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Jul 22, 2015

Star Wars VR Pitch Looks Like The Perfect Star Wars Game

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Pitch accepted.

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Jul 21, 2015

Wall Street analysts say virtual reality can’t go mainstream until these issues are fixed — Corey Stern | Business Insider

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“‘We are unsure if gamers and general consumers alike are willing to spend long periods of time alone, in a confined space, with a headset, and completely shut off from surrounding environment,’ [Oppenheimer analysts] wrote of the limiting characteristics. This brings us to the social issue: virtual reality has so far only been a single person experience.” Read more

Jul 20, 2015

Virtual Reality: The next frontier — By Mark Piesing | Financial Times

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Immersive virtual reality is the vision of a computer-generated reality that looks, sounds, smells and feels so authentic that it psychologically tricks our brain into accepting that it is real.

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Jun 15, 2015

Virtual-reality display allows stroke patients to spontaneously recover use of paralyzed arm

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Virtual-reality Rehabilitation Gaming System (credit: Belén Rubio Ballester)

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Jun 10, 2015

Oculus Rift, Magic Leap, and the Future of Reality … By Ava Kofman | The Atlantic

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Vannevar Bush’s prediction, half a century later, rings true: “The world has arrived at an age of cheap complex devices of great reliability; and something is bound to come of it.”

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Jun 8, 2015

Virtual reality rape: Transhumanists highlight ethical issues arising from new technology

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International Business Times out with a story on VR and transhumanism:

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Jun 2, 2015

We’re Seriously Underestimating the Virtual-Reality Market — Sergio Aguirre | Re/Code

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VR panorama

“Most of the VR prototypes we’ve seen so far use a wraparound headset. But this “shut out everything” hardware paradigm could seriously limit adoption, especially in consumer markets. There’s actually an emerging category of virtual experiences that allow a user to experience digital objects as if they were real, without the need for a wraparound headset. There hasn’t been as much chatter about it, but “non-enveloping” VR could be one of the biggest, most important parts of this new wave of digital-analog world interfaces.”

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Jun 1, 2015

Do we really want to fuse our brains together? — Peter Watts | AEON

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“What are the implications of a technology that wires brains together, that in theory at least permits the existence of hive minds? In fact, you know a lot more about that than you might think. You already are a hive mind. You always have been.” Read more

May 25, 2015

The Emotional Amplifier — Patrick O’Luanaigh | Develop

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Virtual reality: The emotion amplifier

“Probably the worst scenario as a game designer is that players experience something in your VR game that freaks them out so badly, they rip the headset off and refuse to put it back on again. Moreover, because VR is an emotion amplifier, all sorts of negative emotions and fears can become apparent that even the player may not have known about before. “ Read more

May 23, 2015

What Is the Metaverse? Philip Rosedale’s Big Dream for Immersive Virtual Worlds — By Jason Dorrier SingualrityHub

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What is the metaverse? It’s Philip Rosedale’s second crack at playing god—at least in the virtual sense. Rosedale created his first virtual world, Second Life, in 2002. Now, he and his new company, High Fidelity, are building another world in silica—and this time, they’re thinking on planetary scales.

Speaking at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) conference this week, Rosedale said that by harnessing the shared power of home PCs, “We could collectively create a space whose literal scale is comparable to the landmass of the planet Earth.” Sound ambitious? It is, and it isn’t. Read more

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