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May 12, 2016

Lego-like electronic bricks redefines ‘playing with blocks’

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Interesting method in controlling energy sources and efficiencies via Quantum legos.

The chrome-plated bricks can conduct electricity, integrate active parts such as LED lights, motor blocks, and even sound, light and proximity sensors. The conductive bricks feature flexible side-arms that ensure electrical connection between two adjacent blocks, and the whole assemblies are powered by a Bluetooth-controlled 9V battery block. The built-in Bluetooth controller lets users change the current’s direction and voltage levels via a mobile application.

That means the Brixo bricks can not only be triggered by sound, light and touch, but also controlled by any Bluetooth connected device, taking the good old Lego bricks further into the IoT world (the Danish company has its entries in the cloud via its Mindstorms Lego series and the augmented reality-capable Nexo Knights toys.

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May 12, 2016

NVIDIA Brings Virtual Reality to Materials

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When I look at technology and other things; my brain just dissolves all boundaries/ scope of the technology was originally defined for. For me, this is and has always been in my own DNA since I was a toddler. When I first looked at VR/ AR, my future state vision just exploded immediately where and how this technology could be used, how it could transform industries and daily lives, and other future technologies. So, I am glad to see folks apply AR and VR in so many ways that will prove valuable to users, companies, and consumers.

NVIDIA is working with various companies in different sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, and medical to bring AR benefits in their business. It is working with Audi, General Motors (GM), and Ford (F) to create a VR application where the consumer can design a car by changing its wheels, paint, or seat leather. NVIDIA is also working with European (IEV) furniture manufacturer IKEA to build a virtual reality application that allows the user to design their own rooms and homes.

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May 5, 2016

Nashville School Uses Augmented Reality

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J.E. Moss Elementary School, a Title I school in Nashville, TN, has adopted an augmented reality program to help improve reading skills in one of its kindergarten classes.

Letters alive, a supplemental reading software kit from Alive Studios, has aided teacher Greg Smedley-Warren and boosted his kindergarten class’ literacy scores above all the other kindergarten classrooms in his school, according to a prepared statement. His class includes several ELL and “at risk” students.

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May 3, 2016

Augmented Reality Transforms Worker Safety and Efficiency

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AR working ; I cannot wait to see what we do with AR in many of the other enterprise apps.

Augmented reality is transforming field maintenance. With DAQRI Smart Helmet™, workers get real-time visual instructions, equipment diagnostics, and operational data, turning every user into a maintenance expert.

By combining DAQRI’s innovative design with Intel’s powerful technology, DAQRI Smart Helmet helps workers be more productive and less error-prone. As an example of how powerful augmented reality can be, Kazakhstan Seamless Pipe (KSP Steel) used the helmet to achieve a 40% increase in worker productivity and a 50% reduction in factory downtime.

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May 3, 2016

Osterhout Design Group Teams with NuEyes for Solution to Help Those with Low Vision

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I cannot wait to get a set for my mom.

In a partnership that could change the lives of millions of people, NuEyes, a pioneer in the field of low-vision technology, and Osterhout Design Group (ODG), maker of the world’s most advanced Augmented Reality (AR) smartglasses, today announced the availability of portable head-worn devices that c…

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Apr 30, 2016

Sony Patents Own Contact Lens Camera

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I forgot Sony in the list of contact lens patents. Sony’s new camera contact patent. So, we have Google, Huawei, and Samsung with AR and CPU patents and Sony’s patents on the camera. Waiting for Apple and my favorite Microsoft’s announcements.

Sony has joined Google and Samsung in the world of contact lens camera patents, Sony’s version also has zoom and aperture control built in.

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Apr 30, 2016

Robot doctors will ‘absolutely’ replace surgeons

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After centuries of training surgeons in crowded operating theatres, Ahmed thinks that virtual and augmented reality can be used to train tens of thousands of students simultaneously.

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Apr 30, 2016

Google has a crazy idea for injecting a computer into your eyeball

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Not only Google; there is Huawei and their AR contacts and Samsung are also making AR Contacts. And, the news 3 weeks ago shows that Samsung has applied for their own patent.

Google has filed a patent for what sounds like a bionic eye.

A patent filed in 2014 and published Thursday describes a device that could correct vision without putting contacts in or wearing glasses everyday.

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Apr 28, 2016

Google CEO Pichai Sees the End of Computers as Physical Devices

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Kurzweil, me and others have been saying devices will eventually be phased out for a while now. However, I do not believe the phase out will be due to AI. I do believe it will be based on how humans will use and adopt NextGen technology. I believe that AI will only be a supporting technology for humans and will be used in conjunction with AR, BMI, etc.

My real question around the phasing out of devices is will we jump from Smartphone directly to BMI or see a migration of Smartphone to AR Contacts & Glasses then eventually BMI?…

(Bloomberg) — Forget personal computer doldrums and waning smartphone demand. Google thinks computers will one day cease being physical devices.

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Apr 27, 2016

Virtual Dining Experience Allows You To Taste Food Without The Calories

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Is AR your new diet plan?

The future of dining is here, and it’s all about molecular gastronomy, augmented reality headsets and multi-textured algae — and it’s virtually no calories.

Researchers at Project Nourished have found a way to merge the taste, feel and smell of food using atomizers, virtual reality headsets, a device that mimics chewing sounds, a glass with built-in sensors, a specialized utensil, and a 3D-printed food cube. The goal is to trick the user’s mind and palate into thinking they’re experiencing something entirely different than what they’re actually eating.

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