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Jun 16, 2017

Love a Senior Day

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I’m scheduled to give a short speech here tomorrow in Los Angeles. I’ve been told it’s a free event with fun festivities and food. My talk should be sometime between 12:30PM and 1:30PM. Join me in celebrating seniors and telling them about the importance of maximum longevity.

Free Food! Free Classic Car Show! Free Concert! Free Giveaways! Free Entertainment! Father’s Day Tribute! Veterans Tribute! Free Seminars! Surprise Special Guest!!!!!

Saturday, June 17th 2017, from 11am to 3pm at the “Expo” Ahmanson Senior Center, “Next to the LA Coliseum”, 3990 Bill Robertson Ln, Los Angeles CA 90037 - Seniors on the Move Today and Care Match America, along with many Partners, will host the first “Love a Senior Day!”

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Jun 16, 2017

Earlier this week, I interviewed on TV2, one of Hungary’s most popular channels w/ about a million viewers

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The story is on bringing people back to life with radical science and it talks about transhumanism and cryonics. This is the most widespread story I’ve seen on #transhumanism in Eastern Europe yet.

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Jun 16, 2017

LEAF Panel: How to Promote Longevity? ft. Drs. Aubrey de Grey, Alexandra Stolzing, Oliver Medvedik

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On the 9th of June we teamed up with the Major Mouse Testing Program (MMTP) for a live stream longevity panel on the MMTP Facebook page. The panel included Dr. Alexandra Stolzing, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Dr. Oliver Medvedik, MMTP coordinators Steve Hill and Elena Milova, President Keith Comito, and one of the most active contributors Alen Akhabaev. The event was one of the rewards from the MMTP campaign launched on last year.

During the first section the panelists discuss the science and progress in the field, touching upon senescent cell therapy with senolytics, its progress and limitations, stem cells therapies and other promising interventions to slow down and potentially reverse age-related damage to health.

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Jun 15, 2017

The New Gnosticism of the Transhumanists

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New story about the recent book on #transhumanism To Be a Machine:

For the (very very quickly) upcoming Love & Death Issue, I had the chance to interview the journalist, Mark O’Connell, who is the author most recently of To Be A Machine: Adventures Among Cyborgs, Utopians, Hackers, and the Futurists Solving the Modest Problem of Death. He also wrote that amazing piece in the New York Times Magazine a few months ago about Zoltan Istvan, the transhumanist who ran for president and drove across the country in a coffin-shaped bus. O’Connell’s new book reads like a travelogue among characters like Zoltan, futuristic types (mostly from California) that O’Connell describes with a charming blend of cynicism and aloof interest. Like an agnostic amidst a group of “true believers,” O’Connell is both repelled by and drawn in by the belief system that transhumanism proffers.

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Jun 15, 2017

LEAF President Keith Comito explains the origin of and why crowdfunding research to extend healthy lifespan is both important and exciting

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You may not be familiar with the work we do at and how we are supporting rejuvenation biotech research using the power of crowdfunding. Here is a short video talking about the importance of supporting breakthrough technology and the work we do at

Connect with us on social media to stay informed:


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Jun 14, 2017

Scientists Reverse DNA Damage in Mice. Human Trials are Next

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Sinclair lab enters human trials for DNA repair this year!

DNA is a critical part of the cell, it is the instruction manual for building cells. Whilst DNA is well protected within the cell nucleus damage does occur, therefore DNA repair is absolutely essential for cell function, cell survival and the prevention of cancer. The good news is cells are able to repair damaged DNA but the bad news is that this ability declines with aging for reasons as yet to be fully understood.

An exciting new study by researchers led by Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard Medical School shows a part of the process that enables cells to repair damaged DNA involving the signalling molecule NAD. This offers insight into how the body repairs DNA and why that repair system declines as we age. Before we get into the new research study let’s take a look at how DNA damage relates to aging and what NAD is.

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Jun 14, 2017

Reaching a Consensus on Aging Biomarkers

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Whilst looking through recent papers about biomarkers and this recent open access paper crossed my desk. The paper is the latest in a line of top to bottom reviews of aging biomarkers for humans. With companies like Unity Biotechnology and the David Sinclair lab entering human clinical trials later this year for senescent cell removal and DNA repair respectively, the development of effective biomarkers to measure how someone is aging and how therapies effect that are a matter of urgency.

Given that there are various causes of aging and that rejuvenation therapies will generally only target one or two of these processes, the first therapies will likely only be partially effective. The aging processes are all interlinked as well so affecting one may effect others, hence there is a need for a comprehensive panel of biomarkers in order for researchers to prove the efficacy of therapies.

Another thing to consider with a therapy such as senescent cell removal is, whilst you can measure how effective it is at removing senescent cells (to a reasonable degree using β-galactosidase etc…) being able to demonstrate the wider benefits of doing so is trickier. So the challenge here is to find a suitable range of biomarkers that can provide a good level of proof that rejuvenation has occurred when using these therapies. This means various measures of functional age and health are required, and these measures should be something the research community as a whole agree upon as being suitable.

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Jun 14, 2017

If you don’t die, you can’t reach God

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If you are religious, or have religious friends worried about the implications of rejuvenation for their beliefs, this article may help.

Preamble: I am an atheist. So I don’t have any God-related issues concerning rejuvenation/living forever. Other people, though, may believe there’s an afterlife waiting for them once they die, or that curing ageing equals playing God. I don’t think these are particularly problematic concerns.

First, if anyone at all, believer or not, wishes to die at any point, I am in no position to object. It’s their life, not mine, and they can do with it whatever they see fit. If you are afraid of never reaching your god because of quasi-immortality, I think you should be free to die the way you wish, be it by ageing or whatever way you prefer (as long as you don’t take others down with you). I think it’d be crazy to terminate your life for this reason, but hey, whatever sinks floats your boat. It’s your choice, and you should be given it. Rejuvenation isn’t about forcing people to never die. It’s about giving them the possibility of living in perfect health for as long as they see fit.

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Jun 14, 2017

David Wood – We Should Prepare for the Future Now

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LEAF caught up with Futurist David Wood at the recent International Longevity and Cryopreservation Summit in Madrid to talk about rejuvenation biotechnology.

We recently attended the International Longevity and Cryopreservation Summit in Madrid. LEAF director Elena Milova caught up with futurist David Wood at the summit to ask him about his work and his views on the development of rejuvenation biotechnology.

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Jun 12, 2017

Zoltan Istvan’s Schedule for FreedomFest 2017

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I’ll be on a panel and also doing an author’s roundtable (The Transhumanist Wager) at FreedomFest in Las Vegas on July 21. It’s one of the largest gatherings of free minds in the world and this year is the 10th anniversary. If you’re there, please say hello! Others are speaking on life extension and AI. Here’s my speaker’s page:

Check out what Zoltan Istvan will be attending at FreedomFest 2017.

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