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Feb 20, 2021

Colorado makes a bid for quantum computing hardware plant that would bring more than 700 jobs

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The Colorado Economic Development Commission normally doesn’t throw its weight behind unproven startups, but it did so on Thursday, approving $2.9 million in state job growth incentive tax credits to try and land a manufacturing plant that will produce hardware for quantum computers.

“Given the broad applications and catalytic benefits that this company’s technology could bring, retaining this company would help position Colorado as an industry leader in next-generation and quantum computing,” Michelle Hadwiger, the deputy director of the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade, told commissioners.

Project Quantum, the codename for the Denver-based startup, is looking to create up to 726 new full-time jobs in the state. Most of the positions would staff a new facility making components for quantum computers, an emerging technology expected to increase computing power and speed exponentially and transform the global economy as well as society as a whole.

Jan 25, 2021

Business could be on the precipice of an automation explosion

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Factory worker jobs could be further at risk as the pandemic accelerates plans.

Jan 21, 2021

#54: The End of Jobs, with Jeff Wald

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Author and entrepreneur Jeff Wald discusses his book “The End of Jobs: The Rise of On-Demand Workers and The Agile Corporation,” on the latest Seeking Delphi™ podcast. The conclusions may not be what you anticipate from the title…

There’s a lot of automation that can happen that isn’t a replacement of humans but of mind-numbing behavior.” –Stewart Butterworth

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Jan 12, 2021

Making The Future Better Together

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The future is someone else’s problem. Tomorrow is just another day.

This is all well and good to think, but if we want to live a long, healthy life, then we ALL need to work to make tomorrow a better day…

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Jan 11, 2021

This tech expert argues that we’re teaching our kids useless knowledge

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1.5 billion children are currently being prepared for the jobs of the past — let’s change that.

Jan 8, 2021

MIT Report: Robots Aren’t the Biggest Threat to the Future of Work—Policy Is

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But the MIT report also acknowledges that while fears of an imminent jobs apocalypse have been over-hyped, the way technology has been deployed over recent decades has polarized the economy, with growth in both white-collar work and low-paid service work at the expense of middle-tier occupations like receptionists, clerks, and assembly-line workers.

This is not an inevitable consequence of technological change, though, say the authors. The problem is that the spoils from technology-driven productivity gains have not been shared equally. The report notes that while US productivity has risen 66 percent since 1978, compensation for production workers and those in non-supervisory roles has risen only 10 percent.

“People understand that automation can make the country richer and make them poorer, and that they’re not sharing in those gains,” economist David Autor, a co-chair of the task force, said in a press release. “We need to restore the synergy between rising productivity and improvements in labor market opportunity.”

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Dec 30, 2020

Making Money in a Futuristic World (Jobs and Future Business Ideas)

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In the not so distant future you could be making money from home by controlling robots, robots that are in another country. Or there will be products, such as a self driving Tesla car, that can go out and earn money on their own.

This video takes a look at the futuristic ways people will be earning money. From telepresence jobs and future business ideas, to new space businesses, and even how people will be storing their money — moving away from cash and credit cards to using chips that are in their bodies.

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Dec 29, 2020

Most Advanced Humanoid Robots | Future Of Robotics And Artificial Intelligence | Simplilearn

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With the rapid advancement of humanoid robots in the market today, we’re able to see how our lives have become simpler and easier. In this video let’s look at some of the most advanced humanoid robots that are being developed by various companies and organisations.

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Dec 27, 2020

Singer Akon is Spending $6 Billion to Build a “Real-Life Wakanda” in Senegal

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Recording artist Akon has big plans for his upcoming smart city in Senegal. The new $6 billion development is called Akon City and will fulfill the star’s wish to provide a refuge for members of the African Diaspora both near and far. In addition to the 2000-acre resort, condos, and stadium, the metropolis is also planned to run on renewable energy and mainly use Akoin—the singer’s own cryptocurrency. After two years of planning and development, Akon has announced that they are breaking ground in 2021.

Akon believes that Africa, and his home of Senegal especially, is long overdue for economic investment. He is calling the forthcoming locale a “real-life Wakanda” and plans for it include a tech hub and “Senewood” to develop the film industry. Imagery by Bakri & Associates visualizes the unusual and futuristic forms that define the development and complement Akon’s forward-thinking choices.

This massive construction undertaking is geared towards stimulating the local economy and creating jobs for local workers. Many have praised this and are excited for the prospect of Akon City. But there are also some skeptics. Papa Massama Thiaw, a councilor and president of the youth commission for Ngueniene, shared that though many community members are optimistic, there is a lot of uncertainty. “The studies that were done were not in collaboration with the commune of Ngueniene,” he says. He also fears that jobs won’t be equally distributed. “I don’t want us to be just day laborers. We have to be among the managers.”

Dec 17, 2020

Hydropower Vision: New Report Highlights Future Pathways for U.S. Hydropower

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Hydropower has been around for more than a century, and is currently the nation’s largest source of clean, domestic, renewable electricity. What could its role look like in the year 2050?

Providing about 7 percent of the nation’s electricity, hydropower supports more than 143, 000 jobs in engineering, manufacturing, construction and utility operations and maintenance — all while improving the environment and strengthening our economy. Additionally, pumped-storage hydropower represents 97 percent of all energy storage in the United States, offering the flexibility and reliability the electricity grid needs to deliver affordable clean energy to American homes and businesses.

So what does the future of hydropower look like? To answer that question, over the past two years the Energy Department has collaborated with more than 300 experts from more than 150 hydropower industry companies, environmental organizations, state and federal governmental agencies, academic institutions, electric power system operators, research institutions and other stakeholders to explore how it could evolve in the coming decades.

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