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Aug 30, 2018

2018 World Robot Conference in Beijing

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The annual 2018 World Robot Conference in Beijing is a showcase of China’s burgeoning industry ranging from companion robots to those deployed on factory assembly lines and entertainment.

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Aug 24, 2018

IBM Watson Finds Its Way Into Games and Virtual Reality Applications

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By integrating Watson with the Unity game engine, IBM is pushing its AI services to game and VR developers.

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Aug 20, 2018


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Distant Dream (Poland), “Reverse” (feat. Stel Andre) from the album “It All Starts From Pieces” (2017), Instrumental Post rock | Post metal.

• Official Distant Dream band links

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Aug 18, 2018

Stephen Hawking’s Voice Is Being Broadcast Into Space

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Hawking is being interred at Westminster Abbey on Friday, with a thousand members of the public (selected through a lottery system) present for the ceremony. The physicist’s remains will be placed between those of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

His voice will be broadcast into space after the service honoring his life.

Hawking’s words “have been set to an original score by composer Vangelis, most famous for his Chariots of Fire film theme,” the BBC reports.

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Aug 16, 2018

Hologram Computers

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Aug 8, 2018

ZS Mythos (3a/3): Twelve Foundation Stones

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This article is part of a series about the Mythos (worldview-narrative) underlying the Zero State (ZS). Part 1 is about our highest concept, ideal, and level of organization, which we call The Array. Part 2 explains the Sections & Sessions our core activity revolves around, and Part 3 (below) covers the Twelve Foundation Stones that form the basis of our story.

A previous article I wrote for Tnet mentioned the need for entertainment that gives people a strong sense of meaning and purpose in their lives, and introduced an idea known as the twelve “Foundation Stones” of the ZS-ARG Mythos. The Foundation Stones are the seeds of our unifying narrative. Each is the fragmentary initial story of one of the twelve ZS Houses, outlined very briefly below and spelled out in full in the forthcoming Black Book.

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Aug 7, 2018

NEC unveils facial recognition system for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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NEC has announced that it will be providing a large-scale facial recognition system for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. The system will be used to identify over 300,000 people at the Games, including athletes, volunteers, media, and other staff. It’s the first time that facial recognition technology will ever be used for this purpose at an Olympic Games.

NEC’s system is built around an AI engine called NeoFace, which is part of the company’s overarching Bio-IDiom line of biometric authentication technology. The Tokyo 2020 implementation will involve linking photo data with an IC card to be carried by accredited people. NEC says that it has the world’s leading face recognition tech based on benchmark tests from the US’ National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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Jul 31, 2018

348-Year-Old Radioactive Molecule Spotted in Space

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“When Stars Collide” sounds like the title track of Barry Manilow’s latest album.

Unfortunately, Barry hasn’t released a single since 2012.

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Jul 29, 2018

Why China’s premier used hit movie ‘Dying to Survive’ to push for cheaper cancer drugs

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Billed as the Chinese answer to Dallas Buyers Club, the tear-jerking film Dying to Survive last week became Premier Li Keqiang’s new rallying cry for speeding up price cuts for cancer medications. It is an issue of such complexity that he has held two cabinet meetings about it in the past three months.

Li Keqiang has been trying to speed up price cuts for life-saving medication for months, and it’s a boon that the box-office hit has generated widespread awareness.

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Jul 23, 2018

IBM’s Hello Quantum is a devilishly difficult puzzle game about qubits

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IBM’s Hello Quantum released on Android today. If you’ve always wanted to be a quantum computer programmer, this is the puzzle game for you!

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