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Sep 19, 2021

Cool It

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A provocative and controversial Documentary about solutions for Humanity and Global Warming.

A film following Danish scientist Bjorn Lomborg who offers a fresh perspective on global warming based on human needs as well as environmental concerns.

Sep 18, 2021

Mahle’s cheap, highly efficient new EV motor uses no magnets

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Magnets, typically using rare earth metals like neodymium, are found at the heart of most electric vehicle motors. It’s nice to have a permanent source of powerful rare earth magnetism in your rotor, because using powered coils instead means you have to somehow transfer electricity from the battery through to the coils in a spinning rotor. That means you’ll need a sliding point of contact, and sliding points of contact develop wear and tear over time.

Permanent magnets, though, come with their own baggage. Ninety seven percent of the world’s rare earth metal supply comes out of China, and state control over such a crucial resource across a number of high-tech industries has been a serious issue in the past. Official accounts differ about why China decided to restrict rare earth exports back at the start of the decade, as official accounts tend to do, but the result either way was a 750-percent leap in neodymium prices and a 2,000-percent leap in dysprosium prices.

Could these metals be produced elsewhere? Yes. They’re not as rare as the name might suggest. But wherever they’re mined, the only way to economically turn them into magnets is to send them to China for processing – nowhere else in the world is set up for the task, and nobody can compete against China’s minimal labor costs and environmental regulations.

Sep 18, 2021

New Nanomaterial Produces Clean Energy Hydrogen Fuel From Seawater

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The material offers the high performance and stability needed for industrial-scale electrolysis, which could produce a clean energy fuel from seawater.

Hydrogen fuel derived from the sea could be an abundant and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, but the potential power source has been limited by technical challenges, including how to practically harvest it.

Sep 17, 2021

New IBM Research Proposes Phase-Change Materials (PCMs) To Break The von Neumann Bottleneck For AI And Deep Learning Applications

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We live in a world where significant technological developments in processing technology have dramatically transformed our way of life, with rapid improvements in computing capacity.

The world’s information continues to grow. In 2,018 the total amount of data stored in the world was 33 zettabytes (33×1021 bytes). To put it another way, one zettabyte of data would require 33 billion one-terabyte.

As difficult as it is to wrap one’s head around that amount of data, it is expected to swell to 175 zettabytes by 2025. To this date, extracting and storing this increasingly massive amount of data represents a tremendous challenge in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and sustainable energy cost.

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Sep 17, 2021

This Mysterious Unmanned Vessel Was Just Spotted In San Diego Bay (Updated)

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The low-slung drone-ship catamaran is equipped with solar panels, various antennae, and camera systems.

Sep 17, 2021

Civilian Space Development has kicked-off: the work starts now!

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Civilian Space Development has kicked-off: the work begins now!

Newsletter 17.09.2021 by Bernard Foing & Adriano V. Autino

During the last months we have seen the first civilian passengers fly to space, onboard Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic vehicles. September 15th, four civilian astronauts, onboard a Space X Dragon capsule, passed the 500 km orbit, more than 100 km higher than the ISS.In 2016 we started to publicly talk about and promote Civilian Space Development, while the whole space community kept on talking only about space exploration. Earlier, in 2,008 we founded the Space Renaissance movement, and a couple of years later the Space Renaissance International, as a philosophical association targeted to complete the Kopernican Revolution, supporting the Civilization expansion into space. Nowadays the concept of civilian space flight is everywhere on the media, and many people in the space community talk about a space renaissance. Of course the Coronavirus pandemics accelerated the awareness of the urgency to expand humanity into outer space. And space tourism — the first stage of civilian space settlement — is now a reality, in its first steps.

Of course nobody could be more happy than ourselves, for the above development, and of course**2 we want to congratulate with Elon, Richard and Jeff, for such a great achievement!

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Sep 16, 2021

The man hacking hot water to save the planet

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No matter the price tag, the industry also has to convince consumers it’s worth their time to upgrade to new technologies.

“It’s difficult to get homeowners to change from the technology that they’re used to, especially in staid devices like water heaters, because they think of it as a utility: open the faucet, water comes out,” Callahan told Freethink. “There’s an education process to get them to understand that there’s a better, cheaper, faster, cooler way to [heat water].”

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Sep 16, 2021

New technology makes it possible to see clearly through murky water

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Researchers have developed a new method that can automatically produce clear images through murky water. The new technology could be useful for searching for drowning victims, documenting submerged archaeological artifacts and monitoring underwater farms.

Imaging clearly underwater is extremely challenging because the and the particles in it tend to scatter light. But, because scattered light is partially polarized, imaging using a camera that is sensitive to polarization can be used to suppress scattered light in underwater .

“Our new method overcomes the limitations of traditional polarimetric underwater imaging, laying the groundwork for taking this method out of the lab and into the field,” said research team leader Haofeng Hu from Tianjin University in China. “Unlike previous methods, there’s no requirement for the image to include a background area to estimate the backscattered light.”

Sep 15, 2021

Electric car with extension and expandable solar offers a glimpse of future RV life

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A new electric solar car project with a living extension and expandable solar panels is giving us a glimpse into what the future might hold for RV/van life.

Solar Team Eindhoven, a group of engineering students from the Technical University of Eindhoven (Netherlands), is probably the most famous team that has competed in the World Solar Challenge, a competition to create super-efficient solar cars.

The people behind Lightyear came up from that team, and now they are trying to use the knowledge acquired through the creation of the original Stella and Stella Lux solar cars to bring to market a road-legal solar car.

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Sep 15, 2021

Lithium-ion batteries just made a big leap in a tiny product

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Sila’s novel anode materials packed far more energy into a new Whoop fitness wearable. The company hopes to do the same soon for electric vehicles.

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