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Mar 16, 2016

Danish intelligence agency to start ‘hacker academy’ to fight cyber warfare

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This is interesting; especially for us who have been engaged in the Cyber Security Warfare for a while. In the 90’s, the top hackers at the time got much of their training out of a known network ring of hackers in Denmark. In fact, they had an underground monthly magazine I believe it was called “Hacker 77” or something like that. Anyway, now Demark is setting up an academy to teach others to combat hackers.

The Danish security and intelligence service PET has announced plans to recruit talented IT nerds interested in helping the Danish state with its cyber espionage against foreign powers like terrorist organisations.

The agency has today launched a marketing campaign for what the media is calling a “hackers’ academy” with the slogan: “Have you got what it takes to become a member of a secret elite unit?”

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Mar 16, 2016

We Are Coming for You, Tesla, And You, Too, Google, Says Hacker Hotz

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The legendary hacker George Hotz, known by his nom de guerre “geohot,” who first came to public attention by hacking Apple’s (AAPL) first iPhone, spoke this morning at the South by Southwest conference about taking on Tesla’s (TSLA) self-driving car initiatives with his own garage efforts, a talk titled “I built a better self-driving car than Tesla.”

By the end of the talk, it was clear he had numerous targets, including Alphabet’s (GOOGL) self-driving car efforts, despite mighty respect for the search giant.

Hotz’s achievement, rigging up home made parts to an Acura ILX to make it self-driving, first came to prominence with an article in mid-December by Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance.

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Mar 15, 2016

IDC Financial Insights Explores the Rising Demand for Cyber Insurance and the Opportunity It Creates for Insurers Worldwide

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Nice concept; however, given the recent warnings for 2016; I hope that IDC and others are not overwhelmed as well as able to meet their client’s expectations. My concern is expectations by policy holders as well as leaders operating in a mode of false sense of security and ignoring warnings that they would have focused on closely without the insurance.

New report offers insight into some of the tools and models available today to help insurers expand into this emerging market, balance their risk portfolios, and maintain a positive outlook

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., March 15, 2016 – Increased digitization and interconnectivity have catapulted the risk of cyber threats as one of the top global perils of 2016 and beyond. To combat this risk, many companies will look to insurance as a critical risk management technique that complements improved cyber security measures. IDC Financial Insights outlines the tremendous opportunities for insurers to capitalize on this largely untapped market in a new report, Perspective: Cyber Insurance — Can Technology Help Insurers Overcome Their Skepticism? (Doc #EMEA41044816), and emphasizes some of the tools and models that can help insurers effectively penetrate the emerging market while balancing their risk portfolios.

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Mar 15, 2016

72% Indian companies faced cyber attacks in 2015, yet most do not have a threat response strategy

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Very concerning: 72% of all India companies were hacked in 2015. How many were hosting consumer and business data for non-Indian companies say US or European companies?

According to KPMG’s, Cyber Crime Survey Report 2015, around 72 per cent of the companies in India have faced cyber-attacks in the year 2015. In India a spate of cyber security issues have been witnessed like the or Ola Cabs apps being hacked. Such issues have raised the alarm for the whole enterprise community. And it doesn’t seem to be stopping here. According to a report from McAfee Labs, the number of cyber attacks where malware holds user data hostage is expected to grow in 2016 as hackers target more companies and advanced software is able to compromise more types of data. In many cases the objective would be financial gain or corporate espionage, either ways, resulting in heavy losses for the enterprise.

Today, no single new age enterprise is immune to cyber threats. The humongous amount of information popping out of various social and mobile platforms continues to add to organizations’ vulnerabilities, making them attractive targets for complex cyber crimes.

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Mar 15, 2016

Schumer: Iranian Cyber-Attack on New York Dam Was “Shot Across the Bow”

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So does this mean war?

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D – N.Y.) said that an Iranian cyber-attack on a dam near New York City was a “shot across the bow” of the United States, which should be answered with harsher sanctions, the Associated Press reported on Friday.

“Now it looks clear that the Iranians did it,” Schumer said during an appearance on Long Island. “What were they doing? They were sending a shot across our bow. They were saying that we can damage, seriously damage, our critical infrastructure and put the lives and property of people at risk.”

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Mar 15, 2016

Artificial intelligence has become a religion

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To me; it’s all common sense. If you step back look at the technology landscape as a whole along with AI; you start to see the barriers that truly spolights where we have way too much hype around AI.

Example, hacking. If we had truly advance AI at the level that it has been promoted; wouldn’t make sense that researchers would want to solve the $120 billion dollar money pit issue around Cyber Security and make billions to throw at their emerging AI tech plus ensure their AI investment wouldn’t incur pushback by consumers due to lack of trust that AI would not be hacked? So, I usually tread litely on over hype technologies.

I do see great possiblities and seen some amazing things and promise from Quantum Computing; however, we will not truly realize its impact and full potential until another 7 years; I will admit I see more promise with it than the existing AI landscape that is built off of existing traditional digital technology that has been proven to be broken by hackers.

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Mar 14, 2016

EU justice ministers defined cyber crimes as terrorism

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EU Justice Ministers Claims Cyber Attackers are terrorists. I wouldn’t say all of them are terrorists. Those who attack hospitals, attack government infrastructures, threaten markets, etc, are terrorists. The next door neighbor’s 13 yr old kid hacking to use your wireless internet service; not a terrorist.

European Union justice ministers on March 11th adopted a general approach on the directive on combatting terrorism, including serious cyber crimes, informs LETA/BNS.

On Friday the council greed its negotiating position on the proposal for a directive on combatting terrorism. The proposed directive strengthens the EU’s legal framework in preventing terrorist attacks by criminalising preparatory acts such as training and travel abroad for terrorist purposes – hence addressing the issue of foreign fighters – as well as aiding and abetting, inciting or attempting such acts. It also reinforce rules on the rights for the victims of terrorism, the Ministry of Justice said.

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Mar 14, 2016

Arms Race Develops for Cyber Security Skills as Boards Take a Strong Interest in Defending from Cyber Attacks

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Barclay Simpson, a leading Corporate Governance recruitment consultancy, has released its annual Security & Resilience market report which suggests that demand continues to rise for cyber security skills as an arms race develops between cyber criminals and those looking to secure systems and data from increasingly complex cyber attacks. With increased prominence and board attention, 68% of managers do not believe their security departments are sufficiently resourced given the demands that are made on them (down from 76%) whilst 69% have recruited or attempted to recruit in the last 6 months.

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Mar 11, 2016

Why sensible criminals choose cybercrime

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UK’s biggest threat to their own economy is cybercrimes.

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Mar 10, 2016

A brief look at what the man who put the @ in email started

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Another example of technology outliving it’s creator — email.

A brief history of electronic messages, from the Queen’s first email to the triumph of spam to the launch of Gmail to mobile email.

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