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Feb 16, 2017

Local Funeral Home Offers Drive-Thru Visitation For Families Of The Dearly Departed

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My niece shared this with me; and the 1st thing of course that came to mind was VR/ AR funerals/ ceremonials as so many including myself cannot always be there doesn’t mean we could not engage/ participate in an event like a funneral or wedding. Maybe marriage via VR is a business just like a funeral via VR could be.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( — A funeral home off Lamar Avenue is offering a different service from its competitors. You can drive up, say your final goodbyes to your loved ones, and you don’t even have to get out the car.

Ryan Bernard, owner of R. Bernard funeral home, says he got the idea from a funeral home in California. His main goal is to make it more convenient for families who are already dealing with losing a loved one.

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Feb 9, 2017

The Quantum World of Digital Physics: Can a Virtual Reality be Real?

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Playlist: Do We Live in a Simulated Reality?

The Quantum World of Digital Physics: Can a virtual reality be real?

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Feb 8, 2017

11 New Jobs in the Future of Healthcare and Medicine

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The question is not whether disruptive technologies will transform the healthcare job market, but rather how and when will it happen. Healthcare navigators, augmented/virtual reality operation planners and nanomedicine engineers in the second part of my article series about future jobs in healthcare.

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Feb 5, 2017

Next Nature Habitat VR

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Very cool concept for visiting nature.

The Next Nature Habitat explores how we want to live in the near future.

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Feb 2, 2017

World’s First Gaming Hotel in Amsterdam To Reopen In May 2017

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If I dare show this to my nephews, we will never see them again.

When the Arcade Hotel Amsterdam opened last year, owner Daniel Salmanovich couldn’t help but smile when his hotel had people wanting what is known as the world’s first gaming hotel. It has its doors closed now until it will reopen in May for a much bigger expansion.

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Feb 1, 2017

The Big Picture

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Interesting write up some fiction and some non-fiction brought together on a common theory about Quantum. I do have a huge curiosity around the work going on the parallel states research and the job postings by some companies for psychics. Wouldn’t it be funny that if all these folks who thought they saw something like a spirit really did due to Quantum parallel states? What if Musk and others who believe we’re living in VR was actually true and was because of the same thing with the psychics? Who knows; but does make one think for a minute about what if.

The theoretical physicist has written a bold book that deals with the biggest questions, taking in quantum theory and free will along the way.

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Feb 1, 2017

February’s Best Books, Gadgets, and VR Systems

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This story starts with a review on a new book on the future and transhumanism. This was out in print of Vice Mag:…tems-v24n1 #transhumanism

In this month’s issue of VICE magazine, we review the best VR headsets, Mark O’Connell’s new book on transhumanism, and a new startup working to get digital art on your walls.

This story appeared in the February Issue of VICE magazine. Click HERE to subscribe.

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Jan 29, 2017

Australian archaeological startup raises $679,000 to rebuild ancient sites in VR

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Luv this.

Archaeology isn’t an easy job, but it becomes easier in virtual reality, if you can walk around ancient buildings as if they were still there.

Lithodomos VR, an Australian virtual reality archaeological startup, knows this and has raised $900,000 in Australian dollars ($679,000 in U.S. dollars) in a seed funding round.

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Jan 28, 2017

Enhancing STEM Learning Using Virtual Reality

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By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Careers in STEM are the next best thing: as a matter of fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, jobs in STEM will increase by up to 30 percent by 2022, a dramatic increase over the average industry projection of just 11 percent in the past years.

With that being said, it’s time to think more about using virtual reality in education; as education officials are seeing an increase in opportunity that will help bring STEM learning to life for today’s middle, and high school students.

By presenting a complete view of the world by use of virtual reality, teachers can help offer a new opportunity to students that will close some of the pedagogical gaps that have appeared off and on throughout the duration of the 21st-century classroom environment. These gaps generated from the fact that the curriculum and content in our education have not caught up with one another yet. In other words, education has not caught up with technology advancements.

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Jan 28, 2017

Remember Second Life? Its creators are back with a virtual reality platform

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Sansar is a new social, virtual-reality world coming later this year from the company behind Second Life.

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