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Feb 29, 2016

IS hacks UK solar firm site in revenge

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I always caution folks to never say “never” especially around hacking and worst case scenarios relating to security. Granted there is a balance around not going too overboard. However, when it comes to being risk adverse and determining how much risk your company can absorb must be a core piece of your assessment. And, an attack like the one by ISIS in this article can not be allowed.

LONDON: ISIS terrorists hacked the website of a UK-based solar firm as revenge for the killing of one of their British Muslim members, a media report said on Sunday.

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Feb 29, 2016

Data breach lawsuits indicate a troubling trend for enterprises

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I see these growing exponentially in the next few years especially when companies introduce autonomous technologies. One must ponder how far will these go when the breach was inside a bank that is leveraging technology and/ or autonomous technologies from vendors.

A number of data breach lawsuits have been filed against major enterprises in recent years, which could lead to mounting data breach costs.

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Feb 28, 2016

Report Cites Dangers of Autonomous Weapons

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I agree 100% with this report by former pentagon official on AI systems involving missiles.

A new report written by a former Pentagon official who helped establish United States policy on autonomous weapons argues that such weapons could be uncontrollable in real-world environments where they are subject to design failure as well as hacking, spoofing and manipulation by adversaries.

In recent years, low-cost sensors and new artificial intelligence technologies have made it increasingly practical to design weapons systems that make killing decisions without human intervention. The specter of so-called killer robots has touched off an international protest movement and a debate within the United Nations about limiting the development and deployment of such systems.

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Feb 28, 2016

Walter O’Brien Tipped As The Next Elon Musk, Ranked As One Of Five Smartest People Alive

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What can be better than to go head to head against cyber attacks, let computer have a mind of their own and protect themselves? The executive producer of CBS hit show, Scorpion, and the CEO of Scorpion Computer Services, Walter O’Brien says that it not only is possible, but can be the only solution to stop such attacks.

@tferriss loved the Walter O’ Brien podcast. But, did you pick up on any issues with his story?

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Feb 28, 2016

Why I’m not worried about the LEAF hack or my garage break-in

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The person in the article is not very smart. 1st you never offer a tempting challenge to a hacker in public forum. I have known too many and followed to many since the 80’s. 2nd, house burgulars are not even close to the calibur of hackers.

I own a 2013 Nissan LEAF SV with telematics functions known as CARWINGS. CARWINGS connected to my car via an app also called NissanConnect EV that was hacked by Troy Hunt and came into to the news this week. Nissan issued two different statements about the hack and eventually shut off the app completely.

LEAF owners are concerned that because the app was easy to-hack with the LEAF’s VIN number that access could be used for malicious use.

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Feb 25, 2016

Asia cyber vulnerability gap leaves richer nations exposed

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A rapidly widening cyber-vulnerability gap between the most and least internet-dependent Asia-Pacific nations threatens to encourage online attacks on critical infrastructure, a new report warns. The defence outlook paper, to be published on.

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Feb 25, 2016

Cybercrime warrior: Symantec’s Michael Brown

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80 million cyber attacks per year — 400 every minute — but as many as 70 percent of them go undetected. And, these numbers are anticipated to go drastically higher now “Ransomware” is paying off for hackers.

Using the internet is a risk most businesses and individuals take for granted. But as more data is stored online, the world is becoming ever more vulnerable, the head of global internet security firm Symantec, Michael Brown, says.

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Feb 25, 2016

Need To Beef Up India’s Cyber Security Policies And Mechanisms – Analysis

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I luv it — India get’s it. You have to make sure that your IT foundation is solid first before unleashing things like AI. Connected AI requires a solid and secured infrastructure foundation 1st. In order for customers to buy into Cloud & the whole IoT, and connected AI set of products and services; the customer must feel that they can trust you fully.

By Jayadev Parida

Take a stock of the past, analyse the present cliché and frame a strategy for future. In the recent years, India’s approach to cyber security has experienced a shift from style to substance. Prime Minister Modi’s foreign policy has made various strong interventions on cyber security matters. Those interventions need to be materialised to manoeuvre the interest. Presumably, the Prime Minister Office (PMO) is likely to invest both political and capital energy to enhance a cautious cyber-strategy. A dedicated Division in the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for cyber security is a value addition to that. In 2015, Minister of Communications and Information Technology in a written reply to the Lok Sabha stated that government allocated Rs 755 crore to combat cyber security threats over a period of five years. But, this financial outlay is quite negligible as the nature of threat is quite huge and unpredictable.

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Feb 24, 2016

Baltimore hackers say they reveal potentially deadly cybersecurity weaknesses at area hospitals

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What happens when a patient is in X-Ray and the X-Ray machine blows up like a bomb killing the patient and staff in the room? Well, a new report shows that it can happen where machines are connected to any network (including the net) because a team of hackers showed in their report how they were they hacked several D.C. and Maryland Hospitals medical devices and numerous machines including life support, X-Rays, etc.

Area hospitals are riddled with cybersecurity flaws that could allow attackers to hack into medical devices and kill patients, a team of Baltimore-based researchers has concluded after a two-year investigation.

Hackers at Independent Security Evaluators say they broke into one hospital’s systems remotely to take control of several patient monitors, which would let an attacker disable alarms or display false information.

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Feb 24, 2016

Cybersecurity Expert Finds Nissan Leaf Susceptible to Hacking

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One of the many reasons why hacking is a dangerous to our health. If a hacker can hack your Leaf and control heat/ air, collect data on your trips, they can also shutdown your engine abruptly on the road too.

Nissan’s Leaf may be hackable.

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