Feb 15, 2016

Mattel’s latest VR View-Master has focus controls and headphones

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I remember seeing this two weeks ago about the Mattel’s View-master returns with VR capabilities. However, they keep adding more bells and whistles to it.

What’s unique, however, is the level of interactivity, plus there’s an augmented reality (AR) twist-when you lay out the compatible cards on a table and put the viewer on, related objects appear on top of them to let you know what kind of experience awaits. However, Mattel is now ready to tackle the market with a new product dubbed the View-Master Viewer DLX.

The View-Master Viewer DLX has a headphone connector and a focal adjustment to make the virtual reality experience more realistic and the visuals better. The latter feature is found on the Gear VR and will be useful for those who have less than flawless vision.

The upcoming View-Master Viewer DLX includes enhanced optical lenses with a focus wheel for adjusting sharpness. With numerous major tech giants already involved in VR, and with companies such as Oculus and HTC betting big on the VR market with high-end headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, industry experts expect years 2016–2017 to be a deciding period of time for the future of the VR market as a whole.

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