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Nov 13, 2016

Deep Learning Speeds Up Cancer Research

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A research team in the US has created a software that can quickly identify the information in cancer reports that would not only save time and work-hours but also reveal overlooked avenues in cancer research.

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Much of the cancer-related data is drawn from electronic, text-based clinical reports that must be manually curated — a time-intensive process — before it can be used in research.

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Nov 13, 2016

Why the Future of Data Centers Could Be in the Oceans

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This research has been going on for a very long time.

Researchers at the National Institute of Informatics are closing in on a solution to keep computers cool by submerging them under water. How will such research benefit the computer industry? What are the implications of such technology?

Underwater computers sound idea but, when you look at the amount of power dissipated by computers, the idea becomes less bizarre.

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Nov 13, 2016

Before you sign up for a self-driving car, pay attention to hacker Charlie Miller

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No autonomous cars, planes, ships, weapons (not sure I would even still want these), and other robots for me until we have our Net and other infrastructure replaced with QC.

It seems that all of Silicon Valley is designing artificial intelligence for driverless cars. But before we hand over our driving to computers, Charlie Miller, a well-known computer security researcher, would like car companies to pay attention to security.

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Nov 13, 2016

China adopts cybersecurity law in face of overseas opposition

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Wonder how Tim Cook, Satya & Bill, and Eric and Sergey will respond.

Overseas critics of the law argue it threatens to shut foreign technology companies out of various sectors. PHOTO: REUTERS

BEIJING: China adopted a controversial cybersecurity law on Monday to counter what Beijing says are growing threats such as hacking and terrorism, although the law has triggered concern from foreign business and rights groups.

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Nov 13, 2016

China’s shopping craze turns into environmental nightmare

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Where is Waste Management (WM) when you need them. Looks like a golden opportunity for those in the trash and recycle industry.

BEIJING — China’s Singles Day, the world’s biggest shopping extravaganza that fell on Nov 11, saw bargain hunters spend 10 billion yuan (S$2.07 billion) in just seven minutes on the country’s largest online-shopping site, Alibaba’s Tmall, last Friday after midnight.

But the spending orgy could choke landfills and take a huge toll on the environment, employees of waste-disposal and recycling firms say.

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Nov 13, 2016

Don’t copy me, bro: How tech innovators can knock out knockoffs

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Nice read for global Innovators and companies.

Remember when U.S. Marshals stormed CES to shut down a Chinese competitor advertising hoverboards? Attorney Shawn Kolitch made it happen, and he explains how innovators can fight back against copycats.

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Nov 13, 2016

Russia Tightens Grip on Tech Infrastructure, Cuts Ties With US Firms

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China and now Russia. Looks like a cold war to me.

As concerns about the Kremlin’s involvement in cyber attacks against the West deepen, Moscow is taking aim at Microsoft, Oracle and IBM. Are these efforts symbolic or strategic?

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Nov 13, 2016

Quantum Computers and the End of Privacy #Infographic ~ Visualistan

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Luv the map; however, missing a lot of info. Namely, many decades and contributors. QC officially recorded to start in 1960 with Stephen Wiesner discovery of a cryptographic tool. And, even modern day QC such as a QC Net has been in existence since late 90s with Los Alamos.

Still nice colored map for a limited view of 2014, 2015, and current. However, I don’t see the ORNL, Oxford, U. of Sydney, China, USC, MIT, etc. breakthroughs most importantly the scalable Quantum, syn. diamonds contribution to enable stable QC and QC Net.

From law enforcement to criminals, governments to insurgents, and activists to Facebook dabblers, many people have come to rely on encryption to protect their digital information and keep their communications secure. But the current forms of encryption could be obsolete the moment anyone succeeds in building a quantum computer. A what! Read on about the brave new world awaiting us.

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Nov 13, 2016

Cooling Electrons Close to Absolute Zero Gives Us New Perspective on Quantum Mechanics

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Talk about scalability!

In Brief:

  • Cooling down electrons close to absolute zero has given us new perspective on how the world behaves at the smallest of scales.
  • This could be the gateway to gaining greater understanding and perhaps even mastery of superconductivity.

Scientists have discovered that electrons cooled close to absolute zero slow down so much that they can be studied individually – allowing us to see the world in a whole new level of detail.

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Nov 13, 2016

The Universal Energy of Frequency and Vibration

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“Everything in Life is Vibration” → Albert Einstein.

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