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Jun 22, 2021

Bugs in NVIDIA’s Jetson Chipset Opens Door to DoS Attacks, Data Theft

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Chipmaker patches nine high-severity bugs in its Jetson SoC framework tied to the way it handles low-level cryptographic algorithms.

Flaws impacting millions of internet of things (IoT) devices running NVIDIA’s Jetson chips open the door for a variety of hacks, including denial-of-service (DoS) attacks or the siphoning of data.

NVIDIA released patches addressing nine high-severity vulnerabilities including eight additional bugs of less severity. The patches fix a wide swath of NVIDIA’s chipsets typically used for embedded computing systems, machine-learning applications and autonomous devices such as robots and drones.
Impacted products include Jetson chipset series; AGX Xavier, Xavier NX/TX1, Jetson TX2 (including Jetson TX2 NX), and Jetson Nano devices (including Jetson Nano 2GB) found in the NVIDIA JetPack software developers kit. The patches were delivered as part of NVIDIA’s June security bulletin, released Friday.

Jun 22, 2021

How the world’s biggest drone will get satellites into orbit

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The RavnX is the world’s biggest drone and the company behind it hopes this massive UAV will change the way satellites get to space.

Jun 22, 2021

New drone can pollinate flowers, just like honeybees

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Jun 14, 2021

Mayflower AI sea drone readies maiden transatlantic voyage

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Mayflower will make the two-week trip from the UK to the US guided by an AI-powered captain and without humans on board.

Jun 13, 2021

Video shows MQ-25 Stingray refueling F/A-18 for the first time

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New footage released from the US Navy shows an unmanned drone refueling a fighter jet.

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Jun 11, 2021

This Drone Bus Will Carry 40 Passengers Between Cities for the Price of a Train Ticket

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He’s got a point. There’s a lot more space in the sky than on the ground, obviously, but flight paths need to be carefully planned and contained within specific areas, particularly in and near big cities. If flying taxis became affordable enough for people to use them the way we use Uber and Lyft today, there would quickly be all sorts of issues with traffic and congestion, both in the sky and with takeoff and landing space on the ground. So why not take a scaled approach from the beginning?

Speaking of affordability, Kelekona says that’s a priority, too. It may play out differently, especially in the technology’s early stages, but the intention is for tickets on the drone bus to cost the same as a train ticket for an equivalent distance. The first route, from Manhattan to the Hamptons, will reportedly have a 30-minute flight time and an $85 ticket price.

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Jun 9, 2021

Watch a Drone Swarm Fly Through a Fake Forest Without Crashing

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Each copter doesn’t just track where the others are. It constantly predicts where they’ll go.

Jun 9, 2021

Sony announces the $9,000 professional drone it teased at CES

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Sony says it’ll keep the camera steady, even when it’s windy.

Sony has announced its first drone, which is designed for video professionals. It can fly many of Sony’s mirrorless cameras, reportedly stay steady in wind, and costs $9000 without the gimbal.

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Jun 6, 2021

Top coolest drones | The best drone with a camera and a racing drone

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For those interested in drone technology.

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Jun 3, 2021

New drone is first to reach Level 4 autonomy

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In simple terms, comparing previous autonomy standards with that of Exyn is like the difference between self-navigating a single, defined road versus uncharted terrain in unknown and unmapped territory. Unlike a car, however, a drone must be able to manoeuvre within three dimensions and pack all its intelligence and sensors onto a fraction of the total body size with severe weight restrictions.

“People have been talking about Level 4 Autonomy in driverless cars for some time, but having that same degree of intelligence condensed onboard a self-sufficient UAV is an entirely different engineering challenge in and of itself,” said Jason Derenick, CTO at Exyn Technologies. “Achieving Level 5 is the holy grail of autonomous systems – this is when the drone can demonstrate 100% control in an unbounded environment, without any input from a human operator whatsoever. While I don’t believe we will witness this in my lifetime, I do believe we will push the limits of what’s possible with advanced Level 4. We are already working on attaining Level 4B autonomy with swarms, or collaborative multi-robot systems.”

“There’s things that we want to do to make it faster, make it higher resolution, make it more accurate,” said Elm, in an interview with Forbes. “But the other thing we were kind of contemplating is basically the ability to have multiple robots collaborate with each other so you can scale the problem – both in terms of scale and scope. So you can have multiple identical robots on a mission, so you can actually now cover a larger area, but also have specialised robots that might be different. So, heterogeneous swarms so they can actually now have specialised tasks and collaborate with each other on a mission.”

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