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Apr 23, 2024

Mutant Bacteria Discovered Aboard International Space Station

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The International Space Station has long been known as a unique — and uniquely gross — environment. But according to a new NASA study, it has stuff growing on it that is straight-up alien, too.

In a press release, NASA said that when scientists from the Jet Propulsion Lab looked at samples of the drug-resistant Enterobacter bugandensis bacteria found on the orbital outpost, they found that the strains had mutated into something that literally doesn’t exist on Earth.

“Study findings indicate that under stress, the ISS isolated strains were mutated and became genetically and functionally distinct compared to their Earth counterparts,” the press release reads. “The strains were able to viably persist in the ISS over time in significant abundances.”

Apr 22, 2024

For first time in a billion years, two lifeforms have merged into one

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The process, called primary endosymbiosis, has only happened twice in the history of the Earth, with the first time giving rise to all complex life as we know it through mitochondria. The second time that it happened saw the emergence of plants.

Now, an international team of scientists have observed the evolutionary event happening between a species of algae commonly found in the ocean and a bacterium.

“The first time we think it happened, it gave rise to all complex life,” said Tyler Coale, a postdoctoral researcher at University of California, Santa Cruz, who led the research on one of two recent studies that uncovered the phenomenon.

Apr 22, 2024

Detecting cancer in minutes possible with just a drop of dried blood and new test, study hints

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Early tests suggest that a new tool that requires only a single drop of blood could detect three of the deadliest forms of cancer.

Apr 22, 2024

Nanofluidic memristors compute in brain-inspired logic circuits

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A memristor that uses changes in ion concentrations and mechanical deformations to store information has been developed by researchers at EPFL in Switzerland.

Research could lead to the development of electrolytic computers.

Apr 22, 2024

Announcing the birth of QUIONE, a unique analog quantum processor

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Quantum physics requires high-precision sensing techniques to delve deeper into the microscopic properties of materials. From the analog quantum processors that have emerged recently, quantum-gas microscopes have proven to be powerful tools for understanding quantum systems at the atomic level. These devices produce images of quantum gases with very high resolution: They allow individual atoms to be detected.

Apr 22, 2024

China Working on Super-Fast Submarines Powered by Lasers

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In China, scientists say they’re developing technology that uses lasers to propel submarines nearly as fast as a jet engine.

As the South China Morning Post reports, engineers at the Harbin Engineering University in Heilongjiang province — where, notably, China’s first experimental submarine was developed — claim that the country’s military is close to achieving this colossal feat.

The idea behind the burgeoning technology is ingenious: lasers generate plasma underwater, which then creates a so-called “detonation wave” to propel a submarine vessel forward. As the SCMP notes, Japanese researchers first proposed this sort of laser propulsion methodology 20 years ago, and in China, scientists have been trying to figure out how to hack it for at least a decade.

Apr 22, 2024

Instagram Is Profiting Off Disgusting Apps That Undress People Without Their Consent

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AI image generators that claim the ability to “undress” celebrities and random women are nothing new — but now, they’ve been spotted in monetized ads on Instagram.

As 404 Media reports, Meta — the parent company of Facebook and Instagram — contained in its ad library several paid posts promoting so-called “nudify” apps, which use AI to make deepfaked nudes out of clothed photos.

In one ad, a photo of Kim Kardashian was shown next to the words “undress any girl for free” and “try it.” In another, two AI-generated photos of a young-looking girl sit side by side — one with her wearing a long-sleeved shirt, another appearing to show her topless, with the words “any clothing delete” covering her breasts.

Apr 22, 2024

We Used to Make Fun of Fool’s Gold. Now, It Might Fuel Our Future

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The misunderstood mineral pyrite is hiding a big secret.

Apr 22, 2024

Safety by design: Lessons in mainstreaming digital assets

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Building new financial market infrastructure with ‘safety by design’ will require a spirit of endeavour and effective public-private collaboration.

Apr 22, 2024

Tesla Drops Full Self-Driving Price From $12,000 To $8,000

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Tesla’s Full Self-Driving option at one point reached $15,000, then the price dropped to $12,000 and now it’s been cut again.

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