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May 21, 2021

Fighting Aging With Gene Therapies | Liz Parrish Interview Series Episode 2

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Most important part comes at 1:49 where Liza talks about gene therapies for people to stop people from aging, reaching homeostasis, or even exceeding it a little bit.

In this video Liz introduces BioViva Science and how the company works with its partners in delivering gene therapies.

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May 21, 2021

Physicists Have Broken The Speed of Light With Pulses Inside Hot Plasma

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This is how the future is made.

Sailing through the smooth waters of vacuum, a photon of light moves at around 300 thousand kilometers (186 thousand miles) a second. This sets a firm limit on how quickly a whisper of information can travel anywhere in the Universe.

While this law isn’t likely to ever be broken, there are features of light which don’t play by the same rules. Manipulating them won’t hasten our ability to travel to the stars, but they could help us clear the way to a whole new class of laser technology.

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May 19, 2021

‘E-nose’ can discriminate various mint scents

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In nature, scents emitted by plants attract animals such as insects. However, scents are also used in the industry, for example in the production of perfumes and aromas. In order to achieve a reliable, quick, and objective discrimination of mint scents in particular, researchers at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) embarked on an interdisciplinary collaboration and developed an electronic nose with an artificial sense of smell. This E-nose achieves high precision in recognizing different mint species, which makes it a suitable tool for applications ranging from pharmaceutical quality control to the monitoring of mint oil as an environmentally friendly bioherbicide.

“So far, scientists were able to identify an estimated 100000 different biological compounds through which neighboring plants interact with each other or control other organisms, such as insects,” says Professor Peter Nick from the Botanical Institute of KIT. “These compounds are very similar in plants of the same genus.” A classic example from the plant world is mint, where the different varieties produce with very species-specific scents. Industrial quality control of mint oil, in particular, is subject to strict legal regulations in order to prevent adulteration, is time-consuming, and requires a great deal of expertise, the scientist explains. A new “electronic nose” equipped with sensors made from combined materials will support this process.

May 6, 2021

Trent Stamp, CEO, The Eisner Foundation — Investing In Intergenerational Solutions For Healthy Aging

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Investing in inter-generational solutions for healthy aging — trent stamp, CEO, the eisner foundation.

Trent Stamp is the CEO of The Eisner Foundation (, an organization founded by Jane and Michael D. Eisner (the former Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company), that identifies, advocates for, and invests in high-quality and innovative programs that unite multiple generations for the enrichment of our communities. Trent has been in this role since 2008 and under his leadership, The Eisner Foundation became the only foundation in the U.S. investing solely in intergenerational solutions, garnering many honors and awards including Generation United’s Leadership Award.

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Apr 26, 2021

The Space Renaissance Medici Fund Announces Three Student Sponsored Programmes

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**Space Renaissance International (SRI) Medici Fund** is happy to announce that, due to the generosity of our Education Sponsors, we are able to award a few **prizes and grants for students** of any age, interested to space settlement, exploration and civilian development. Three programmes are now open to applicants, in the frame of the **2021 Space Renaissance Congress “The Civilian Space Development”**.

The 3° SRI World Congress (SRIC3) will take place in a virtual format and will provide attendees with cutting-edge developments in Space Settlement & Exploration, Human Rights, Ethics, Policies, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Energy, Economics and Education from leaders in their respective fields. Experts in research and industry will present the emerging technologies and future directions in their field. Students at all ages, who are interested in Space Science, Technology, Philosophy, Economy, Policy, Law, Art, are warmly encouraged to participate to the 2021 Space Renaissance Congress. Please visit this link to apply to any of the Student Sponsored Programmes:

Apr 23, 2021

Hackers use email phishing campaign to deploy multiple variants of Trojans

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A new phishing campaign targets specific targets by trying to distribute various remote access Trojan (RAT) variants. According to Cisco Talos Intelligence researchers, this hacking campaign was identified as “Fajan” and could be being operated from an Arabic-speaking country.

Experts believe this campaign would have started in early March, starting with a commitment to “low-profile” targets to determine whether malware samples were properly distributed or some debugging process was needed.

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Apr 22, 2021

Super Election Year Fundraising Campaign

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We do a fundraiser for the collection of support signatures for the admissions of the German Party for Health Research to the German federal election and to the state elections in Berlin and Thuringia. Those three elections take place on September 26th 2021.

Attention: According to the law, we are not allowed to receive more than 1000 Euro per year per donor from donors, who live outside the European Union.

Unlike in other countries, in Germany parties with 5 % of the votes or more get into parliament and can be part of the government (a government coalition). Also parties get funds from the state, if they receive at least 0.5 % of the votes in the federal election or at least 1 % of the votes in a state election.

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Apr 17, 2021

New York State just passed a law requiring ISPs to offer $15 broadband

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Internet should become a lot more affordable in New York.

Governor Cuomo signed a new bill that caps prices at $20 for 200Mbps down and $15 for 25Mbps down for low-income customers.

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Apr 11, 2021

Call for papers abstract submission Space Renaissance

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# Just 5 days left to upload an abstract to the SRIC3 Call for Papers! ## We need you to lead the Space Renaissance!

Choose among the following symposia tracks, all of them concurring to a coherent strategy for Space Settlement, kicking off the Civilian Space Development before 2025: * The immense social benefits of expanding Civilization into Outer Space * Civilization risk mitigation: space as the main Knight, defending humanity against the ‘Apocalypse’ multi-crisis * Global collaboration, working with Agencies, Companies, Space Advocacy Associations, United Nations and Governments of Planet Earth to promote Civilian Space Development and the 18th UN SDG * Space Safety: protecting human life and health in space, space debris recovering and reuse, space weather, defense from asteroids * Policies to Enable Communities Beyond Earth: technologies, financing, & Common Law * Earth orbit industrial development * The Moon and Cislunar development * Space Based Solar Power, feeding the Civilian Space Development * Greening the Solar System * Mars, the Asteroids Belt and beyond * A conceptual timetable for the founding steps of Space Settlement * Living, Sport, Art and Culture in Space, a Scifi futurologist–presentist narration * Congress Thesis 1 — Status of civilization and perspective of expansion into outer space * Congress Thesis 2 — A strategy to develop the Space Renaissance, towards 2025.

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Apr 5, 2021

Space mining is not science fiction, and Canada could figure prominently

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There’s an additional reason why international agreement and co-operation in the outer space domain is crucial: the peaceful use of outer space, as required by the Outer Space Treaty.

In October 2020, eight countries signed a NASA-led initiative called the Artemis Accords. These included the United States, Canada, Australia and Luxembourg. Notably absent were Russia and China, who have since agreed to collaborate with each other on space initiatives.

Legal issues about the ownership of space resources must urgently be addressed to avoid space wars over natural resources between superpowers like the U.S., Russia and China. This includes the legal status of the Artemis Accords. Ideally, it should be done before space mining starts.

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