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Aug 26, 2016

Inside the killer robot ‘arms race’ where the world’s five leading superpowers are secretly preparing for an all-out futuristic war

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WORLD superpowers are engaged in a feverish “arms race” to develop the first killer robots completely removed from human control, the Sun Online can reveal.

These machines will mark a dramatic escalation in computer AI from the drones and robots currently in use, all of which still require a human to press the “kill button”.

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Aug 26, 2016

CIA reveals Spacenet ‘AI in the sky’ that could constantly monitor activity on Earth

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CIA reveals Spacenet ‘AI in the sky’ that could constantly monitor activity on Earth via high resolution satellites…

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi film — an AI that constantly monitors the Earth, looks for unusual activity.

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Aug 26, 2016

Shadow worlds: Have we seen our first glimpse of dark forces?

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The identity of the invisible stuff that holds galaxies together has long been a mystery. Now it might have been unmasked – and it’s not what we expected.

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Aug 26, 2016

Want to Hang Out with POTUS in VR? You Can!

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A new virtual reality experience from Felix & Paul Studios lets you visit Yosemite National Park with President Obama. Check it out here.

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Aug 26, 2016

Construction Corner: Growing materials on demand where they’re needed

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Nice read on DARPA’s Engineered Living Materials (ELM) program. DARPA’s program to improve the quality of cell circuitry and other synthetic bios.

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Aug 26, 2016

Cheap and Useful 3D Printed Electronics

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Shopping trends change from time to time while consumers continue to search for more affordable products with better functionality and specs. Researchers and developers around the world continue to improve company products while lessening the cost of producing these materials.

Gadgets like smartphones, LED lights, tablets and solar cells are already part of the mainstream, and it is not going to change anytime soon. Companies that are involved in this industry must always keep a competitive edge against other manufacturers.

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Aug 26, 2016

Robots Inherit the Farm

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In the US during the early 2000s there was an old political term for low skilled jobs, politicians called these jobs “the jobs that no one in America wanted.” Well, we now can start seeing the slogan by politicians as “the jobs that Robots can do for free.”

The focus of automation in farming has shifted from assisting humans to replacing them.


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Aug 26, 2016

China Sets New Tone in Drafting Cybersecurity Rules

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I have been seeing this for the recent weeks; I find it interesting and another step in China’s own move to be a global leader of tech. Could be either good or bad in the longer term.

China is taking a more inclusive tack in instituting cybersecurity standards for foreign technology companies, allowing them to join a key government committee in an effort to ease foreign concerns over the controls.

The committee under the government’s powerful cyberspace administration is in charge of defining cybersecurity standards. For the first time, the body earlier this year allowed select foreign companies— Microsoft Corp. MSFT −0.39 %, Intel Corp. INTC 0.43 %, Cisco Systems Inc. CSCO 0.14 % and International Business Machines Corp.—to take an active part in drafting rules, rather than participating simply as observers, said people familiar with the discussions.

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Aug 26, 2016

World’s Scientists: “Human Consciousness Will Remain a Mystery”

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More insights on human conscientious in relation to its state after we die.

Personally, (this is only my own opinion) I believe much of the human conscientious will remain a mystery even in the living as it relates to the re-creation of the human brain and its thinking and decision making patterns on current technology. Namely because any doctor will tell you that a person’s own decisions (namely emotional decision making/ thinking) can be impacted by a whole multitude of factors beyond logical information such as the brain’s chemical balance, physical illness or even injury, etc. which inherently feeds into conscientious state. In order to try to replicate this model means predominantly development of a machine that is predominantly built with synthetic biology; and even then we will need to evolve this model to finally understand human conscientious more than we do today.

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Aug 26, 2016

DARPA Wants Long-Lasting Super-Precise Portable Atomic Clocks

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DARPA’s quest to perfect the portable clock for GPS, and other military assets. Time release perfected is a nice added feature.

Time for an upgrade.

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