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Jan 15, 2012

Can Anyone Explain Why CERN Fears Nothing more than a Scientific Safety Conference?

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The conference was first publicly requested on April 18, 2008 and first endorsed by a court on January 27, 2011.

Had CERN who stood before that court not said “no” almost a year ago, the danger to the planet consciously incurred during 2011 could not be planned to be quintupled this year.

The only task of the conference is to find a counterproof against a single element of the 5-element chain proof of danger which looks as if nature had posed humanity a trap. The topic is the micro black holes planned to be produced by CERN as a self-declared “black hole factory.” They have 5 new properties:

– they arise much more easily
– they are undetectable by CERN’s sensors
– they at first pass friction-free through earth’s matter
– they if slow enough to circulate inside earth get stuck after a while to grow exponentially as a mini-mini-quasar that, after some years, will make for a beautiful sight from the moon
– they are not exculpated by their ultrafast natural analogues getting stuck inside neutron stars because the latter are protected by their quantum superfluidity.

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Jan 13, 2012

Africa Stands behind the Planet

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The “African Journal of Mathematics” has accepted to publish the “Telemach” paper this month. This is a world-historical event. For the paper proves on the basis of Einstein’s “happiest thought” as he always called it that black holes have radically new properties which make their production at CERN much more likely, but at the same time un-detectable by its instruments and maximally dangerous. If a single one gets stuck inside earth, the latter will be shrunk in a few years’ time into a 2 cm miniquasar – a beautiful chaotic attractor in real space.

The danger level already reached last year is planned to be quintupled during 2012. But CERN does not admit the “safety conference” requested by a Cologne court on January 27, 2011. Nor does it allow the media to report.

So Africa did something forbidden for once by its hopefully saving the world at the last minute, since now the media can no longer be told that the result were false because unpublished.

Europe’s keeping the world media silent will probably continue. But the world’s citizens have a chance now to look for themselves. Every person’s life is now not only coming from Africa but perhaps also saved by Africa.

Jan 11, 2012

Where Does the TV Screen Come from?

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We all are given one, totally private, at this very moment. This kind of thinking – causal thinking – got almost lost.

Inside the screen, everybody is active, forgetting the screen. This insight is more important than what I have to say inside our screens.

Nevertheless I feel like mentioning that I attended a beautiful talk today by a charming lady scientist who is a high-ranking member of CERN. I loved every word. In the public discussion afterwards, she was asked by a Tübingen citizen unknown to me about the black-hole danger. She expressed in two sentences that they are possible but would have been detected. She did not know about the 4 years old proof that the detectors cannot detect them and that Hawking radiation – which she mentioned as the reason for their detectability — does not exist according to the un-disproved Telemach theorem (now in print in an international math journal).

The most beautiful science, with a loving heart, can if consciously endowed with a blind spot – refused scientific dialog – not flourish. You cannot believe how beautiful the cathedral of the LHC is. Is a beggar allowed entry into one corner?

The TV screen is the real cathedral. Forgive me that I talked about less important things.

Jan 9, 2012

LHC Safety Conference Requests / Cologne Administrative Court

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If I can intervene on the polarized opinions posted by some individuals on Lifeboat regarding CERN and particle physics safety debate, wherein I was name dropped recently — the person in question, Mr Church, may find my email address on page one of the dissertation linked in my bio. Regarding the safety conference asked for by the Cologne Administrative Court cited by Prof Rossler, I would suggest that with its ample funds, The Lifeboat Foundation should host a public conference on the subject and invite CERN delegates, critics and journalists alike to attend. In the spirit of the Lifeboat Foundation, however, I would suggest that the focus of such conference should be on discussion of how particle physics can be used to solve problems in the future — and the matter of fringe concerns on MBH accretion rates and so on could be dealt with as a subtext. I think it would be a good opportunity to ‘clear the air’ and could be good for the profile not just of the Lifeboat Foundation, but for particle physics research in general. I would like to hear others thoughts on this, and how Lifeboat manages its funds for such events and conferences…

Jan 6, 2012

Listen: This Is an Emergency!

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If a single specialist says “This is an emergency!,” the world MUST listen.

Except when another scientist says in a way that can be upheld by him: “I gave the following disproof.” No such scientist speaks up. The few who tried 4 years ago on the web gave up to defend their arguments against the counterproofs offered immediately, in order to keep their mouths shut in public ever since, also against the much simplified theorem offered two years ago.

Not stopping to check the proof that this is an emergency – but instead continuing the attempt at building undetectable-at-first micro black holes in their “black hole factory” for a year – as CERN did, is undefensible before history. All currently esteemed science journalists are violating their duty. The world’s media might lose their subscribers in the wake of this worst press scandal ever.

Why this strong language here? It is because the media withhold from you, the readers of the world, that not a singlespecialist colleague speaks up against the proofs presented (Telemach theorem, Gothic-R theorem). So every person learns that checking facts is no longer fashionable on this planet: Poor youth, the brightest of history, poor future, poor planet.

