the danger that smart TVs can allow “manufacturers, streaming services, and even hackers an open door into your home.”

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