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Oct 11, 2020

Science on Facebook Watch

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This artificial spiderweb mimics the elasticity, adhesion, and tensile strength of spiderweb silk and, with the capacity to self-clean and sense objects, can even replicate some spiderweb features that rely on the behavior of spiders themselves.

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Oct 11, 2020

Every Otaku’s Dream: Companion AI

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In the modern world, there is currently a loneliness epidemic. However, recently, nations like Japan have made *cough* advances with technologies such as the Gatebox that provide companion AIs. In this video, I will dive deeper into the concept and practicality of such companion AIs.

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Oct 11, 2020

This All-Electric Robotic Combat Vehicle May Accompany Army Units into Battle

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Textron announced it will deliver an all-electric version of its M5 Ripsaw Robotic Combat Vehicle for experimentation.

Oct 11, 2020

1000X Cheaper, 300X Faster: How Amazon Is Disrupting Robot Intelligence

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And Amazon eats its own dogfood … training its own 200,000+ robots.

Oct 11, 2020

Australia wants AI to handle divorces — here’s why

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An online app called Amica is now using artificial intelligence to help separating couples make parenting arrangements and divide their assets.

For many people, the coronavirus pandemic has put even the strongest of relationships to the test. A May survey conducted by Relationships Australia found 42% of 739 respondents experienced a negative change in their relationship with their partner under lockdown restrictions.

There has also been a surge in the number of couples seeking separation advice. The Australian government has backed the use of Amica for those in such circumstances. The chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make suggestions for how splitting couples can divide their money and property based on their circumstances.

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Oct 10, 2020

This robot is a more affordable Boston Dynamics Spot look-alike

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You can buy your own robot dog.

Presenting a (comparatively) more affordable robot dog: the $10,000 Unitree A1.

Oct 10, 2020

Decolonizing Artificial Intelligence | Genevieve Bell | TEDxRosario

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In this talk, professor Bell breaks down the very foundations of AI –viewed as an inescapable and univocal technology- and opens up a space for other truths and possibilities by visiting AI’s alternative stories in the past, present and future. By doing so, she claims, we might make room for a more sustainable, safe and responsible AI, and ultimately a more human-centric one.

Genevieve Bell is a cultural anthropologist and technologist who has spent her career at the intersection between places, people and things. From growing up in indigenous communities in Australia’s outback to Silicon Valley, from Stanford University and Intel Corporation back to Australia’s only national university, she has always questioned what it means to be human in an increasingly digital world. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Oct 10, 2020

Tanks vs. Drones Isn’t Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Unmanned combat air vehicles have notched up kills against armored fighting vehicles all over the world. Does it mean the end of the tank?

Oct 10, 2020

These Robotic Virtual Reality Boots Make It Feel Like You’re Walking While You Stay in Place

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VR Boots for gaming.

Last year I did a VR experience meant to simulate what it’s like to be at the US-Mexico border wall. The tall, foreboding wall towered above me, and as I turned from side to side there were fields of grass with some wildlife and a deceivingly harmless-looking border patrol station. I wanted to explore more, so I took a few steps toward the wall, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Mexico side through its tall metal slats.

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Oct 10, 2020

Kubota taps Nvidia tech for smart-farming autonomous tractors

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Autonomous tractors for farming.

OSAKA — Kubota has partnered with U.S. chipmaker Nvidia to develop highly sophisticated self-driving farm tractors, the Japanese machinery maker said Tuesday.

The tractors will be equipped with Nvidia graphics processing units and artificial intelligence, coupled with cameras to instantly process collected data.

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