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Sep 4, 2019

[PDF] The Gravitational Aether, Part II: Gravitational Aetherometry

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The present essay is the third of a group of four communications originally intended for publication in Infinite Energy at Dr. Eugene Mallove’s invitation, and dedicated to the scientific, technological and political problems presented by exotic flight and lift systems in particular those relating to possible control of gravity. We examine the main lines of research into the nature of gravity over the past 6 decades, with a focus on Einstein’s General Relativity and General Theory of Gravitation, quantum-mechanical models of the graviton, Geometrodynamics and the ZPE theories, Van Flandern’s model of gravity, which are contrasted to Aspden’s theory of a dynamic Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity, Vol. II AS3-II.9.

Sep 4, 2019

Nikola Tesla On Antigravity Technology, Flying Saucers Powered By Tesla Coils And The Ether

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In the mid-1800’s to the early 1900’s Tesla file for more than 110 patents in varying technologies. From his magnifying transmitter, than uses an air coil or vortex to generate massive voltages, to wireless transmissions of power which Tesla used to prove transmission of data, power, and even lighting a layer of the strata as early as 1900. For this reason many consider Nikola Tesla to be one of the most brilliant scientists the world have ever seen.

Tesla’s dynamic theory of gravity explains the relation between gravity and electromagnetics in the same field. This was due to the presence of aether, also known as ether, which is a space-filling medium that is necessary for the propagation of forces either through electromagnetic or gravitational in nature. In plain English, Aether is the medium necessary for any exchange on these levels. Also, Aether was removed from theory in modern physics and was replaced with more abstract models. In looking at Tesla’s ideas and results; it appears that modern physics is wrong.

In the late 1800’s Tesla presented his Dynamic Theory of Gravity, which was a model over matter, Aether, and energy. Tesla’s version of this medium is closer to the gas theory and has extreme elasticity and a very high permeability. He also felt that Aether was much more common and filled all of the space.

Sep 4, 2019

WTF is Zero Point Energy and How Could it Change the World?

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A strange concept of quantum physics could be an extraordinary boon to a ton of different near-undefined.

Sep 4, 2019

(PDF) Nikola Tesla’s Free Electricity Electronic Circuit

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Nikola Tesla was an inventor who is best known for his contributions for the design for generating alternating current, Electricity supply system etc. He obtained around three hundred patents worldwide for his inventions and some are hidden in patent archives. One of the…

Sep 3, 2019

Mr. Osinakachi Akuma Kalu — Founder and Chairman of Transdiciplinary Agora for Future Discussions — ideaXme — Ira Pastor

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Sep 2, 2019

M-Theory (the Theory Formerly Known as Strings)

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Superunification underwent a major paradigm shift in 1984 when eleven-dimensional supergravity was knocked off its pedestal by ten-dimensional superstrings. This last year has witnessed a new shift of equal proportions:

Perturbative ten-dimensional superstrings have in their turn been superseded by.

A new non-perturbative theory called {\it $M$-theory}, which describes supermembranes and superfivebranes, which subsumes all five consistent string theories and whose low energy limit is, ironically, eleven-dimensional supergravity.

Sep 2, 2019

Atlas Devices Commercializes Motorized Rope-Climbing Technology for Military Use

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Climbing the “power ascension” market.

Sep 2, 2019

Heat transport theory goes universal

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A new unified theory for heat transport accurately describes a wide range of materials – from crystals and polycrystalline solids to alloys and glasses – and allows them to be treated in the same way for the first time. The methodology, which is based on the Green-Kubo theory of linear response and concepts from lattice dynamics, naturally accounts for quantum mechanical effects and thus allows for the predictive modelling of heat transport in glasses at low temperature – a feat never achieved before, say the researchers who developed it. It will be important for better understanding and designing heat transporting devices in a host of applications, from heat management in high-power electronics, batteries and photovoltaics to thermoelectric energy harvesting and solid-state cooling. It might even help describe heat flow in planetary systems.

“Heat transport is the fundamental mechanism though which thermal equilibrium is reached,” explains Stefano Baroni of the Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA) in Trieste, Italy, who led this research effort. “It can also be thought of as the most fundamental manifestation of irreversibility in nature – as heat flows from warm areas in the same system to cooler ones as time flows from the past to the future (the ‘arrow of time’). What is more, many modern technologies rely on our ability to control heat transport.”

However, despite its importance, heat transport is still poorly understood and it is difficult to simulate the heat transport of materials because of this lack of understanding. To overcome this knowledge gap, researchers employ various simulation techniques based on diverse physical assumptions and approximations for different classes of material – crystals on one hand and disordered solids and liquids on the other.

Sep 2, 2019

World Record: 175 mins flight time and 100 KM range

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Where to get the GAIA 160-Hybrid drone:

We did it!!!!!!
Broke the Flight Time Record!!!!!
This is a historic moment for UAV drone.
Foxtech GAIA 160-Hybrid has made aviation history by completing the 100km crossing sea bay flight in 180 minutes.
On 9th September, Foxtech team successfully completed the crossing sea bay flight with GAIA 160-Hybrid from changdao to dalian. GAIA 160-Hybrid took off from a yacht in changdao and landed on a coast of Dalian, the total range is 100km, this is the longest single flight of a hexacopter in the World! Foxtech GAIA 160-Hybrid hexacopter broke the flight time record!
FOXTECH GAIA 160-Hybrid hexacopter has an onboard 2000w generator that offers plenty of power to 6 very high efficiency motors to ensure a long flight time. It is installed with redundancy flight controllers, three GPS and a full range of optional equipments like RTK GPS, 20km datalink, parachute, secondary radio control to make this drone very reliable and very safe.
Foxtech team arrived in changdao on 5 September, but due to the heavy wind and bad weather conditions the flight was actually delayed, we have to stop the mission and wait for another good weather to try again. Finally, Foxtech team was ready to make their attempt on 9 September. Departing from a yacht in changdao, weather was cooperative and all was going well.
Foxtech GAIA 160-Hybrid successfully took off from the yacht, with GPS guidance and automated flight, the drone could fly independently. And the drone was accompanied by a yacht staying within a range of 500 meters, so that our operator could control the aircraft at any time. During the flight, the wind was rising, force 7 grades, the wind speed is about 17m/s. But with the robust stability of GAIA 160-Hybrid and rich experience of our technicist, GAIA 160-Hybrid overcame the adverse weather conditions, and just over 3 hours after takeoff, GAIA 160-Hybrid landed safely in a coast of Dalian.
The journey was filled with challenges, because any type of adverse wind will have a
severe impact on the drone. So this time the successful flight dramatically proved the.
reliability and potentials of GAIA 160-Hybrid, proved that Foxtech GAIA 160-Hybrid is a high-performance flying platform which is able to adapt many complicated environment, especially the strong breeze and gale weather. A longer flight time coupled with good stability of GAIA 160-Hybrid opens a wide range of new commercial possibilities for businesses such as inspection of offshore platforms, search and rescue, power line inspection etc.

Aug 30, 2019

Engineers develop bone-like metal foam that can be ‘healed’ at room temperature

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Bone like foam created by researchers is showing Wolverine like healing properties.

For 6,000 years, humans have been making things from metal because it’s strong and tough; a lot of energy is required to damage it. The flip side of this property is that a lot of energy is required to repair that damage. Typically, the repair process involves melting the metal with welding torches that can reach 6,300 °F.

Now, for the first time, Penn Engineers have developed a way to repair at room temperature. They call their technique “healing” because of its similarity to the way bones heal, recruiting raw material and energy from an external source.

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