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Dec 1, 2022

Communications system achieves fastest laser link from space yet

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In May 2022, the TeraByte InfraRed Delivery (TBIRD) payload onboard a small CubeSat satellite was launched into orbit 300 miles above Earth’s surface. Since then, TBIRD has delivered terabytes of data at record-breaking rates of up to 100 gigabits per second—100 times faster than the fastest internet speeds in most cities—via an optical communication link to a ground-based receiver in California.

This data rate is more than 1,000 times higher than that of the radio-frequency links traditionally used for and the highest ever achieved by a laser link from space to ground. And these record-setting speeds were all made possible by a communications payload roughly the size of a tissue box.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory conceptualized the TBIRD mission in 2014 as a means of providing unprecedented capability to science missions at low cost. Science instruments in space today routinely generate more data than can be returned to Earth over typical space-to-ground communications links. With small, low-cost space and ground terminals, TBIRD can enable scientists from around the world to fully take advantage of laser communications to downlink all the data they could ever dream of.

Dec 1, 2022

Scientists Have Created the World’s Smallest Organism That Moves with Genetic Engineering

Posted by in categories: bioengineering, genetics

Say hello to artificial bacterium syn-3, now with “swimming” powers thanks to genetic tinkering.

Dec 1, 2022

SUPERCUT: Neuralink Show & Tell Event (23 Minutes)

Posted by in categories: futurism, robotics/AI

Neura Pod is a series covering topics related to Neuralink, Inc. Topics such as brain-machine interfaces, brain injuries, and artificial intelligence will be explored. Host Ryan Tanaka synthesizes informationopinions, and conducts interviews to easily learn about Neuralink and its future.


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Dec 1, 2022

WATCH: Elon Musk’s Neuralink Show and Tell Event — LIVE

Posted by in categories: computing, Elon Musk, neuroscience

Tune in at 6:00pm PT / 9:00pm ET on Wed. Nov. 30 when Neuralink’s Elon Musk reveals the latest advancements in Neuralink’s brain-computer interface technology.

Neuralink: Everything to Know About Elon Musk’s Brain Chip
Elon Musk’s Next Neuralink Demo Is Coming. Here’s How to Watch

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Dec 1, 2022

Thought Experiment: What Major Decisions Would You Trust An Artificial Intelligence To Make For You?

Posted by in categories: futurism, robotics/AI

This video is a thought experiment about artificial intelligence, the choices we make, and how much (or how little) we’ll delegate such choices in the future.

The stock footage used in this video comes courtesy of various free stock footage channels on YouTube and through Creative Commons.

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Dec 1, 2022

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Event: Everything Revealed in 10 Minutes

Posted by in categories: computing, Elon Musk, neuroscience

Elon Musk and researchers at Neuralink reveal a series of demos showing the progress in the company’s brain-computer interface technologies.

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Dec 1, 2022

The exotic quantum effects found hiding inside ultra-thin materials

Posted by in categories: computing, particle physics, quantum physics

IT WAS March 2018. The atmosphere at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society at the Los Angeles Convention Center was highly charged. The session had been moved to the atrium to accommodate the crowds, but people still had to cram onto the balconies to get a view of the action.

Rumours had it that Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, had something momentous to report. He and his colleagues had been experimenting with graphene, sheets of carbon just a single atom thick that are peeled from the graphite found in pencil lead. Graphene was already celebrated for its various promising electronic properties, and much more besides.

Here, Jarillo-Herrero showed that if you stacked two graphene sheets and twisted, or rotated, one relative to the other at certain “magic angles”, you could make the material an insulator, where electric current barely flows, or a superconductor, where current flows with zero resistance. It was a staggering trick, and potentially hugely significant because superconductivity holds promise for applications ranging from quantum computing to nuclear fusion.

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Dec 1, 2022

3 Ways You Use Quantum Physics Every Day

Posted by in categories: mobile phones, quantum physics

From your smartphone to just a regular clock, quantum physics may be weird, but it’s also practical.

Dec 1, 2022

Cancer Weakness Discovered: New Method Pushes Cancer Cells Into Remission

Posted by in categories: biotech/medical, genetics

Cancer cells delete DNA

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is a molecule composed of two long strands of nucleotides that coil around each other to form a double helix. It is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms that carries genetic instructions for development, functioning, growth, and reproduction. Nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA. Most DNA is located in the cell nucleus (where it is called nuclear DNA), but a small amount of DNA can also be found in the mitochondria (where it is called mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA).

Dec 1, 2022

Why space exploration is vital to humanity: NASA’s former chief scientist

Posted by in category: space travel

NASA’s former chief scientist on why space exploration is vital to humanity.

Humans are about to return to the Moon, and may go to Mars. An expert explains why space exploration is vital and can help us protect our ‘pale blue dot’.

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