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Jun 3, 2022

Doctors Transplant Ear That Was 3D Printed With Patient’s Own Cells

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A team of scientists at a company called 3DBio Therapeutics have successfully transplanted a 3D printed ear made from the patient’s own cells, The New York Times reports.

It appears to be a first in the field of tissue engineering, according to experts, and could be the harbinger of a new era of regenerative medicine.

“It’s definitely a big deal,” Carnegie Mellon biomedical engineering researcher Adam Feinberg, who was not involved in the project, told the NYT. “It shows this technology is not an ‘if’ anymore, but a ‘when.’”.

Jun 1, 2022

Stanford Scientists Discover That Adding a Particular Seafood to Your Diet Can Reverse Signs of Aging

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Supplementing your diet with the sea organisms Ascidiacea, also known as sea squirts, reverses some of the main signs of aging, according to a new study using an animal model.

While the Fountain of Youth, the mythical spring that restores youth to anyone who bathes in it or drinks its waters, is clearly fantasy, scientists are hard at work looking for ways to combat aging. Some of these scientists just had a breakthrough: they discovered that supplementing a diet with sea squirts, reverses some of the main signs of aging. While more research is needed to verify the effect in humans, as the study was conducted using mice, the findings are very promising.

If you’ve ever glanced in the mirror and seen greying hair and wrinkles, or if you’ve forgotten the name of a close friend, you may desire a medication that might halt or even reverse the effects of aging.

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May 31, 2022

Specific Gain and Loss of Co-Expression Modules in Long-Lived Individuals Indicate a Role of circRNAs in Human Longevity

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Deep RNA sequencing of 164 blood samples collected from long-lived families was performed to investigate the expression patterns of circular RNAs (circRNAs). Unlike that observed in previous studies, circRNA expression in long-lived elderly individuals (98.3 ± 3.4 year) did not exhibit an age-accumulating pattern. Based on weighted circRNA co-expression network analysis, we found that longevous elders specifically gained eight but lost seven conserved circRNA-circRNA co-expression modules (c-CCMs) compared with normal elder controls (spouses of offspring of long-lived individuals, age = 59.3 ± 5.8 year). Further analysis showed that these modules were associated with healthy aging-related pathways. These results together suggest an important role of circRNAs in regulating human lifespan extension.

May 30, 2022

How I make beautiful GRAPHS and PLOTS using LaTeX

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Andrew Lincoln, your boss?

Vanessa YelenaYour boss is deathist cringe. Let’s see if it stays that way when he’s getting old…

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May 29, 2022

More life — Decoding the secret of aging | DW Documentary

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This just came out, a day or so ago.

Can the aging process be reversed — or even halted, altogether? If we manage to decode this final mystery of our human biology, we might soon be able to eradicate age-related illnesses like cancer, dementia and heart problems.

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May 29, 2022

The relationship between epigenetic age and the hallmarks of ageing in human cells

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Epigenetic clocks can measure biological aging, but the relationship between epigenetic age and other hallmarks of aging is incompletely understood. Here the authors show that epigenetic age is associated with nutrient sensing, mitochondria activity and stem cell depletion but distinct from cellular senescence, telomere attrition and genomic instability.

May 28, 2022

Summary of: The Biology of Slowing and Reversing Aging | Andrew Huberman & David Sinclair

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Key points of the 2hrs+ long interview between dr. Andrew Huberman and dr. David Sinclair.

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May 28, 2022

Making stem cells with chemicals

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Reprogramming without having to insert genes.

When people think of cellular reprogramming, converting a differentiated cell into a stem cell, they often refer to the overexpression of Yamanaka factors[Oct4, Klf4, Sox2 & c-Myc]. Rightly so. But what if i told you that stem cells could be induced with just chemicals. Well you would reply “show me the data”. So, let’s take a look at this recent Nature paper that showed how combinations of small molecules/chemicals converted human differentiated cells to stem cells.

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May 28, 2022

Peter Ward is a vivid storyteller

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“The Price of Immortality” is a balanced and fluent account of the diverse movement to make humans immortal

Credit: Murray Ballard.

May 27, 2022

In 30 years, people will be able to leave their bodies and move their minds “to the cloud”

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Incredible and somewhat frightening visions of the future will become a reality in the coming decades. According to futurologists, people of the future will gain immortality and will live in the body of a machine. Dr. Ian Pearson predicts that a person will be able to transfer his mind into a computer and one day he will go to a funeral where his previous biological body will be buried. Like on Facebook To stay in touch & get our latest news Cyborgization has some good sides. Let us take into account that we will be able to exchange each of…

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