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Nov 27, 2017

Could ghost imaging spy satellite be a game changer for Chinese military?

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Quantum ghost imaging can achieve unprecedented sensitivity by detecting not just the extremely small amount of light straying off a dim target, but also its interactions with other light in the surrounding environment to obtain more information than traditional methods.

A satellite equipped with the new quantum sensor would be able to identify and track targets that are currently invisible from space, such as stealth bombers taking off at night, according to researchers.

Scientists are developing a probe to track stealth bombers at night.

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Nov 26, 2017

Russian Weapons Maker To Build AI-Directed Guns

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Kalashnikov’s upcoming product shows how the US and Russia are on wildly different paths to autonomy.

The maker of the famous AK −47 rifle is building “a range of products based on neural networks,” including a “fully automated combat module” that can identify and shoot at its targets. That’s what Kalashnikov spokeswoman Sofiya Ivanova told TASS, a Russian government information agency last week. It’s the latest illustration of how the U.S. and Russia differ as they develop artificial intelligence and robotics for warfare.

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Nov 26, 2017

Bali volcano shuts down flights, sends residents scurrying to safety

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This one and one in iceland! wow!

Volcanic eruptions on the Indonesian resort island of Bali have prompted officials to cancel flights and move about 24,000 residents out of the way as a thick ash cloud from Mount Agung, thousands of meters high, drifts east and southeast along the archipelago.

Residents were evacuated from 224 points around the island while Lombok International Airport on Pulau Lombok, the island due east of Bali, has closed temporarily, said Ari Ahsan, spokesman for Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali.

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Nov 26, 2017

170813 RAADfest final panel

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On August 13, 2017, during the final day at RAADfest 2017.

Q&A session with an extraordinary group of gerontologists, futurists, speakers, scientists and advocates of Radical Life Extension (RLE):

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Nov 26, 2017

The world’s most polluted cities

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Four of 10 are in india.

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Nov 26, 2017

World’s 1st robot citizen wants her own family, career & AI ‘superpowers’

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The world’s first robot citizen wants to start a family and have a career, but also believes AI will grant her ‘superpowers’ in the future.

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Nov 26, 2017

Bright fireball over England

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Bright fireballs seen over southern England by dozens of people. Watch videos here:…of-people/

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Nov 26, 2017

Fukushima’s radioactive water grows

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By 150 tons a day and Japan doesn’t know what to do with it. Scientists vs fishermen and locals conflict.

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Nov 26, 2017

Japan is embracing nursing-care robots

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Japan leads the world in advanced robotics. Many of its firms see great potential in “carerobos” that look after the elderly. Over a quarter of the population is over 65, the highest proportion of any country in the OECD. Care workers are in desperately short supply, and many Japanese have a cultural affinity with robots.

AT SHINTOMI nursing home in Tokyo, men and women sit in a circle following exercise instructions before singing along to a famous children’s song, “Yuyake Koyake” (“The Glowing Sunset”).

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Nov 26, 2017

What if consciousness is not what drives the human mind?

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See if you can get your head around this.

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