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Sep 24, 2016

Breakthrough Quantum Cat Experiment Captured on Camera

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The paradox of Schrödinger’s cat—in which a quantum cat is both alive and dead at the same time until we check to see which state it’s in—is arguably the most famous example of the bizarre counter-intuitive nature of the quantum world. Now, Stanford physicists have exploited this feature weirdness to make highly detailed movies of the inner machinery of simple iodine molecules.

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Sep 23, 2016

Watch the first teasers for the new Ghost in the Shell movie

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As you’ve probably heard, there’s a live-action version of the classic manga The Ghost in the Shell with Scarlett Johansson coming next year, and now the first teasers have arrived.

The spots, which initially aired during tonight’s Mr. Robot season finale, are glitchy and weird; impressionistic moments rather than traditional teasers. (As somebody that grew up on ‘90s visions of our inevitable cyberpunk future, it’s an aesthetic I happen to personally enjoy. The only shame is that Ralph Fiennes isn’t around to sling some black market MiniDisc memories.)

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Sep 23, 2016

Movie Review: Arrival Is a Scifi Masterpiece You Won’t Stop Thinking About

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Arrival is the kind of science fiction film we dream of. It’s got big stars, a bigger concept, and the longer it goes, the more it demands of its audience. The pacing is methodical, the story captivating, and filmmaking beautiful. You rarely have a clue where it’s going—but once it gets there, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

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Sep 20, 2016

World’s First Cyborg Games Kicks Off This October

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Coming this fall: The world’s first cyborg games.

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Sep 19, 2016

Can Technology Help Fine-Tune Your Happiness?

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Given the demands of the modern world, many people find solace and relaxation when they disconnect from their smart phones, computers and email. But what if you could improve your overall happiness simply by playing games on your phone? In a recent interview, tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Happify Ofer Leidner said gamification can make people “happier”, and that the development of technology that improves well-being is only just getting beginning.

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It should be noted that not just any game on your phone can help one live a happier, healthier life. Instead, Happify and other comparable platforms use science-based games to drive behavior and to help people learn skills for generally improving their outlook on life. It’s still gaming and gamification, but gaming done with a meaningful purpose.

“After telling us a little bit about themselves, we recommend a certain track, which is a topic around which (Happify users) want to build those skills for greater emotional fitness. We then prescribe for them a set of activities and interventions that have been transformed into an interactive app,” Leidner said. “You can do them on your phone, when you’re commuting, or you can do it at night. What we’re doing, in terms of the measurement of improved outcome, is we’re actually measuring them based on scientific event reports.”

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Sep 17, 2016

Westworld Review: HBO’s New Series Is Bold, Compelling

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Fantastic review! I will DEFINITELY be giving this series a go when it premieres very early next month!

This show, like the novel it’s based on, will explore many major transhumanist (and humanist, for that matter) themes. What do you think? Will you be watching too?

Allison Keene reviews the first four episodes of the upcoming HBO drama Westworld, which stars Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, and Anthony Hopkins.

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Sep 14, 2016

Roc and Sling, part 2

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Refining and redesigning my Mars rocket.

Love Imgur? Join our team!

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Sep 7, 2016

Dobby Selfie-Drone: Hands-On

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Elevate your selfie game with this pocket-sized drone:

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Sep 7, 2016

Scientists need your help to build a quantum computer

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If anyone is interested in being part of computing history; do we have a program for you. Called the “The Alice Experiment”; this experiment will soon be open to the public, where you can take part in the quantum physics experiment simply by playing an online video game.

If you have always dreamed of helping out with a quantum physics experiment, now is you chance. And all you need to do is play a video game.

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Sep 1, 2016

Morgan — IBM Creates First Movie Trailer by AI

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Click on photo to start video.

Utilizing experimental Watson APIs and machine learning techniques, scientists at IBM Research have collaborated with 20th Century Fox to create the first-ever cognitive movie trailer.

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