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Aug 23, 2021

NASA Solar Sail Asteroid Mission Readies for Launch on Artemis I

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NASA’s Near-Earth Asteroid Scout is tucked away safely inside the agency’s powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The solar sailing CubeSat is one of several secondary payloads hitching a ride on Artemis I, the first integrated flight of the agency’s SLS and the Orion spacecraft.

Aug 23, 2021

AI Can Write in English. Now It’s Learning Other Languages

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Startups in Germany, China, Israel, and elsewhere are following the path blazed by GPT-3—with local twists.

Aug 23, 2021

Facebook launches “Horizon Workrooms” for virtual offices — here’s how it works

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You’re working from home. Your colleagues are too. Facebook wants to bring you together — sort of — with virtual reality. The company is launching “Horizon Workrooms,” a VR app aimed at reinventing virtual office spaces.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated the product Thursday in an exclusive interview with “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King. Both Zuckerberg and King wore headsets for what Zuckerberg said was his first interview in VR.

Zuckerberg said that as far back as middle school, he thought about how to create an immersive system where people could feel like they were together playing games or exploring – part of something called the “metaverse.”

Aug 22, 2021

NASA updates the odds on Bennu asteroid hitting Earth

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Using data from the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, NASA has updated its predictions about the Bennu asteroid impacting Earth.

Aug 22, 2021

China’s Answer to the Aging International Space Station: The Tech Behind Tiangong | WSJ

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China says its spacecraft has more advanced technology.

While the future of the nearly 23-year-old International Space Station remains uncertain after 2,024 China says its newly equipped Tiangong station will be up and running by next year. WSJ unpacks the design and technology of both space stations. Photo: CCTV; NASA

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Aug 22, 2021

‘Phenomenal breakthrough’: Nuclear fusion test sparks high-energy hopes

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A laser blast in California ignites a fleeting, self-sustaining chain reaction.

Aug 22, 2021

Futur-E Hydrofoil Electric Boat Flies on Water Like a Supercar, Oozes Sophistication

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Electrification is slower in coming to naval design, but CentrostileDesign is already imagining the luxury boat of tomorrow. It is fully electric, incredibly fast, completely sustainable and very dramatic.

Aug 22, 2021

Introduction to Biochemistry

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#Biology #biochemistry #Biochemist #biotech #bio

This video explains introduction to biochemistry.

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Aug 22, 2021

Constructor theory might be revolutionary but what can you do with it?

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Three reasons why it falls short.

Isaac Newton invented physics as we know it. And one of the ways he did so was that he formalized the initial condition problem into calculus — the mathematics of change.

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Aug 22, 2021

Razer bug lets you become a Windows 10 admin by plugging in a mouse

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A Razer Synapse zero-day vulnerability has been disclosed on Twitter, allowing you to gain Windows admin privileges simply by plugging in a Razer mouse or keyboard.

Razer is a very popular computer peripherals manufacturer known for its gaming mouses and keyboards.

When plugging in a Razer device into Windows 10 or Windows 11 the operating system will automatically download and begin installing the Razer Synapse software on the computer. Razer Synapse is software that allows users to configure their hardware devices, set up macros, or map buttons.

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