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Oct 1, 2022

How Bentley Systems’ 3DFT could conquer the infrastructure metaverse

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Construction data can quickly scale into gigabytes and terabytes of data. The field is complicated because teams use various file formats to design, construct and operate a building or facility. Teams must often load the whole file into proprietary rendering tools before showing off a new design or collaborating on schedules. These files can be even more complex when building out large-scale digital twins of whole cities like Helsinki or Singapore.

Bentley Systems hopes to change that. At a technology demonstration event in London, Bentley showed off a new 3D streaming codec for the infrastructure metaverse called 3DFT. It’s already running on the Epic Unreal Engine, and Bentley plans to support other platforms down the road.

3DFT is not the first format for streaming metaverse data. The GIS industry has been streaming 2D data for years using tiles. And the Open Geospatial Consortium has been working on the 3D Tiles standard to extend streaming into the third dimension.

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Oct 1, 2022

This Cyber Security Service Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

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As everyday technologies get more and more advanced, cyber security must be at the forefront of every customer. Cyber security services have become common and are often used by private companies and the public sector in order to protect themselves from potential cyber attacks.

One of these services goes under the name Darktrace and has recently been acquired by Cybersprint, a Dutch provider of advanced cyber security services and a manufacturer of special tools that use machine learning algorithms to detect cyber vulnerabilities. Based on attack path modeling and graph theory, Darktrace’s platform represents organizational networks as directional, weighted graphs with nodes where multi-line segments meet and edges where they join. In order to estimate the probability that an attacker will be able to successfully move from node A to node B, a weighted graph can be used. Understanding the insights gained will make it easier for Darktrace to simulate future attacks.

Oct 1, 2022

Optimus Robot Revealed at Tesla AI Day

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At 2022 Tesla AI Day, Elon Musk gave the public its first look at his company’s humanoid robot nicknamed Optimus. He expects the production model to cost less than $20,000.

Oct 1, 2022

The Real Star of Tesla’s AI Day Isn’t a Dancing Robot

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Today we’ll take a look at Tesla’s AI Day and the real star of the show. But first…

Oct 1, 2022

Jack Dorsey tried to get Elon Musk on Twitter’s board but directors were too ‘risk averse,’ texts reveal

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Musk and Twitter are set to go to Delaware Chancery Court in mid-October over the Tesla CEO’s attempt to get out of his $44 billion deal to buy the company.

Oct 1, 2022

Tesla unveils its humanoid robot for ‘less than $20,000’

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Tesla has unveiled its Optimus humanoid robot at its AI Day 2022 today and Elon Musk believes Tesla can bring it to market for “less than $20,000”.

As expected, the event started with Tesla unveiling a working prototype of its humanoid robot – a project first announced at Tesla’s AI day in 2021.

There were two prototypes unveiled at the event.

Sep 30, 2022

Preparing for the BF-7 COVID-19 variant and flu season

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Move over, BA-4 and BA-5, there’s a new COVID-19 variant that’s spreading even as the push is on for the current round of boosters.

The word from the experts is to get the booster and don’t let your guard down. KDKA’s John Shumway spoke with CBS News medical expert Dr. David Agus — and some of what he had to say is a bit disconcerting.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omicron, BA-4, BA-5, and now comes BF-7.

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Sep 30, 2022

New Infectious Threats Are Coming. The U.S. Probably Won’t Contain Them

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There needs to be a radical change to biological wetware in order to handle viruses. What is needed is either nanoparticles or an immunity to all diseases. Crispr is the main path for the biological singularity but it needs to be perfected first as the human body is still a black box due to restrictions. I do believe that mass spectrometry will essentially be key to see the inner world of human biology. Then crispr can make new parts essentially to evolve past our current limits. But either way the biological singularity is needed for survival of human beings for better health.

The coronavirus revealed flaws in the nation’s pandemic plans. The spread of monkeypox shows that the problems remain deeply entrenched.

Sep 30, 2022

Pacific Ocean set to make way for world’s next supercontinent

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New Curtin University-led research has found that the world’s next supercontinent, Amasia, will most likely form when the Pacific Ocean closes in 200 to 300 million years.

Published in National Science Review, the research team used a supercomputer to simulate how a forms and found that because the Earth has been cooling for billions of years, the thickness and strength of the plates under the oceans reduce with time, making it difficult for the next supercontinent to assemble by closing the “young” oceans, such as the Atlantic or Indian oceans.

Lead author Dr. Chuan Huang, from Curtin’s Earth Dynamics Research Group and the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, said the new findings were significant and provided insights into what would happen to Earth in the next 200 million years.

Sep 30, 2022

Jennifer Garrison, Buck Institute | Reframing Health and Aging through the Lens of Reproduct

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Foresight Biotech & Health Extension Meeting sponsored by 100 Plus Capital.
Program & apply to join:

Jennifer Garrison, Buck Institute.
Reframing Health and Aging through the Lens of Reproduct.

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