Jun 1, 2022

NASA chooses two companies to build spacesuits for its 21st century Moonwalkers

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Interesting news:

Trump launched the Artemis program which aimed to land astronauts on the Moon again. The interesting news is that Biden has continued this program instead of deciding on some different goal. First, Biden awarded the Artemis Human Landing System to SpaceX’s Starship and now his administration has made another big move.

NASA had spent over $400 million over the past decade trying to create spacesuits for a new Moon landing without much success. Instead of spending more money, they have now shut down this program and have awarded big bucks to two competing companies to finish this program. One of these companies is Axiom Space which is also well into the process of creating a replacement for the ISS. The last interesting Axiom Space move is that they flew four private astronauts to the ISS less than two months ago, using Crew Dragon. (And have much more lined up for the future.)

We knew there was always a transition to industry in our future.

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