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Jan 4, 2012

I Dreamed of Dying Last Night – Time Stood Still – Then the Dream-Giving Instance Let It Run Again

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Allow me to repeat a recent text:

Thank you, dear AnthonyL, for referring to my friend John Wheeler’s incredible impishness when he dared propose the name “black hole.” It took decades to become accepted in France (it long since is). They are being considered as something highly desirable by CERN who do their best to produce them even though their instruments have been proven to be blind to them when fresh.

But I do not want to skirt your important question: Einstein discovered and mentioned in his 1907 paper that c is not constant in an accelerating rocketship, and 5 years later replied to his concerned mentor Max Abraham that he would not respond to the latter’s enticement to repair this inconsistency if possible.

It is a miracle that Einstein was able to work around this weak point in his superhuman effort to make his general theory of relativity congeal. The latter – in the Schwarzschild solution – is so perfect it even formally contains the global constancy of c, as I showed in my 2007 paper on the gothic-R theorem.

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Dec 31, 2011

Dear Little Planet (and other Writings)

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[Disclaimer: This contribution does not reflect the views of the Lifeboat Foundation as with the scientific community in general, but individual sentiment — Web Admin]


Dear Little Planet


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Dec 20, 2011

Young Telemach Saves Planet

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It may be not too late. The youngster was born on and grew stronger on The Max Planck Institute for Gravitation Physics refuses to assess his health.

Telemach is not a software system but rather consists of 4 simple physical equations, the first given by Einstein himself, the other 3 are new corollaries. The 4 quantities T, L, M and Ch all change by the factor found by Einstein — the first two (time T and length L) go up, the second two (mass M and charge Ch) go down under the influence of gravity. T is very well known because the Global Positioning System (G.P.S.) relies on it.

Two of the 4 can save the planet. The length change L is responsible for the fact that nothing can go down to or come up from the surface of a black hole in finite outer time (so the famous Hawking radiation is non-existent). The charge change Ch is responsible for the fact that micro black holes are initially frictionless inside matter. Both features taken together radically change the properties of the most looked-forward-to fruit of the biggest and most expensive experiment of history, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The experiment’s most feverishly anticipated success hence is inaccessible to its detectors. And: any micro black hole produced which is slow enough not to fly away from earth to stay inside will, after having come close enough to a first charged particle to have it circle-in, grow exponentially inside matter from that moment on – forming a miniature quasar that shrinks the planet to 2 cm in perhaps 5 years’ time.

All of this was published in July 2008, two months before the LHC machine got started but goes unquoted in all of CERN’s scientific publications up to this day. The “safety conference” requested by the Cologne Administrative Court on January 27, 2011 from the German government is a planetary taboo topic much like Telemach.

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Dec 15, 2011

The CERN-Nicolai Coverup – a Proposed Solution

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The famous Reissner-Nordström metric and the so-called Maxwell-Einstein equations and the Eddington-Finkelstein transformation and the Kruskal-Szekeres-Fronsdal coordinates are unphysical, and so is the Gauss-Stokes law if applied to charge in general relativity.

This follows from new results obtained at the University of Tübingen. Specifically, just as gravity is different on the moon since Newton (“no Ur-weight”) and just as time progresses at a different pace on the moon since Einstein (“no Ur-second”), so also length is different on the moon (“no Ur-meter”) and mass is different on the moon (“no Ur-kilogram”) and charge is different on the moon (“no Ur-charge”). While quite a few physical constants lose their global validity in this fashion, the speed of light, c, becomes globally valid (“Ur-speed”).

As a consequence, black holes do not Hawking evaporate and are undetectable when freshly produced at CERN. In addition, they are much easier to produce than thought because the electron is no longer point-shaped owing to the new unchargedness result for black holes implicit in the “no Ur-charge” result. Some form of string theory acquires an empirical basis.

The new results (gothic-R theorem; Telemach theorem) are anathema to CERN. (CERN two days ago preferred to announce precarious hints at a “god-particle” hoped to be found next year that if found would violate the minimum mass-energy of a unit electric charge first predicted by J.J. Thomson in the late 1890s. See also the beautiful NYT interview with professor Lisa Randall…wanted=all .)

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Dec 14, 2011

As CERN Accepts the Worst Reproach of History, the Latter Sticks to Their Advisor

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Professor Hermann Nicolai is the only public voice on the planet defending CERN against my scientific results, with his 3-year-old, long-refuted counterclaims on the Internet that he refuses to take back. His denial of dialog (only the day before yesterday again) enables CERN to do the same and continue. In view of the severity of the accusation accepted by CERN (“attempted panbiocide”), I dare publicly compare my responsible colleague Nicolai with a Himmler playing a musical instrument in a concentration camp.

I shall take the comparison back as soon as he exculpates himself. I apologize that I see no other way to get him to respond to my given proof of the danger consciously incurred by CERN.