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Oct 23, 2021

First Seal of Historic SAM Analog at Biosphere 2 — Kai Staats — 2021 Mars Society Virtual Convention

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Title: A data analysis of the first hermetic seal of SAM–a hi-fidelity, hybrid physicochemical and bioregenerative human habitat analog at the Biosphere 2

Track Code: AM-8

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Oct 23, 2021

VTOL electronic vehicle flies one and is yours for $92k

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Jetson One is an electrical VTOL flying vehicle you can actually buy—well, pre-order—that shows not only that it can be done but that it can be done with style and flair. The catch is battery life—about 20m flight time per charge for a 187lb rider.

A complete vehicle is 92 000 USD and is delivered to you as a partially (50%) assembled kit for home completion. It contains everything you need, from the aluminium space frame to motor controllers, propellers and motors. You will also receive detailed build instructions.

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Oct 23, 2021

Increasing Sustainable Logging Practices With The Help Of AI

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In recent years, the continued exploitation of natural resources and depletion of our forests has been a major issue, to say the least. The fight for sustainability has become increasingly important as we face the challenge of climate change and its effects on our planet. One possible solution to this problem is to use artificial intelligence (AI) to help increase sustainable logging practices.

Beyond data science, AI can be used in conjunction with autonomous robots that are specially designed for forestry work which may provide an answer for this global problem. AI can be applied specifically to logging operations such as planning where trees should be cut down and predicting the best time of day for cutting trees so they do not disrupt nesting birds or other animal habitats.

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Oct 21, 2021

Adapter structure with 10 CubeSats installed on top of Artemis moon rocket

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Workers at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center have lifted the Orion Stage Adapter on top of the Space Launch System moon rocket, adding the structure housing 10 CubeSat rideshare payloads heading into deep space on the Artemis 1 mission. But three of the CubeSat missions missed their opportunity to fly on the first SLS mission.

Teams inside the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy raised the Orion Stage Adapter on top of the Space Launch System rocket Friday evening, according to Madison Tuttle, a NASA spokesperson.

The mounting of the circular adapter structure is one of the final steps in stacking the SLS rocket inside High Bay 3 of the iconic assembly building. The Orion spacecraft, NASA’s human-rated moon ship, will be added to the rocket in the coming days to complete the build-up of the 322-foot-tall (98-meter) launch vehicle for an unpiloted test flight to lunar orbit and back to Earth.

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Oct 20, 2021

A Drone Company Will Airlift Stranded Dogs. Over a Stream of Lava?

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In an interview with Reuters, Jaime Pereira, CEO of Aerocamaras, said “it’s the first time an animal is being rescued with a drone and the first time it has to be captured. If that’s the last option that the dogs have? Then we’re going after them.” Pereira also mentioned a possible nightmare scenario caused by the limitations of drone battery technology, and the tricky nature of the operation, which relies partly on the cooperation of the stranded canines: “What we don’t want is to run out of battery when flying over the lava,” he said. In order to carry out the mission as safely as possible, the drone operator is currently carrying out test flights to practice before sending its drones to the location near the live volcano.

Though this is likely the first time a dog has been carried to safety by a drone, operators in China guided a herd of wayward elephants home with the aid of drones. In that case, however, the drones were only used to keep track of the animals. The technology is also being trialed for first responder operations in the case of natural disasters and emergencies. Here’s hoping the novel method for extracting the otherwise inaccessible animals to safety goes off without a hitch.

Oct 16, 2021

Creating Generative Art NFTs from Genomic Data

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In this post I outline my journey creating a dynamic NFT on the Ethereum blockchain with IPFS and discuss the possible use cases for scientific data. I do not cover algorithmic generation of static images (you should read Albert Sanchez Lafuente’s neat step-by-step for that) but instead demonstrate how I used Cytoscape.js, Anime.js and genomic feature data to dynamically generate visualizations/art at run time when NFTs are viewed from a browser. I will also not be providing an overview of Blockchain but I highly recommend reading Yifei Huang’s recent post: Why every data scientist should pay attention to crypto.

W h ile stuck home during the pandemic, I’m one of the 10 million that tried my hand at gardening on our little apartment balcony in Brooklyn. The Japanese cucumbers were a hit with our neighbors and the tomatoes were a hit with the squirrels but it was the peppers I enjoyed watching grow the most. This is what set the objective for my first NFT: create a depiction of a pepper that ripens over time.

How much of the depiction is visualization and how much is art? Well that’s in the eye of the beholder. When you spend your days scrutinizing data points, worshiping best practices and optimizing everything from memory usage to lunch orders it’s nice to take some artistic license and make something just because you like it, which is exactly what I’ve done here. The depiction is authentically generated from genomic data features but obviously this should not be viewed as any kind of serious biological analysis.

Oct 9, 2021

Conversations For The Future: BRINGING SPACE HOME

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Powered by foundation for the future.

Sep 29, 2021

Building Uber’s Fulfillment Platform for Planet-Scale using Google Cloud Spanner

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The Fulfillment Platform is a foundational Uber domain that enables the rapid scaling of new verticals. The platform handles billions of database transactions each day, ranging from user actions (e.g., a driver starting a trip) and system actions (e.g., creating an offer to match a trip with a driver) to periodic location updates (e.g., recalculating eligible products for a driver when their location changes). The platform handles millions of concurrent users and billions of trips per month across over ten thousand cities and billions of database transactions a day.

In the previous article, we introduced the Fulfillment domain, highlighted challenges in the previous architecture, and outlined the new architecture.

Sep 29, 2021

Amazon’s Full-On Smart Home Assault: All The Highlights

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Amazon released a huge number of smart home products today, including two robots for home security, a Nest competitor, more Echo devices, and a perfect device for Covid-times connection with friends and family. Plus there’s an updated fitness tracker, a partnership with TikTok, entertainment from Sling, and more.

And yes, that includes ways to chat with Han Solo or Chewbacca from Star Wars or Woody from Toy Story on your Amazon Echo devices.

Sep 17, 2021

Artificial intelligence is taking over real estate — here’s what that means for homebuyers

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Real estate companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence in every aspect of buying, selling and home financing.

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