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Mar 15, 2020

New Warning Issued For All WhatsApp And iMessage Users: ‘Major Threat’ To Encryption

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Is this the beginning of the end for secure messaging?

Mar 6, 2020

The EARN IT Act Is a Sneak Attack on Encryption

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The crypto wars are back in full swing.

Feb 24, 2020

The view of quantum threats – from the front lines

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Quantum computing might initially sound like a far-fetched futuristic idea, but companies such as Amazon, Google, and IBM are putting their weight behind it and preparations have begun. With quantum computing potentially within our reach, what will happen to our current security models and modern-day encryption? See what security experts are doing to prepare for quantum threats.

The future is here. Or just about. After a number of discoveries, researchers have proven that quantum computing is possible and on its way. The wider world did not pause long on this discovery: Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Google, and IBM have just announced their own intentions to embark on their own quantum developments.

Now that it’s within our reach we have to start seriously considering what that means in the real world. Certainly, we all stand to gain from the massive benefits that quantum capabilities can bring, but so do cybercriminals.

Feb 24, 2020

Why Quantum Computing Gets Special Attention In The Trump Administration’s Budget Proposal

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Competition between the U.S. and China in quantum computing revolves, in part, around the role such a system could play in breaking the encryption that makes things secure on the internet.

Truly useful quantum computing applications could be as much as a decade away, Aaronson says. Initially, these tools would be highly specialized.

“The way I put it is that we’re now entering the very, very early, vacuum-tube era of quantum computers,” he says.

Feb 21, 2020

Scientists Create a 5-atom Quantum Computer That Could Make Today’s Encryption Obsolete

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Circa 2016

MIT scientists have developed a 5-atom quantum computer, one that is able to render traditional encryption obsolete.

Feb 20, 2020

Mixed-signal hardware security thwarts powerful electromagnetic attacks

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Security of embedded devices is essential in today’s internet-connected world. Security is typically guaranteed mathematically using a small secret key to encrypt the private messages.

When these computationally secure encryption algorithms are implemented on a physical hardware, they leak critical side-channel information in the form of power consumption or electromagnetic radiation. Now, Purdue University innovators have developed technology to kill the problem at the source itself—tackling physical-layer vulnerabilities with physical-layer solutions.

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Feb 17, 2020

Compromised encryption machines gave CIA window into major human rights abuses in South America

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The countries running “Operation Condor,” a campaign of assassinations in the 1970s, used devices made by Crypto AG, a company owned by the agency and West German intelligence.

Feb 8, 2020

Scientists create prototype quantum hard drive

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O.o circa 2015.

Researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Otago in New Zealand have created a prototype quantum hard drive that may fundamentally alter the realm of secure, long-distance data encryption. Using atoms of the rare-earth element europium embedded in yttrium orthosilicate (YSO) crystals, the scientists have shattered previous records for quantum information retention by creating a storage device capable of holding quantum state information for up to six hours at a time.

Quantum data encryption already offers the promise of intrinsically secure electronic data interchange over relatively short distances (up to around 100 km (62 mi) or so). However, this latest research may help enable a worldwide quantum-encrypted communications network by providing unprecedented storage capabilities and effectively negating the instability problems inherent in currently available technology.

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Feb 4, 2020

India bets big on quantum technology

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Overall, India’s science ministry, which oversees the department of science and technology; biotechnology; and scientific and industrial research, received 144 billion rupees in the 2020–21 budget, a 10.8% increase over promised funds in the 2019–20 budget.

Latest budget includes more than a billion dollars in funding for quantum computing, communications and cryptography.

Jan 2, 2020

Remote connections? Detangling entanglement in quantum physics

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Quantum computers, quantum cryptography and quantum (insert name here) are often in the news these days. Articles about them inevitably refer to entanglement, a property of quantum physics that makes all these magical devices possible.

Einstein called entanglement “spooky action at a distance,” a name that has stuck and become increasingly popular. Beyond just building better quantum computers, understanding and harnessing entanglement is also useful in other ways.

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