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Jan 24, 2020

Facebook has trained an AI to navigate without needing a map

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The algorithm lets robots find the shortest route in unfamiliar environments, opening the door to robots that can work inside homes and offices.

The news: A team at Facebook AI has created a reinforcement learning algorithm that lets a robot find its way in an unfamiliar environment without using a map. Using just a depth-sensing camera, GPS, and compass data, the algorithm gets a robot to its goal 99.9% of the time along a route that is very close to the shortest possible path, which means no wrong turns, no backtracking, and no exploration. This is a big improvement over previous best efforts.

Why it matters: Mapless route-finding is essential for next-gen robots like autonomous delivery drones or robots that work inside homes and offices. Some of the best robots available today, such as Spot and Atlas made by Boston Dynamics and Digit made by Agility Robotics, are packed with sensors that make them pretty good at keeping their balance and avoiding obstacles. But if you dropped them off at an unfamiliar street corner and left them to find their way home, they’d be screwed. While Facebook’s algorithm does not yet handle outside environments, it is a promising step in that direction and could probably be adapted to urban spaces.

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Jan 24, 2020

25 Pictures Of Things Only Ever Captured By Drones

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As camera technology progresses, resolutions are increasing, and stability is like never before. Drone pilots require a great deal of balance when using drones. Drones have the potential to capture elevated wide-angle lens shots, discover never before seen locations, and soar through the clouds. Pictures obtained by drones are unparalleled from other devices. A tripod will provide greater stability, but drones can stare into volcanoes and observe from a unique perspective.

There are a plethora of drones in the market with leading models belonging to brands such as GoPro, Parrot, and DJI. Drones can be sold with a camera, or they can be sold separately. GoPro’s cameras are synonymous with action and drones, making them a suitable selection. DJI’s Mavic Pro Drone is capable of flying 4 miles (7 kilometers) away from a user. Stability of current drones allows them to hover in a spot while it takes photos.

Those who have never used a drone in combination with a camera before, need to check out these photos. Some of the pictures contained on this listicle have won awards for creativity and resplendence. One doesn’t have to be a photographer to appreciate the qualities of these photos. These are 25 pictures of things only ever captured by drones.

Jan 24, 2020

Drone delivery service takes flight

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NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A Bahamian drone delivery service is rolling out its last-mile delivery service in the first quarter of this year with its inter-island offering expected within 12–15 months.

Fli Drone, a Bahamian firm authorized to perform drone delivery services, was founded by two former college classmates: Abaco native Robert Sweeting (Chief Executive Officer) and Arthur Frisch (Chief Technology Officer).

The company officially launched in 2018.

Jan 23, 2020

Switzerland’s drone delivery program to resume after crashes

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Swiss Post and Matternet will once again resume using drones to deliver lab samples between hospital facilities and labs after being suspending in August 2019 after two crashes. Flights will resume on January 27th.

Jan 22, 2020

10 Tips for Preventing Drone Crashes

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Here are the Top Ten most common drone crash causes for public safety and the easy solutions to avoid them.

Jan 20, 2020

DJI Matrice 200 drones used by police fell out of the sky during rain

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A report by UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch found that DJI Matrice 200 drones used by police were falling out of the sky in the rain due to a technical fault. The drone pilots lost full control and power of the drone causing it to fall straight down to the ground while in use by police.

Jan 18, 2020

These Amazing Drone Images Will Change Your Perspective Of Our Earth

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A drone has become a welcomed addition to cinematography in recent years. With brand new ways to see the world, they provide us with new viewpoints deemed impossible only a few years ago. We can already see their impact when used in documentaries and recreational films: most new movies rely on the standard drone overhead shot used for establishing the scene and aesthetic.

Here are some of the coolest drone shots that have been posted online. Some of these explore views that have never been captured on film before, making for some amazing ways to see the world.

These two got close and personal to some pretty wild beasts in California. The girls were part of a documentary that explored the relationship between sharks and humans when they traveled on a paddleboard to see them.

Jan 16, 2020

360 Video: Go on a Mission With Zipline’s Delivery Drones

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With 360 video, IEEE Spectrum takes you behind the scenes with one of the world’s first drone-delivery companies. Zipline, based in California, is using drones to deliver blood to hospitals throughout Rwanda. At an operations center in Muhanga, you’ll watch as Zipline technicians assemble the modular drones, fill their cargo holds, and launch them via catapult. You’ll see a package float down from the sky above a rural hospital, and you’ll get a closeup look at Zipline’s ingenious method for capturing returning drones.

You can follow the action in a 360-degree video in three ways: 1) Watch on your computer, using your mouse to click and drag on the video; 2) watch on your phone, moving the phone around to change your view; or 3) watch on a VR headset for the full immersive experience.

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Jan 15, 2020

Lawmakers bussed to Forbes Field for closed-door security meeting

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Found this article being passed around amongst some of the Colorado/Nebraska drone sightings speculators…

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – All committee meetings were canceled Tuesday afternoon and all Kansas House members were called to the Kansas Air National Guard for a meeting with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Kansas Deputy Attorney General Jay Scott Emler sent a letter to Speaker Ron Ryckman Tuesday saying that the DHS briefing should be given in a closed caucus.

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Jan 12, 2020

This autonomous security drone is designed to guard your home

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One of the new products unveiled at CES this year is a new kind of home security system — one that includes drones to patrol your property, along with sensors designed to mimic garden light and a central processor to bring it all together.

Sunflower Labs debuted their new Sunflower Home Awareness System, which includes the eponymous Sunflowers (motion and vibration sensors that look like simple garden lights but can populate a map to show you cars, people and animals on or near your property in real time); the Bee (a fully autonomous drone that deploys and flies on its own, with cameras on board to live-stream video); and the Hive (a charging station for the Bee, which also houses the brains of the operation for crunching all the data gathered by the component parts).

Roving aerial robots keeping tabs on your property might seem a tad dystopian, and perhaps even unnecessary, when you could maybe equip your estate with multiple fixed cameras and sensors for less money and with less complexity. But Sunflower Labs thinks its security system is an evolution of more standard fare because it “learns and reacts to its surroundings,” improving over time.

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