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Jan 13, 2022

Are 3D-Printed Schools a Solution to Africa’s Classroom Shortage?

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Olipa Elisa said her 10-year-old son used to have to hike 5km (3 miles) every day to the nearest school, often arriving late and exhausted.

“I am very excited that we now have a school closer to my home, and my child will not have to take the long journey,” said Elisa, 38. “What we need is more of these learning blocks to accommodate other classes.”

Run by 14Trees, a joint venture between Swiss cement manufacturer LafargeHolcim and British development finance agency CDC Group, the project was faster, cheaper and less energy-intensive than conventional construction, said 14Trees managing director Francois Perrot.

Jan 12, 2022

Bio-inspired ceramic–metal composite stands its ground against cutting tools

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Circa 2020

Harnessing the destructive potential of force and rotation, cutting tools like saws, drills, and angle grinders can obliterate the superlative properties that materials work so hard to perfect. And even when materials are designed to work against the power of these tools, the materials still often fail.

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Jan 10, 2022

Sun Metals taps gravity energy storage tech in shift to “green zinc”

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Korea Zinc’s boosts bid to make its Australian operations greenest in the world, in deal with Swiss “giga-scale” energy storage company, Energy Vault.

Jan 9, 2022

Hydrogen-powered aircraft may be getting a lift

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Cutting the weight of fuel tanks and continuing advances in fuel-cell technologies are key to making hydrogen competitive in aviation.

Jan 9, 2022

Nanoparticles Will Give You Superhuman Night Vision

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Circa 2019

Want superhero powers that let you see in the dark just like your cat? In the near future you may be able to—as long as you’re not too squeamish to get injections right into your eyeballs.

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Jan 8, 2022

Sweden Pushes For Real Green Steel

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HYBRIT and H2 Green Steel have launched projects in Sweden with a target to manufacture 10 million tonnes (mt) of fossil fuel-free crude (green) steel per year by 2030. Success, of course, depends on the numbers adding up, or rather, the numbers going down.

To make green steel, you need green hydrogen; to make green hydrogen, you need cheap renewable energy. HYBRIT and H2 Green Steel believe this will come from wind power at a LCOE of $30 per megawatt-hour. With the trajectory of costs for renewable energy going ever downward, it is likely they will be able to achieve this.

Add to the mix the increasing costs of carbon and the pressure to decarbonize, and you have a winner. It is expected that a carbon credits will be available to green steel producers of around $85 per ton.

Jan 8, 2022

How Hydrogen Could Solve the Energy Crisis: Bloomberg Green

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Hydrogen is the simplest element in the universe. And excitement is growing from nations and investors looking to harness its power to make clean, green energy. In this edition of Bloomberg Green, we speak to Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest about his big pivot from dirty coal to clean hydrogen. And Snam CEO Marco Alvera talks to us about his price target for the gas over the next decade. Plus, we break down the difference between gray, blue and green hydrogen, and speak to our BloombergNEF analysts about the possible limitations of the gas.

Jan 7, 2022

RWE and Audi to build energy storage facility with second-life EV batteries

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RWE is using used lithium batteries from electric vehicles in the new storage unit. The 60 battery systems in the innovative storage unit on the site of the RWE pumped storage power plant in Herdecke, North Rhine-Westphalia, can buffer around 4.5 megawatt hours of electricity.

Jan 7, 2022

‘Ocean battery’ targets renewable energy dilemma

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A wind turbine sitting idle on a calm day or spinning swiftly when power demand is already met poses a problem for renewables, and is one researchers think can be tackled under the sea.

In one vision, could use seawater to essentially store until it’s needed, helping wean humanity off fossil fuels.

“We came up with a solution that we call the battery,” Frits Bliek, CEO of Dutch startup Ocean Grazer told AFP while showing off the at the CES tech fair in Las Vegas.

Jan 7, 2022

They say that good things take time, but the James Webb Space Telescope is well on its way to exploring the universe!

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In the two weeks since its launch on December 25 at 7:20 am ET, Webb has successfully completed many milestones:

✨ Webb released and deployed its solar array, which means the telescope went off battery power and began to use its own generated power.
✨ Webb has had two planned mid-course correction burns. Webb was launched on a direct path to an orbit around the second Lagrange Point (L2), but its trajectory required correction maneuvers to get there.
✨ The 5-layer sunshield has been fully deployed and tensioned. Did we mention it is the size of a tennis court? 🤯
✨ Webb’s secondary mirror, which plays an important role in reflecting light collected by the primary mirror into the telescope’s instruments, has been deployed.

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