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Oct 20, 2019

What to know about fasting, aging, the ‘longevity diet’ and when you should eat

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University of Southern California scientist Valter Longo talks in this Q&A about fasting and the adoption of a “longevity diet.” A researcher focusing on intermittent fasting and aging, Longo advocates a plant-based diet and smart, strategic caloric restriction for a longer, healthier life.

Oct 20, 2019

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Oct 20, 2019

Metformin Restores CNS Remyelination Capacity

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Neumann et al. demonstrate that aging renders adult oligodendrocyte progenitor cells unresponsive to pro-differentiation factors, which can be reversed both in vitro and in vivo by calorie restriction (CR) and the CR mimetic metformin.

Oct 20, 2019

Artificial muscles can lift 1000 times their own weight

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Oct 20, 2019

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski

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The Burzynski Patient Group mission is to raise public awareness of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s breakthrough treatment for cancer using Antineoplastons and gene-targeted therapy.

Oct 20, 2019

Genetic differences in the immune system shape the microbiome

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Genetic differences in the immune system shape the collections of bacteria that colonize the digestive system, according to new research by scientists at the University of Chicago.

In carefully controlled experiments using populated with microbes from conventionally raised mice, the researchers showed that while the makeup of the microbial input largely determined the resulting of the recipients, between strains of mice played a role as well.

“When the input is standardized, you can compare mice of different genetic strains and see what these genetics do to the microbiome in recipient mice,” said microbiome researcher Alexander Chervonsky, MD, Ph.D., a senior author of the new study, published in Cell Reports. “This approach allowed us to tell whether there was a genetic influence, and indeed there is. So, the next question was what mechanisms are involved?”

Oct 20, 2019

VIDEO: See A Controversial Swarm Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In A Lab In Italy

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Video: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Designed To Halt Malaria Transmission : Goats and Soda NPR was the only news organization allowed into the lab to witness the moment the releases began this year. The goal is to create a powerful new weapon in the fight against malaria.

Oct 20, 2019

Virgin Galactic Unveils Under Armour Spacesuits and ‘Spacewear’ for Space Tourist Flights

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Virgin Galactic lifted the curtain Wednesday (Oct 16) on its new line of Under Amour “spacewear” for passengers on suborbital trips aboard its SpaceShipTwo vehicles.

Oct 20, 2019

Preserving Maya Heritage

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A glimpse into the research and technological preservation of Maya heritage.

Oct 20, 2019

Crispr’s Next Frontier Is In-Human Treatment, Co-Inventor Says

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As investors await results from the first U.S. clinical trials of the gene-editing system known as Crispr, scientists are focused on finding ways to administer it directly into humans, according to the technology’s co-inventor, Jennifer Doudna.

Right now, in studies using Crispr that have treated patients, researchers have had to extract their cells to be able to make edits to faulty DNA before infusing them back into the body for treatment. Being able to do precise edits directly inside humans, animals or plants could open the door to new applications, Doudna said.

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