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Aug 15, 2015

The Void’s creator details his vision for unleashing virtual reality’s full potential

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A Utah man is developing a virtual-reality experience unlike anything the world has seen before.

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Aug 15, 2015

Company in Canada gets U.S. patent for space elevator

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Exploring space while seated on Earth, gazing up on screens in museum theaters or at home via VR headsets. is exciting but the top imagination-grabber is the very idea of finding a way to access space. This is the present-day realm of creative thinking over space elevators, in the use of a giant tower to carry us to space.

Scientists working on space elevators are thinking about materials and designs that can be used to access space as an alternative to rocket technology. A sign of the times is the upcoming Space Elevator Conference 2015 which takes place this month in Seattle.

Imagine, said The Spaceward Foundation, the , serving as a track on which electric vehicles called “climbers” can travel up and down carrying about 10 tons of payload.“There are no intense gravity-loads during the trip, no acoustic vibration, no onboard fuel, nor any of the rest of the drama (and cost) associated with rocket launches,” it added.

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Aug 8, 2015

A Keanu Reeves movie is being turned into a virtual reality game where you get to be the man himself

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“John Wick” was a box-office success and a fun thrill ride. And next year, you’ll be able to play as the titular assassin in virtual reality.

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Aug 5, 2015

A psychologist thinks it’ll be normal to have sex with robots

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In the next half of this century, humans will be regularly engaging in sexual activity with robots, and maybe even falling in love with them, according to Helen Driscoll, a psychologist who specialises in sex and mate choices at the University of Sunderland in the UK.

Her comments came while discussing the technological advances that are making sex dolls more interactive than ever before, and they present a future eerily similar to that of the Joaquin Phoenix film Her, where the main character falls in love with an operating system on his computer (voiced by Scarlett Johansson no less, who could blame him?)

“As virtual reality becomes more realistic and immersive and is able to mimic and even improve on the experience of sex with a human partner; it is conceivable that some will choose this in preference to sex with a less than perfect human being,” Driscoll told David Watkinson from the Daily Mirror.

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Jul 31, 2015

Virtual reality is next mass trend – Facebook’s Zuckerberg

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After Facebook’s video strategy turned out to be a success, the social network giant’s CEO is now eager to completely revolutionize the way we communicate by mastering virtual reality technologies.

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Jul 22, 2015

Star Wars VR Pitch Looks Like The Perfect Star Wars Game

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Pitch accepted.

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Jul 21, 2015

Wall Street analysts say virtual reality can’t go mainstream until these issues are fixed — Corey Stern | Business Insider

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“‘We are unsure if gamers and general consumers alike are willing to spend long periods of time alone, in a confined space, with a headset, and completely shut off from surrounding environment,’ [Oppenheimer analysts] wrote of the limiting characteristics. This brings us to the social issue: virtual reality has so far only been a single person experience.” Read more

Jul 20, 2015

Virtual Reality: The next frontier — By Mark Piesing | Financial Times

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Immersive virtual reality is the vision of a computer-generated reality that looks, sounds, smells and feels so authentic that it psychologically tricks our brain into accepting that it is real.

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Jun 15, 2015

Virtual-reality display allows stroke patients to spontaneously recover use of paralyzed arm

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Virtual-reality Rehabilitation Gaming System (credit: Belén Rubio Ballester)

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Jun 10, 2015

Oculus Rift, Magic Leap, and the Future of Reality … By Ava Kofman | The Atlantic

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Vannevar Bush’s prediction, half a century later, rings true: “The world has arrived at an age of cheap complex devices of great reliability; and something is bound to come of it.”

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