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Jul 16, 2019

India has suffered its driest June in 5 years

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Via environment — world economic forum

If the rains don’t improve over the next two to three weeks, India could face a crisis that hammers harvests and rural demand, analysts said. Companies supplying farmers with everything from tractors to consumer goods would be vulnerable.

The country is still recovering from a drought last year that ravaged crops, killed livestock, emptied reservoirs and drained water supplies to city dwellers and some industries.

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Jul 16, 2019

Gut microbes protect against neurologic damage from viral infections

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Gut microbes produce compounds that prime immune cells to destroy harmful viruses in the brain and nervous system, according to a mouse study published today in eLife.

The findings suggest that having healthy and diverse microbiota is essential for quickly clearing viruses in the nervous system to prevent paralysis and other risks associated with diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

A condition that causes progressive damage to nerve cells, multiple sclerosis has become more common over the past several decades. Viral infections in the brain or spinal cord are thought to trigger this disease. Some scientists believe that changes in the way we eat, increased sanitation or growing antibiotic use may be causing detrimental changes in the that live within the human body, potentially increasing the risk of multiple sclerosis and other related diseases.

Jul 15, 2019

This start-up has invented an amazing way to make food last longer

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A natural solution to food waste.

Jul 15, 2019

Here are four creative ways companies are fighting food waste

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815 million people go hungry every day.

Jul 12, 2019

Ageing Debate between Vadim Gladyshev & Aubrey de Grey on Damage Repair

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Is comprehensive damage repair feasible? A debate at Undoing Aging 2019 between Vadim Gladyshev, Harvard Medical School and Aubrey de Grey, SENS Research Foundation.


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Jul 11, 2019

Scientists make progress in understanding the gut microbiome’s role in individual response to diet

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A new study, led by Dr. Dan Knights from the University of Minnesota (USA), has found that the gut microbiome responds more to particular foods than to combinations of nutrients and that microbiome responses to diet are personalized.

The researchers studied the impact of habitual diet on the gut microbiome in 34 subjects for 17 consecutive days. Both the fecal microbiome and the participants’ diet were sampled every day through shotgun metagenomic sequencing and daily 24-hour dietary records, respectively.

Although the relative abundance of gut microbial species showed a high variation within and between individuals, functional traits tended to remain stable across individuals. In contrast, a specific group of functions related to stress response, the conversion of nitrate to nitrogen and the conversion of formate to methane showed a high interindividual variability that did not correlate with nutrient and food intake.

Jul 9, 2019

Scientists successfully edit a long-locked part of plant DNA, improving crop security

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Think of DNA and chances are the double helix structure comes to mind, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Another major part is mitochondrial DNA, and in plants that’s even more important – and so complex that scientists haven’t yet been able to edit the genes in there. Now a team of Japanese researchers has managed to do just that, which could help improve the genetic diversity of crops.

Jul 8, 2019

New research sheds light on a possible cause of autism: processed foods

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The more we learn about the microbiome, the more the pieces are fitting together.

Jul 8, 2019

The Junk Food Effect

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An apple a day won’t keep the doctor away for much longer. CO2 pollution is sucking the nutrients out of our healthiest foods. #YEARSproject

Jul 8, 2019

How algae could help solve some of the world’s biggest problems

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Here’s a billion-dollar question. How do we transform our systems of food production and distribution, so that we can produce food much closer to where it’s consumed and therefore reduce food miles, food waste and our impact on the environment?