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Oct 20, 2021

Terraforming Mars in 3 Just Simple Steps!

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In this not-quite-serious video I explain what it would take to terraform Mars and make it habitable for humans.

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Oct 19, 2021

Listen: Perseverance captures the eerie sounds of Mars and Ingenuity

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NASA released five hours of new recordings.

Five hours of audio taken on the Red Plant by the rover Perseverance reveals the thick sounds of wind, the rover’s own tires, and Ingenuity in the distance.

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Oct 19, 2021

Validation of Covert Cognizance Active Defenses

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(2021). Nuclear Science and Engineering: Vol. 195 No. 9 pp. 977–989.

Earlier work has demonstrated the theoretical development of covert OT defenses and their application to representative control problems in a nuclear reactor. Given their ability to store information in the system nonobservable space using one-time-pad randomization techniques, the new C2 modeling paradigm6 has emerged allowing the system to build memory or self-awareness about its past and current state. The idea is to store information using randomized mathematical operators about one system subcomponent, e.g., the reactor core inlet and exit temperature, into the nonobservable space of another subcomponent, e.g., the water level in a steam generator, creating an incorruptible record of the system state. If the attackers attempt to falsify the sensor data in an attempt to send the system along an undesirable trajectory, they will have to learn all the inserted signatures across the various system subcomponents and the C2 embedding process.

We posit that this is extremely unlikely given the huge size of the nonobservable space for most complex systems, and the use of randomized techniques for signature insertion, rendering a level of security that matches the Vernam-Cipher gold standard. The Vernam Cipher, commonly known as a one-time pad, is a cipher that encrypts a message using a random key (pad) and can only be decrypted using this key. Its strength is derived from Shannon’s notion of perfect secrecy 8 and requires the key to be truly random and nonreusable (one time). To demonstrate this, this paper will validate the implementation of C2 using sophisticated AI tools such as long short-term memory (LSTM) neural networks 9 and the generative adversarial learning [generative adversarial networks (GANs)] framework, 10 both using a supervised learning setting, i.e., by assuming that the AI training phase can distinguish between original data and the data containing the embedded signatures. While this is an unlikely scenario, it is assumed to demonstrate the resilience of the C2 signatures to discovery by AI techniques.

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Oct 18, 2021

0:00 Introduction

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1:42 Are we on the wrong train to AGI?
4:20 Marvin Minsky and AI generalization problem.
11:57 Defining intelligence in AI
17:17 Is AI masquerading as a trendy statistical analysis tool?
23:35 AI systems lack our most basic intuitions.
27:38 The public not wanting to face Reality.
29:36 Equipping AI with Kant’s categories of the mind (Time, Space, Causality)
33:40 Neural nets VS traditional tools.
34:50 Causality in AI
37:14 Lack of interdisciplinary learning.
45:54 How can we achieve human level of understanding in AI?
49:21 More limitations.
59:35 Motivation in inanimate systems.
1:01:31 Lack of body and transcendent consciousness.
1:05:55 What interdisciplinary learning would you encourage?
1:06:49 Book recommendations.

Gary Marcus is CEO and Founder of Robust AI, well-known machine learning scientist and entrepreneur, author, and Professor Emeritus at New York State University.

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Oct 18, 2021

China denies report of hypersonic missile test, says tested space vehicle

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BEIJING, Oct 18 (Reuters) — China tested a space vehicle in July, not a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile as reported by the Financial Times, the Chinese foreign ministry said on Monday.

Quoting five people familiar with the matter, the Financial Times reported on Saturday that China had tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile that flew through space, circling the globe before cruising down toward its target, which it missed by about two dozen miles. read more. The paper said the feat had “caught U.S. intelligence by surprise”.

“It was not a missile, it was a space vehicle,” ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a regular press briefing in Beijing when asked about the report, adding it had been a “routine test” for the purpose of testing technology to reuse the vehicle.

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Oct 18, 2021

NASA is studying how to build a Wi-Fi network on the moon in the hopes it could also solve Earth’s digital divide

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A conceptual NASA study explores the idea of a lunar Wi-Fi network to help fix inadequate internet services in American cities, including Cleveland, Ohio.

Oct 18, 2021

Asteroid the size of Empire State Building to make ‘close’ encounter with Earth

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Massive asteroids — including one the size of the Empire State Building — are predicted to make “close” encounters with Earth in the coming weeks, with one set to whiz by as early as Wednesday night.

The space rock “2004 UE,” which at 1,246 feet is only a few feet shorter than the Midtown skyscraper, will be 2.6 million miles away on Nov. 13.

Of the asteroids headed our way, “1996 VB3” — which has a diameter of about 750 feet — is expected to come closest to Earth, at a distance of only 2.1 million miles, according to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Objects.

Oct 18, 2021

China Is Sending the First Woman Astronaut to Its Brand New Space Station

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China has unveiled the crew for its Shenzou 13 mission to the country’s brand new Tiangong space station, including the first female astronaut to venture to the outpost, the South China Morning Post reports.

Wang Yaping will spend six months on board the space station — the country’s longest crewed mission to date — alongside astronauts Zhai Zhigang and Ye Guangfu. She could also become the first female Chinese astronaut to complete a spacewalk.

“After eight years of relentless effort, I am going back to space again,” Wang told reporters on Thursday, as quoted by SCMP. “Students, let me know what you want to learn this time. I will prepare a great lecture for you in orbit.”

Oct 18, 2021

Rare asteroids near Earth may contain precious metals worth $11.65 trillion

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Asteroids seem to be a treasure trove for future space miners. 😃

Some are full of precious metals worth many trillions of dollars and with more copper, nickel and cobalt than the entirety of our metal reserves.

The two mineral deposits measure over a mile wide and could be targets for future space mining.

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Oct 17, 2021

Space and the environment, conflict or synergy? — William Shatner vs. Prince William

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Both environmentalists and space-enthusiasts want the human species to survive long term.

Is there really a conflict between the two movements?

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