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Nov 27, 2013

Call for Contributors: The Prospect of Immortality − Fifty Years Later (Ed. Charles Tandy Ph.D.)

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The Prospect of Immortality − Fifty Years Later
Editor: Charles Tandy, Ph.D.
Publisher: Ria University Press
Distributor: Ingram
Timeline: To be published in 2014 (fifty years after 1964)


Please look at Dr. Tandy’s chapter-by-chapter summary of Robert Ettinger’s classic, The Prospect of Immortality or consult the 1964 volume directly. Notice that Ettinger’s book consists of eleven chapters devoted to the following eleven topics:

1.Death’s Reversibility
2.Cooling Down
3.Thawing Out
4.Today’s Choices
5.Religious Issues
6.Legal Issues
7.Economic Issues
8.Personal Identity
9.Immortality’s Usefulness
10.Immortality’s Ethics
11.Immortality’s Future

Please consider contributing SPECIFICALLY TO ONE of the eleven invited topics. If you are interested in contributing, the following approach is suggested:

1. Read, with understanding, all eleven chapters of Robert Ettinger’s Prospect of Immortality.
2. Determine which one chapter on which you wish to focus.
3. Consider how a new and up-to-date Ettinger or expert might write the chapter today so as to properly persuade readers to cryonics. Write a chapter proposal (but NOT yet a draft paper) aimed at updating and/or revising the chapter of your choice.
4. Submit your chapter proposal, along with your cv/resume, to Charles Tandy, Ph.D.) at <[email protected]>.