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Jun 11, 2024

Algae offer real potential as a renewable electricity source, research shows

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The need to transition away from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy production is critical. That’s why a team of Concordia researchers is looking at a potential power source that not only produces no carbon emissions but removes carbon as it works: algae.

Jun 11, 2024

The power of AI for environmental stewardship and optimised industry

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Behind the scenes, industrial artificial intelligence is transforming the efficiency and performance of companies. But the bigger picture is the implication for global sustainability.

Jun 11, 2024

In a world first, China installs an 18 MW offshore wind turbine

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China has installed an 18-megawatt (MW) offshore wind turbine – the world’s largest by power rating – in Guangdong province.

State-owned power generator manufacturer Dongfang Electric Corporation completed the installation of the massive wind turbine at a coastal test base in Shantou on June 5.

China’s 18-MW offshore wind turbine has a 260-meter (853-foot) rotor diameter and a swept area of 53,000 square meters (570,487 square feet) – equivalent to 7.4 standard football fields.

Jun 10, 2024

Large-scale, lab-grown meat: Step inside a cultivated meat factory

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Lab-grown meat, cultivated meat, cell-based meat, slaughter-free meat: All of these terms refer to the process of creating real meat from animal cells, despite names that may allude to a vegan product.

What benefits are there to growing meat from chicken cells rather than raising animals for slaughter? Industrial animal agriculture is responsible for an estimated 15 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions, and with demand for meat projected to double in the next decade, this technology could offer a more sustainable option for future carnivores.

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Jun 9, 2024

Johns Hopkins Scientists Discover Unusual New Hero in Evolution

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One of Earth’s most consequential bursts of biodiversity—a 30-million-year period of explosive evolutionary changes spawning innumerable new species —may have the most modest of creatures to thank for the vital stage in life’s history: worms.

The digging and burrowing of prehistoric worms and other invertebrates along ocean bottoms sparked a chain of events that released oxygen into the ocean and atmosphere and helped kick-start what is known as the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event, roughly 480 million years ago, according to new findings Johns Hopkins University researchers published in the journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

“It’s really incredible to think how such small animals, ones that don’t even exist today, could alter the course of evolutionary history in such a profound way,” said senior author Maya Gomes, an assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. “With this work, we’ll be able to examine the chemistry of early oceans and reinterpret parts of the geological record.”

Jun 9, 2024

Toshiba unveils new fast-charging, cobalt-free battery

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Japanese electronics company Toshiba has developed a new kind of cobalt-free battery that could lead to cheaper, more sustainable EVs in the future.

The challenge: Road transportation is a significant contributor to climate change, accounting for 12% of global greenhouse gas emissions, so transitioning from fossil fuel-powered cars and trucks to electric vehicles (EVs) is crucial to meeting our climate goals.

The lithium-ion batteries used in most of today’s EVs have several problems, though, and a big one is that their cathodes are made of cobalt, a rare and expensive metal often mined using child labor and environmentally destructive practices.

Jun 9, 2024

Bill Gates-backed startup creates Lego-like brick that can store air pollution for centuries: ‘A milestone for affordably removing carbon dioxide from the air’

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The pipe dream of carbon capture is one step closer to reality thanks to a Bill Gates-backed startup that is burying bricks made from plants.

The Washington Post detailed a “deceptively simple” procedure by Graphyte to sequester blocks of wood chips and rice hulls, calling it “a game-changer” for the industry, which has been held back by the cost ineffectiveness of other methods.

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Jun 8, 2024

Tesla’s Robotaxi Event: Potential Partnership Announcement to Boost $TSLA

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Brighter with Herbert.

Jun 8, 2024

New method optimizes lithium extraction from seawater and groundwater

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As the electric vehicle market booms, the demand for lithium—the mineral required for lithium-ion batteries—has also soared. Global lithium production has more than tripled in the last decade. But current methods of extracting lithium from rock ores or brines are slow and come with high energy demands and environmental costs. They also require sources of lithium which are incredibly concentrated to begin with and are only found in a few countries.

Jun 8, 2024

Elon Musk plans ‘world’s most powerful’ supercomputer’ in Memphis

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Memphis may get most powerful super computer yet.

Memphis, Tennessee, may host the world’s largest supercomputer, the “Gigafactory of Compute.”:

The Memphis Shelby County Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and governing authorities hold the key to finalizing the project. If approved, it would be the largest investment in Memphis history.

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