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Sep 11, 2021

Engineers to develop autonomous robot swarms to mine lunar resources

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They received NASA funding for a new project to advance space-mining methods that use autonomous robot swarms.

Sep 11, 2021

European Rover Challenge 2021

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Yesterday we were at Mars, today’s for the Moon 🌗🌕🌓

See you today on the livesteam and stationary in Kielce!

ERC to największe kosmiczne wydarzenie w Europie, które łączy międzynarodowe zawody łazików marsjańskich z pokazami naukowymi i technologicznymi.

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Sep 10, 2021

Autonomous Robot Swarms To Mine the Moon’s Resources

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University of Arizona aerospace and mining engineers are mapping out a plan for harvesting the moon’s resources using autonomous robot swarms and new excavation techniques.

With scientists beginning to more seriously consider constructing bases on celestial bodies such as the moon, the idea of space mining is growing in popularity.

After all, if someone from Los Angeles was moving to New York to build a house, it would be a lot easier to buy the building materials in New York rather than buy them in Los Angeles and lug them 2,800 miles. Considering the distance between Earth and the moon is about 85 times greater, and that getting there requires defying gravity, using the moon’s existing resources is an appealing idea.

Sep 10, 2021

SpaceCast Weekly — September 10, 2021

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Is a NASA Television broadcast from the Johnson Space Center in Houston featuring stories about NASA’s work in human spaceflight, including the International Space Station and its crews and scientific research activities, and the development of Orion and the Space Launch System, the next generation American spacecraft being built to take humans farther into space than they’ve ever gone before.

Sep 9, 2021

US20060073976A1 — Method of gravity distortion and time displacement

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A method for employing sinusoidal oscillations of electrical bombardment on the surface of one Kerr type singularity in close proximity to a second Kerr type singularity in such a method to take advantage of the Lense-Thirring effect, to simulate the effect of two point masses on nearly radial orbits in a 2+1 dimensional anti-de Sitter space resulting in creation of circular timelike geodesics conforming to the van Stockum under the Van Den Broeck modification of the Alcubierre geometry (Van Den Broeck 1999) permitting topology change from one spacelike boundary to the other in accordance with Geroch’s theorem (Geroch 1967) which results in a method for the formation of G{umlaut over ()}odel-type geodesically complete spacetime envelopes complete with closed timelike curves.

Sep 9, 2021

Arianespace — Ariane 5 — VA256 James Webb Telescope — Guiana Space Center — Space Affairs Livestream

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Fri, Dec 17 at 6 PM PST.

Targeted Ariane 5 launch date for James Webb Space Telescope.

- Ariane 5 Flight VA256 launching the James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) is scheduled for December 18 2021, from the Guiana Space Center.

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Sep 8, 2021

NASA will finally launch the James Webb Space Telescope on December 18th

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NASA’s long-delayed James Webb Space Telescope is close to entering service. The agency now plans to launch the telescope on December 18th, 2,021 just a few months after testing completed in late August. The hardware will reach orbit aboard an ESA-supplied Ariane 5 rocket lifting off from French Guiana. NASA still has to ship the telescope to the launchpad, although much of the rocket has already arrived.

The JWST was deemed complete in 2016 ahead of an expected 2018 launch, but faced a number of delays due to its elaborate construction. It wasn’t assembled until 2019, and factors like the COVID-19 pandemic further hindered NASA’s efforts. That’s not including earlier setbacks — development started in 1996 with an expected 2007 deployment, but the team scrapped much of its work and redesigned the equipment in 2005.

The telescope’s importance hasn’t changed. It’s considered the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. It includes a much larger mirror along with a focus on lower-frequency observations (particularly mid-infrared) that will help it detect early galaxies that even Hubble can’t find. That priority also helps explain some of its technical challenges. The JWST’s instruments will need to stay extremely cold (−370F) to avoid interference with infrared measurements, requiring both a large sunshield and an insertion near a Sun-Earth Lagrange point.

Sep 8, 2021

The Future of War | Answers With Joe

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War has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of civilization. But new technologies are changing the face of warfare in ways that we never really expected. From cyberwarfare to autonomous AI-piloted drones to space warfare, the future of war is weird. And terrifying.

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Sep 7, 2021

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Successfully Cores Its First Rock

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Perseverance will obtain additional imagery of the sample tube before potentially completing the process of collecting its first scientifically-selected Mars sample.

Mars feature.

Sep 7, 2021

Scientists say a telescope on the Moon could advance physics — and they’re hoping to build one

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The Moon’s lack of atmosphere and darkness could offers unique observations of the universe.

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