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Jun 9, 2022

Chinese hacking group Aoqin Dragon quietly spied orgs for a decade

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Žilvinas DeveikaIt’s much sooner than that. My prediction (that is almost 10 years old now) of an “early” appearance of a strong AGI is 2029. I am completely sure that it will either emerge or will already be there in 2030s.

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Marc O MonfilsAnd what strategies do we have in place to guarantee humanity’s continued relevance in the era of super intelligent machines?

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Jun 6, 2022

Axon halts plans to make a drone equipped with a Taser

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Axon has paused work on a project to build drones equipped with its Tasers. A majority of its artificial intelligence ethics board quit after the plan was announced last week.

Nine of the 12 members said in a resignation letter that, just a few weeks ago, the board voted 8–4 to recommend that Axon shouldn’t move forward with a pilot study for a Taser-equipped drone concept. “In that limited conception, the Taser-equipped drone was to be used only in situations in which it might avoid a police officer using a firearm, thereby potentially saving a life,” the nine board members wrote. They noted Axon might decline to follow that recommendation and were working on a report regarding measures the company should have in place were it to move forward.

The nine individuals said they were blindsided by an announcement from the company last Thursday — nine days after 19 elementary school students and two teachers were killed in a mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas — about starting development of such a drone. It had an aim of “incapacitating an active shooter in less than 60 seconds.” Axon said it “asked the board to re-engage and consider issuing further guidance and feedback on this capability.”

May 29, 2022

More life — Decoding the secret of aging | DW Documentary

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This just came out, a day or so ago.

Can the aging process be reversed — or even halted, altogether? If we manage to decode this final mystery of our human biology, we might soon be able to eradicate age-related illnesses like cancer, dementia and heart problems.

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May 29, 2022

DONATE: Dear all

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This March, we, a group of educators, scientists, and psychologists started an educational non-profit (501 c3) Earthlings Hub, helping kids in refugee camps and evacuated orphanages. We are getting lots of requests for help, and are in urgent need to raise funds. If you happen to have any connections to educational and humanitarian charities, or if your universities or companies may be interested in providing some financial support to our program, we would really appreciate that! Please share with everyone who might be able to offer help or advice.

Our advisory board includes NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff, Professor Uri Wilensky, early math educator Maria Droujkova, AI visionary Joscha Bach, and others.

Support Us The Earthlings Hub works with a fiscal sponsor Blue Marble Space. CREDIT CARD & PAYPAL Please contact us if you would like to via other means, such as checks, stocks, cryptocurrency, or using your Donor Advised Fund: [email protected]

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May 28, 2022

Making stem cells with chemicals

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Reprogramming without having to insert genes.

When people think of cellular reprogramming, converting a differentiated cell into a stem cell, they often refer to the overexpression of Yamanaka factors[Oct4, Klf4, Sox2 & c-Myc]. Rightly so. But what if i told you that stem cells could be induced with just chemicals. Well you would reply “show me the data”. So, let’s take a look at this recent Nature paper that showed how combinations of small molecules/chemicals converted human differentiated cells to stem cells.

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May 27, 2022

The X-15 Hit Mach 6.7 (Faster Than The SR-71 Blackbird)

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While the SR-71 Blackbird remains the world’s fastest air-breathing aircraft, the rocket-powered X-15 has its own richly deserved place in the aviation history record books: on October 3, 1967, U.S. Air Force test pilot William “Pete” Knight became the fastest flying pilot ever when he achieved a speed of Mach 6.7, a record that has stood for nearly 55 years.

The Baby Steps Before that “One Small Step for Man…”

As if that one particular superlative weren’t impressive enough, the X-15 helped make history in other ways: before Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon, he was taught to fly the X-15 to the edge of space by then-Colonel Chuck Yeager, who, of course, made history in his own right as the first man to break the sound barrier whilst flying the first of the “X” planes, t he Bell X-1.

May 20, 2022

JUST IN! Elon Musk & NASA’s New Light Speed Engine DEFIES Laws Of PHYSICS!

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You’d be instantly where you want to be if you moved at the speed of light. Indeed, light-speed travel has been a fantasy of many scientists and aerospace engineers who look for ways to achieve it.
And now, it seems Elon Musk and NASA have broken that fantasy code to build a light-speed engine that defies the laws of physics.

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May 20, 2022

San Diego Air & Space Museum

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Steven PostrelMaybe the old Sea Dart concept will make a comeback too.

The San Diego Air & Space Museum in Historical Balboa Park welcomes you to visit. The Official Air & Space Museum and Education Center of California has many attractions for the entire family.

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May 19, 2022

Uploading Memories: Elon Musk’s Brain Chip (Neuralink Future Technology)

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The long term goal for Elon Musk and brain to computer interfaces (brain chips) is to merge our minds with artificial intelligence. While the short term goal for Neuralink and other companies is to help people with medical issues.

This short documentary video takes a look at connecting our brains to computers, and how this works is explained. We also take a look at the downsides of people connecting their brains, the technology being used today, and Elon Musk’s thoughts.

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May 18, 2022

Rise of Cyborgs, Exoskeleton Super Human Strength, Transhumanism, Neuralink, Live forever

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