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Oct 22, 2020

Million-core neuromorphic supercomputer could simulate an entire mouse brain

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Circa 2018

After 12 years of work, researchers at the University of Manchester in England have completed construction of a “SpiNNaker” (Spiking Neural Network Architecture) supercomputer. It can simulate the internal workings of up to a billion neurons through a whopping one million processing units.

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Oct 22, 2020

New MIT algorithm automatically deciphers lost languages

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An MIT CSAIL AI system that can automatically decipher extinct languages offers hope of preserving a wealth of historical heritage.

Oct 22, 2020

Machines Predicted To Do Half Of All Jobs By 2025

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A ‘robot revolution’ is underway and could lead to half of all jobs being done by machines by 2025, according to forecasters.

The World Economic Forum has said that 97 million new jobs are set to be created by increased automation of manual and routine labour in several major industries.

But they’ve warned that just as many jobs will be lost, and that the trend could worsen inequality in poorer communities as humans lose out to machines in the workplace.

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Oct 22, 2020

Tesla owners share first glimpse of Full Self-Driving Beta in action, release notes, Autopilot settings

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Tesla owners who are part of the limited Full Self-Driving rollout have started sharing some images and videos of the advanced driver-assist features in action. Based on videos and the Release Notes of the limited beta, it appears that Tesla is heavily emphasizing safety.

Among the lucky Tesla owners who received the update were @brandonee916 and the @teslaownerssv group, both of whom shared a images and short clips of the limited Full Self-driving beta in action.

Overall, the UI of the limited beta seems to be quite rough in its current state. With this in mind, there seems to be a good chance that the visuals of FSD will be more refined by the time it gets a wider release.

Oct 22, 2020

Tesla to wide-release Full Self-Driving ‘by the end of this year’

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I think some people would be excited. 😃

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite is poised for a wide-release by the end of 2020 to all drivers who purchased the capability, Elon Musk said, during its Q3 Earnings Call.

“We’re starting very slow and very cautiously because the world is a very complex and messy place,” Musk said when talking about the Beta rollout of the FSD suite to a minimal group of people, which began late Tuesday night. “We put it out there last night, and then we’ll see how it goes, and then probably release it to more people this weekend or early next week. Then gradually step it up until we hopefully have a wide-release by the end of this year.”

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Oct 22, 2020

Studying Martian Rocks Back on Earth — Behind the Spacecraft — Perseverance

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When NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover starts its quest for Martian rocks it will have quite the to-do list:

🕵️‍ Locate
⛏ Drill
🧰 Collect
📦 Stash

The robotic caching system that’ll get the job done is 𝘴𝘰𝘭𝘪𝘥 𝘢𝘴 𝘢 𝘳𝘰𝘤𝘬 thanks to NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer Eric Aguilar:

Oct 22, 2020

Can We Trust AI Doctors? Google Health and Academics Battle It Out

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So now, there are AI doctors.

Machine learning is taking medical diagnosis by storm. From eye disease, breast and other cancers, to more amorphous neurological disorders, AI is routinely matching physician performance, if not beating them outright.

Yet how much can we take those results at face value? When it comes to life and death decisions, when can we put our full trust in enigmatic algorithms—“black boxes” that even their creators cannot fully explain or understand? The problem gets more complex as medical AI crosses multiple disciplines and developers, including both academic and industry powerhouses such as Google, Amazon, or Apple, with disparate incentives.

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Oct 21, 2020

Robot trained in a game-like simulation performs better in real life

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A robot controlled by a neural network algorithm that was trained in a video game-like simulation is better able to navigate difficult terrain in real life.

Oct 21, 2020

Tesla Officially Starts Rollout of Full Self-Driving Beta

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Tesla’s Autopilot is about to get a major update.

Oct 21, 2020

Boston Dynamics will start selling arms for its robodog Spot next year

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Boston Dynamics has reportedly already sold more than 250 of its $75,000 Spot robots since starting commercial sales back in June. Interested and deep-pocketed parties can purchase one directly from the company’s website as well as a host of accessories, from $1,650 charging bricks to $34,570 lidar and camera kits. But one add-on which we’ve seen Spot with since some of its earliest demo videos was the prehensile arm sprouting from between its shoulder blades. But come next January, Spots around the world are going to get a whole lot more handsy.

“The next thing on the future Spot is that we’re going to make it available with a robot arm in a few months,” Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert told the virtual crowd at the Collision from Home conference in June. “We have prototypes working, but we don’t have them available as a product yet. Once you have an arm on a robot, it becomes a mobile manipulation system. It really opens up just vast horizons on things robots can do. I believe that the mobility of the robot will contribute to the dexterity of the robot in ways that we just don’t get with current fixed factory automation.”

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