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Jan 10, 2020

US$30 Million to Seed Hundreds of Bold, Innovative Ideas for Human Longevity! — Dr. Victor Dzau, President of the U.S. National Academy of Medicine — Healthy Longevity Global Grand Challenge — ideaXme — Ira Pastor

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Jan 10, 2020

Ms. Nemonte Nenquimo, President of the Waorani Pastaza Organization, CONCONAWEP, following their recent landmark legal victory against the Ecuadorian government, leading to 500,000 acres of Amazon rainforest protected from oil drilling and timber companies — ideaXme — Ira Pastor

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Jan 10, 2020

The ‘Robot Tax’ Debate Heats Up

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For the moment, massive job losses from automation and artificial intelligence are a largely theoretical worry. But tax economists and lawyers are thinking through the economic circumstances in which robot taxes might make sense and the tricky legal decisions and definitions needed to implement them.

A debate is heating up over whether businesses should pay up when they replace human workers with machines.

Jan 9, 2020

Unique Brain Signal Just Discovered. And It Might Make Us ‘Human’

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A new study suggests that human neurons may have more computing power than once thought.

Jan 9, 2020

I Met Samsung’s Artificial Humans, And They Showed Me the Future of A.I.

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Neon burst onto the scene at CES 2020 in a flurry of hype, but not much understanding of what the company wants to eventually achieve. It’s a complex vision of the future, where we live alongside digital humans that look like us, move like us, and can think, learn, and remember.

Jan 9, 2020

Live coverage: SpaceX to test-fire rocket for Crew Dragon in-flight abort test

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Live coverage of SpaceX’s preparations for the next Falcon 9 rocket launch from pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The mission will loft an unpiloted Crew Dragon spacecraft on a high-altitude test of the capsule’s launch abort system. Text updates will appear automatically below. Follow us on Twitter.

Jan 9, 2020

Missing protein in brain causes behaviors mirroring autism

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Scientists at Rutgers University-Newark have discovered that when a key protein needed to generate new brain cells during prenatal and early childhood development is missing, part of the brain goes haywire—causing an imbalance in its circuitry that can lead to long-term cognitive and movement behaviors characteristic of autism spectrum disorder.

“During , there is a coordinated series of events that have to occur at the right time and the right place in order to establish the appropriate number of cells with the right connections,” said Juan Pablo Zanin, Rutgers-Newark research associate and lead author on a paper published in the Journal of Neuroscience.” Each of these steps is carefully regulated and if any of these steps are not regulated correctly, this can impact behavior.”

Zanin has been working with Wilma Friedman, professor of cellular neurobiology in the Department of Biological Sciences, studying the p75NTR —needed to regulate —to determine its exact function in brain development, gain a better understanding of how this genetic mutation could cause to die off and discover whether there is a genetic link to autism or like Alzheimer’s.

Jan 9, 2020

This is Intel’s first discrete graphics card in 20 years, but you can’t buy one

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The PC industry had given up on Intel ever producing its own powerful desktop graphics cards after the company unceremoniously killed its Larrabee project 10 years ago last month. Now, we’re seeing the Intel DG1, the company’s first discrete graphics card, at CES 2020.

Jan 9, 2020

What’s a safe distance between us and a supernova?

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And how many potentially exploding stars are located within the unsafe distance?

Jan 9, 2020

Company Is Using Plastic Bottles To Make Roads That Last 10x Longer Than Asphalt

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Once the plastic road is done, it will look just like any other asphalt road. But the advantage is, this new road is more flexible. It can better sustain heat and cold. It will also stand stronger against elemental damages. And since this is an enhanced asphalt form, it will last ten times longer and is proven to be 60% stronger.

This is definitely good news for drivers and commuters. Roads stay longer which means there will be fewer cracks and potholes!