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Dec 2, 2022

How to Build A Time Machine — Paul Davies

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Time travel makes great science fiction, but can it really be done? Travel into the future is already a reality, but visiting the past is a much tougher proposition, and may require fantastic resources such as a wormhole in space. Nevertheless, if going back in time is allowed, even in principle, then what about all those paradoxes that make time travel stories so intriguing?

Paul Davies is a physicist, cosmologist and astrobiologist at Arizona State University, where he is Director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science. He is the author of many books, including “How to Build a Time Machine” and, most recently, “The Eerie Silence: are we alone in the universe?”

Dec 2, 2022

Superluminal Time Travel + Time Warp Challenge Answer

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Find out how traveling faster than light and traveling back in time are the same thing. And be sure to tell PBS what types of shows you want to see at 25 random participants in the survey will receive PBS t-shirts.

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Dec 2, 2022

China Plans to Catch a Rocket with a Tether

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How China plans to catch and reuse its next-generation rockets. Seems like a unique approach compared to SpaceX’s plan to catch a booster with the launch tower.

An overview of China’s “other” Lunar super-rocket.

Dec 1, 2022

A company’s nuclear fusion rockets could help us escape the Solar System in our lifetime

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The space firm has already built the most powerful electric propulsion engine in Europe.

Nuclear fusion-powered rockets might be nearer than you think. UK rocket company Pulsar Fusion has been awarded funding from the UK Space Agency to help it develop “integrated nuclear fission-based power systems for electric propulsion”, a press statement shared with IE via email reveals.

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Dec 1, 2022

SpaceX’s Starship may be just one static fire test away from an orbital launch

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The private space firm fired up 11 of Booster 7’s 33 next-generation Raptor engines.

SpaceX is making steady progress towards the orbital maiden test flight of its massive Mars-bound Starship rocket. The private space firm conducted a “static fire” test on Tuesday (Nov .29), at its South Texas facility. It ignited a total of 11 of 33 next-gen Raptor engines on its Starship first-stage Super Heavy prototype, Booster 7.

The static fire engine test started at 2:42 pm EST (19:42 GMT) and lasted for 13 seconds. On Twitter, SpaceX shared an image and wrote, “Booster 7 completed a long-duration static fire test of 11 Raptor 2 engines on the orbital launch pad at Starbase.”

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Dec 1, 2022

Scientists create ‘baby’ wormhole as sci-fi moves closer to fact

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In science fiction – think films and TV like “Interstellar” and “Star Trek” – wormholes in the cosmos serve as portals through space and time for spacecraft to traverse unimaginable distances with ease. If only it were that simple.

Scientists have long pursued a deeper understanding of wormholes and now appear to be making progress. Researchers announced on Wednesday that they forged two minuscule simulated black holes – those extraordinarily dense celestial objects with gravity so powerful that not even light can escape – in a quantum computer and transmitted a message between them through what amounted to a tunnel in space-time.

Dec 1, 2022

Why space exploration is vital to humanity: NASA’s former chief scientist

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NASA’s former chief scientist on why space exploration is vital to humanity.

Humans are about to return to the Moon, and may go to Mars. An expert explains why space exploration is vital and can help us protect our ‘pale blue dot’.

Nov 30, 2022

Antimatter Spacecraft: The Future of Interstellar Travel

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Year 2021 😁

Spacecrafts in dozens of sci-fi movies like Star Trek use antimatter propulsion systems to travel at unimaginably high speeds by warping spacetime. By using them, traveling to different planets and stars is significantly more efficient and quick. However, is it possible to make this sci-fi idea a reality? If so, how and when will we be able to use them? Let’s take a closer look.

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Nov 28, 2022

China’s solar observatory beams back its first image of our host star

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The ASO-S observatory, which launched in early October, captured an image of a solar flare eruption.

China’s recently launched Advanced Space-based Solar Observatory (ASO-S) beamed its first image back to Earth, a report from reveals. The new image shows an M-Class flare erupting on the Sun.

China’s ASO-S solar observatory launched to orbit aboard one of the China Aerospace and Technology Corporation’s (CASC’s) Long March-2C rockets on October 9. The country’s first dedicated solar observatory is positioned in a sun-synchronous orbit around Earth, flying at an altitude of approximately 430 miles (700 km).

Nov 28, 2022

Wow! Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft captures live view of Earth and moon from deep space (video)

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There’s an epic livestream running on the Artemis 1 moon mission, showcasing live views of the Orion spacecraft as it flies in a distant retrograde lunar orbit.

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