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Apr 6, 2022

West Virginia’s largest solar farm will sit on a former coal mining site

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West Virginia’s largest solar farm will sit on the site of the 5,800-acre Hobet Mine, one of the state’s largest former coal mines, which went bankrupt in 2015.

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The solar farm will be situated on 3,000 acres of the site, which straddles Boone and Lincoln counties in the southwestern part of the state, near Charleston. It will power an adjacent 2,800-acre site that will host industry, lodging, hospitality, and recreation, and the whole site will be known as SunPark. The solar farm is the first phase of the project.

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Apr 6, 2022

Materials come alive

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The dissemination of synthetic biology into materials science is creating an evolving class of functional, engineered living materials that can grow, sense and adapt similar to biological organisms.

Nature has long served as inspiration for the design of materials with improved properties and advanced functionalities. Nonetheless, thus far, no synthetic material has been able to fully recapitulate the complexity of living materials. Living organisms are unique due to their multifunctionality and ability to grow, self-repair, sense and adapt to the environment in an autonomous and sustainable manner. The field of engineered living materials capitalizes on these features to create biological materials with programmable functionalities using engineering tools borrowed from synthetic biology. In this focus issue we feature a Perspective and an Article to highlight how synergies between synthetic biology and biomaterial sciences are providing next-generation engineered living materials with tailored functionalities.

Apr 6, 2022

Tesla providing job and education opportunities to Central Texans

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Ahead of the Tesla Gigafactory unveil party Thursday, the company’s large presence in Austin has opened doors to new education and job opportunities for locals.

Apr 6, 2022

Taiwan’s New Solar Panel ‘Sun Rock’ Will Deliver 1 Million kWh Per Year

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Get in, we’re going to the threshold. Solar power is undoubtfully one of the most preferred renewable energy sources of the day. As the need for energy rises with the improving technology and the rising population, companies try to come up with the most efficient solutions that promise to meet the energy demand of the world.

Taiwan’s forthcoming Sun Rock could supply excess energy to the power grid

Taiwan’s government-owned power company, called Taipower, commissioned Sun Rock, with plans to use it as a visitor facility, in addition to a storage and maintenance center for renewable energy devices. But the most obvious and impressive feature of the forthcoming project is the facade, which will be almost totally smothered in solar panels (don’t worry, there will also be vents and windows to promote the natural exchange of light and air). But 1 million kWh is a lot — the U.S. government has found that an average household uses roughly 11,000 kWh annually, which will rise (because of course it will) before the Sun Rock is finished.

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Apr 6, 2022

Hyundai outlines its hydrogen aviation plans, including regional eSTOLs

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And they could enter service by 2030.The automotive world is transforming to meet the needs of the future.

Hyundai has already made it very clear that it’s making a serious play at next-gen electric aviation, establishing its own eVTOL subsidiary Supernal late last year and promising to flex its automotive-grade manufacturing muscle to get air taxis built in bulk. Now, the company has made a presentation at the Vertical Flight Society’s H2 Aero workshop to confirm that it’s also bringing its hydrogen expertise into the aviation world.

Hyundai/Kia and Toyota, of course, have been the two main hydrogen fuel cell stalwarts in the automotive industry. Batteries make more sense for most passenger car applications globally, but Japan and Korea are committed to building a “hydrogen economy” powering much more than personal transport, so these companies in particular have persisted with building and selling relatively small numbers of fuel cell-electric cars like the Nexo and Mirai.

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Apr 6, 2022

Harvesting Energy at Night: Solar Cell Keeps Working Long After Sun Sets

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Need to get 24/7 solar panels up and running.

Inspired by the cognitive science theory, we explicitly model an agent with.

Both semantic and episodic memory systems, and show that it is better than.
having just one of the two memory systems. In order to show this, we have.
designed and released our own challenging environment, “the Room”, compatible.

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Apr 5, 2022

The Fall of Reality Privilege

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Consider life in farm-country Nebraska versus NYC. What opportunities will there be for a potential startup founder or an ambitious young writer?

Shit, even the difference between living in New Jersey and NYC is huge.

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Apr 4, 2022

Mini desalination plants could refresh the parched West

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Fresh water is hard to find in a drought—but local desalination projects could keep it flowing even in historically dry times.

Apr 3, 2022

The Newest Robots and Future Technologies: All the March Technology News in One Issue

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You are on the PRO Robots channel and in this video we present the March 2022 news digest. The largest exhibition of technology Expo 2022 in Dubai, artificial intelligence that will replace programmers, new Atlas robot arms, an emotional android and opening of the GigaFactory Berlin by Elon Musk. All the most interesting news from the world of high-tech in one issue!

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Apr 2, 2022

Wind and solar energy amounted to 10% of the global energy consumption in 2021

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There’s still a long way to go, but it’s an important milestone.

Ten years ago, solar and wind didn’t even make up 1% of our global energy mix. Now, in just a decade, they’ve reached 10%. It may not seem like much, but becoming such a significant part of the global energy mix in such a short time is remarkable — though there’s still a long way to go.

The past couple of years have been horrendous in more ways than one, but that doesn’t mean all is bad in the world. In fact, renewable energy continued its impressive growth, according to research from Ember, a climate and energy think tank.

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