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Mar 27, 2023

An Update on the Yemeni FSO Safer Oil Tanker in the Red Sea

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An oil tanker abandoned and anchored in the Red Sea could produce an oil spill that would spread over the southern half of the body of water and block ports, close desalination plants, and produce a food and water crisis for the people of Yemen.

A UN rescue plan for the rusting tanker off Yemen’s coast has ballooned in cost to $129 million. So far money raised is $34 million short.

Mar 25, 2023

New Study Links Eating Meat to Urinary Tract Infections

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March 24, 2023 – At least half a million urinary tract infections are caused by eating meat contaminated with E.coli bacteria, a new study reports.

E.coli is the most common bacteria to cause urinary tract infections, and it usually lives harmlessly in the human intestinal tract, although it is well-known to be a source of food poisoning.

“Most people understand that eating uncooked meat, or accidentally ingesting bacteria from meat, can cause you to have an upset stomach,” said researcher Lance B. Price, a professor at George Washington University, according to The Washington Post. “But now we also know that specific varieties of E. coli, coming from raw meat, are also causing hundreds of thousands of UTIs.”

Mar 25, 2023

A higher dose of magnesium each day keeps dementia at bay

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More magnesium in our daily diet leads to better brain health as we age, according to scientists from the Neuroimaging and Brain Lab at The Australian National University (ANU).

The researchers say increased intake of -rich foods such as spinach and nuts could also help reduce the risk of dementia, which is the second leading cause of death in Australia and the seventh biggest killer globally.

The study of more than 6,000 cognitively healthy participants in the United Kingdom aged 40 to 73 found people who consume more than 550 milligrams of magnesium each day have a brain age that is approximately one year younger by the time they reach 55 compared with someone with a normal magnesium intake of about 350 milligrams a day.

Mar 24, 2023

The Rise Of Genetic Engineering | Gene-Editing | Documentary

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Genetic Engineering extends far beyond the controversial news headlines that obsess over ‘designer babies’. In the science community, gene-editing tools like CRISPR and PRIME editing will do nothing less than save the planet.

The Rise Of Genetic Engineering (2022)
Writers: Kyle McCabe, Christopher Webb Young.
Stars: Rodolphe Barrangou, George Church, Mary Beth Dallas.
Genre: Documentary.
Country: United States.
Language: English.
Release Date: August 24, 2022 (United States)

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Mar 23, 2023

This Lab-Grown Brain Made a Muscle TWITCH, Here’s How

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Growing brains can be a tricky process, but growing ones that can make muscles move? That’s an incredible feat. Here’s how scientists did it.

How Close Are We to Farming Human Body Parts? —

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Mar 22, 2023

These French Fries Last 90 Days Outside the Fridge or Freezer

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Food tech startup Farther Farms has developed a process that keeps foods that would normally need to be refrigerated or frozen fresh at room temperature — and their first product is a bag of shelf-stable French fries.

The cold chain: Microorganisms are a major cause of food spoilage, and they thrive at room temperature. By keeping some foods cold, we can slow the growth of these microbes, extending the life of the food.

To do that, the foods must be prepared, shipped, and stored along a temperature-controlled supply chain (a “cold chain”). If the cold chain is broken at any point along the way, the food may quickly become unsafe to eat.

Mar 21, 2023

Human-like robot GARMI to provide healthcare assistance to the elderly

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GARMI will also serve meals, open a bottle of water and place emergency calls.

Robots are gradually making their way into a variety of industries, from restaurant service to healthcare. Scientists have been working hard to rapidly expand robot capabilities, and it is clear that robotics will shape our daily lives in the near future.

Now, it’s time to meet “GARMI”. This white-colored humanoid which has come to the aid of doctors, nurses, and elderly citizens in need.

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Mar 19, 2023

Nvidia GTC Highlights The Physical Side Of AI

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ChatGPT launched a tide wave of interest in AI. For many consumers, AI is finally living up to long overdue expectations. The accomplishments of ChatGPT in a short period of time are phenomenal. But what is yet to come when AI is combined with robotics will change everything.

I have been promoting the advances in robotics for several years. I even called 2022 the year of robotics, partially because of the growing need to overcome shortages in labor and to handle tasks beyond the physical or mental capability of humans, and partially because of the continued advances that AI, accelerated processing, semiconductor, sensors, wireless connectivity, and software technologies are enabling to develop advanced, autonomous machines. Robots are no longer just for the manufacturing floor. They are hazardous material handlers, janitors, personal assistants, food preparers, food deliverers, security guards, and even surgeons that are increasingly autonomous. Essentially, they are AI in the physical world. As a result, robot competitions are heating up from middle schools to Las Vegas.

As seen at CES, robotics technology is advancing rapidly with advances in technology. My favorite examples were the multi-configurable Yarbo outdoor robot and the John Deere See & Spray. Yarbo can be a mower, a leaf blower, or a snow blower. If it could dispose of animal excrement and the annoying neighbor, it would be perfect yard tool. On the other end of the spectrum was the John Deere See & Spray Ultimate, a tractor with up to a 120-foot (36.6m) reach that uses AI/ML to detect weeds smaller than the size of a smart phone camera and spray herbicide accordingly. John Deere also offers self-drive tractors.

Mar 19, 2023

Has the 3D printing revolution finally arrived?

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Car engines, bespoke medicines, organs for transplant, food, fashion and now even a whole street of houses… Is the all-conquering promise of 3D printing finally coming true? By Tim Lewis.

Mar 19, 2023

Team develops a system of robots that use teamwork to pick fruit and transport it autonomously

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A system of robots that harvest and transport crops on their own without human assistance has been developed for use in agricultural facilities such as smart farms.

The research team under Choi Tae-yong, principal researcher at the AI Robot Research Division’s Department of Robotics and Mechatronics of the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, an institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science and ICT, has developed a multiple-robot system for harvesting crops.

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