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Feb 15, 2024

Lian Li’s Gaming Desk Features Built-In, Transparent OLED Display

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The case vendor shows off a new prototype DK-07 desk with a transparent OLED screen that can display images atop your PC components.

Feb 13, 2024

A new solution for energy transfer to heart pumps mitigates infection

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Roughly 1 in 2 wearers of ventricular assist devices are diagnosed with an infection. The reason for this is the thick cable for the power supply. ETH Zurich researchers have now developed a solution to mitigate this problem.

For many patients waiting for a , the only way to live a decent life is with the help of a pump attached directly to their heart. This pump requires about as much power as a TV, which it draws from an external battery via a seven-millimeter-thick cable. The system is handy and reliable, but it has one big flaw: Despite , the point at which the cable exits the abdomen can be breached by bacteria.

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Feb 11, 2024

MIT’s new ultrasound sticker can check your internal organs for disease

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A new stamp-sized ultrasound sticker developed by MIT can help monitor organ stiffness and detect diseases and tumor progression.

The MIT-developed sensor could detect signs of disease such as liver and kidney failure, and the progression of solid tumors.

Feb 9, 2024

A new Vision Pro teardown shows Apple’s incredible pixel density

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IFixit went inside the Vision Pro to count every pixel.

Feb 9, 2024

Organic semiconductors with proton-hopping promise

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Chemists at RIKEN have developed a method for making synthetic derivatives of the natural dye indigo that doesn’t require harsh conditions. This discovery could inspire advances in electronic devices, including light-responsive gadgets and stretchy biomedical sensors.

Semiconductors based on organic molecules are attracting much interest because—unlike conventional rigid semiconductors based on silicon—they could be flexible, ductile and lightweight, opening up new possibilities for designing semiconductor devices.

Organic molecules also have the advantage of realizing a broad range of structures. “Organic semiconductors have flexibility in molecular design, enabling them to adopt new functionalities,” says Keisuke Tajima of the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, who led the research.

Feb 7, 2024

This new sensor is ‘1M times’ more sensitive in detecting lead in water

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A new type of ultra-sensitive sensor has been made to detect incredibly low levels of lead ions in water. This advanced sensor may pave the way for developing next-generation water quality monitoring systems.

What distinguishes the sensor is its capacity to detect lead ions at concentrations as low as one femtomole per liter of water, demonstrating an incredibly high degree of sensitivity.

According to the University of California, San Diego experts, this range is “one million times” more sensitive than any known sensing technologies for water contamination monitoring.

Feb 4, 2024

Apple Vision Pro teardown reveals the secrets of its mixed-reality magic

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Apple’s latest gadget, the Apple Vision Pro, is a mixed-reality headset that promises to immerse users in a new dimension of spatial computing. But what makes this device so special, and how does it work?

To find out, the folks at iFixit did what they do best: they took it apart. In their usual fashion, they documented the process in a video and an article, giving us a glimpse of the inner workings of Apple’s most advanced hardware ever.

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Jan 26, 2024

Scientists Just Invented a Video Camera That Lets You See How Animals See Color

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The novel tech should allow scientists and filmmakers to produce videos that accurately represent the colors seen by animals such as bees for the first time.

Jan 25, 2024

Organic electronics lead to new ways to sense light

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The past few decades have seen astonishing advances in imaging technology, from high-speed optical sensors that process over two million frames per second to tiny lensless cameras that record images using a single pixel.

In a study published in Advanced Materials, researchers from SANKEN (The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research), at Osaka University have developed an optical sensor on an ultrathin, flexible sheet that can be bent without breaking. In fact, this sensor is so flexible, it will work even after it has been crumpled into a ball.

In a camera, the optical sensor is the device that senses the light that has passed through a lens, similar to the retina inside a human eye.

Jan 22, 2024

NEW Emails EXPOSE Fauci’s Lab Leak Disinformation Campaign, Report: Michael Shellenberger

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Twitter files author Michael Shellenberger weighs in on recent leaked NIH emails. #Fauci #covidorigins.

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