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Jun 18, 2024

Generating audio for video

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Video-to-audio research uses video pixels and text prompts to generate rich soundtracks.

Video generation models are advancing at an incredible pace, but many current systems can only generate silent output. One of the next major steps toward bringing generated movies to life is creating soundtracks for these silent videos.

Today, we’re sharing progress on our video-to-audio (V2A) technology, which makes synchronized audiovisual generation possible. V2A combines video pixels with natural language text prompts to generate rich soundscapes for the on-screen action.

Jun 16, 2024

Strengthener for graphene

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Grapene’s unusually high conductivity and favorable mechanical properties could further the development of flexible electronics, new batteries, and innovative composite materials for aeronautics and space flight. However, the development of elastic and tough films remains a challenge.

In the journal Angewandte Chemie (“A Stretchable and Tough Graphene Film Enabled by Mechanical Bond”), a research team has now introduced a method to overcome this hurdle: they linked graphene nanolayers via “extendable” bridging structures.

Cartoon representations of the fabrication process of RBG films and toughening mechanism of mechanical bond. Upon applied force, the hidden chain of [2]rotaxane was released due to intramolecular motion, resulting in an increased interlayer slip distance. It follows that the mechanical performance of RBG films were improved when mechanical bond was introduced.

Jun 12, 2024

We are definitely living in a simulation | Roman Yampolskiy and Lex Fridman

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Lex Fridman Podcast full episode: support this podcast by checking out our sponsors:- Yahoo Finance: https:…

Jun 11, 2024

Endocrine system — Anatomical terminology for healthcare professionals | Kenhub

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Do you have trouble learning endocrine system terminology? That shall end today! Join us now on episode 10 of our Anatomical Terminology for Healthcare Professionals course series on Youtube:

Jun 8, 2024

They’re Made Out Of Meat

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This is the short film I made in 2004. I shot it as my final film project at #NYFA. It stars Tom Noonan, Ben Bailey and Gbenga Akinna…

Jun 8, 2024

Ashton Kutcher Threatens That Soon, AI Will Spit Out Entire Movies

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According to Kutcher, OpenAI’s generative AI tool Sora is already good enough to churn out footage for major movie productions.

Jun 5, 2024

Revolutionary thin film can add night vision to normal glasses

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The new ultra-light night vision filters which weigh less than a gram almost resemble those seen in the movies. These glasses allow users to catch a glimpse of the visible and infrared spectrum. They also help in allowing the user to drive safely in the dark.

As of now, traditional night vision technology is in use. It required infrared photons to pass through a lens. Then it would meet a photocathode that would help in transforming these photons into electrons.

These electrons travel through a phosphor screen and are reconverted back to photons. These produce an intensely visible image which the human eye can see. In order to prevent thermal noise from being intensified these elements need cryogenic cooling.

Jun 5, 2024

Nvidia reveals AI-driven gaming with G-Assist, lifelike digital humans

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NVIDIA takes to the stage at COMPUTEX, with a slew of AI-powered tools to enable game assistants, digital humans, and improve generative AI.

May 31, 2024

Sony Will Use AI to Cut Film Costs, Says CEO Tony Vinciquerra

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The next “Spider-Verse” film may have a new animation style: AI.

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) CEO Tony Vinciquerra does not mince words when it comes to artificial intelligence. He likes the tech — or at the very least, he likes the economics.

“We are very focused on AI. The biggest problem with making films today is the expense,” Vinciquerra said at Sony’s Thursday (Friday in Japan) investor event. “We will be looking at ways to…produce both films for theaters and television in a more efficient way, using AI primarily.”

May 28, 2024

Scientists discover polar Bloch points in strained ferroelectric films

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Researchers from the Institute of Metal Research (IMR) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and collaborators from the Institute of Physics of CAS have directly observed polar Bloch points in strained ferroelectric films.

Their work is published in Nature Communications.

Based on their previous work on the polar meron lattice, the researchers considered the model of a tensile-strained ultrathin ferroelectric PbTiO3 film sandwiched by symmetric electrodes in phase-field simulations and found that the merons transform into Bloch points with the increase of the electrode thickness.

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