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Jan 10, 2017

Pentagon Seeks A More Powerful Social Media Monitoring Machine

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This is one of those situations that I often get conflicted over. Yes, it’s good to keep people safe; however, at what cost is too much? As, one person’s interpretation of a bad web site is not the same for others. Such as when Nelson Mandela led the whole anti-apartheid movement he was considered then a terrorist. And, the 1960s when Dr. King fought for real equal rights for all people; he was deemed by US government a terrorist. And, neither one of these situations where anything like ISIS today. So, it is a very tricky situation; and hope the courts can help us ensure things are legally done the right way.

DARPA is soliciting software that distinguishes between anti-American slogans and true intent to kill on a global scale.


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Jan 10, 2017

Building a Google for the dark web

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I can honestly state there is already one that folks are using; I would suggest DARPA should assess it and maybe acquire it. As it would give them a jump start and they can enhance it for their own needs.

In today’s data-rich world, companies, governments and individuals want to analyze anything and everything they can get their hands on – and the World Wide Web has loads of information. At present, the most easily indexed material from the web is text. But as much as 89 to 96 percent of the content on the internet is actually something else – images, video, audio, in all thousands of different kinds of nontextual data types.

Further, the vast majority of online content isn’t available in a form that’s easily indexed by electronic archiving systems like Google’s. Rather, it requires a user to log in, or it is provided dynamically by a program running when a user visits the page. If we’re going to catalog online human knowledge, we need to be sure we can get to and recognize all of it, and that we can do so automatically.

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Jan 10, 2017

Amazon Has 45,000 Robot Employees

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Jan 10, 2017

Fast Radio Bursts from Extragalactic Light Sails

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Abstract: We examine the possibility that Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) originate from the activity of extragalactic civilizations. Our analysis shows that beams used for powering large light sails could yield parameters that are consistent with FRBs. The characteristic diameter of the beam emitter is estimated through a combination of energetic and engineering constraints, and both approaches intriguingly yield a similar result which is on the scale of a large rocky planet. Moreover, the optimal frequency for powering the light sail is shown to be similar to the detected FRB frequencies. These ‘coincidences’ lend some credence to the possibility that FRBs might be artificial in origin. Other relevant quantities, such as the typical mass of the light sail, and the angular velocity of the beam, are also derived. By using the FRB occurrence rate, we infer upper bounds on the rate of FRBs from extragalactic civilizations in a typical galaxy. The possibility of detecting fainter signals is briefly discussed, and the wait time for an exceptionally bright FRB event in the Milky Way is estimated.

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Jan 10, 2017

The Hunt For Aliens is a Grassroots Movement Funded by Billionaires

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The search for aliens has become a grassroots movement for billionaires.

The last few years demonstrate that extraterrestrial research has finally moved into the mainstream — and money is pouring in fast.

Aside from a strange blip in the 1950s and early 1960s, the search for extraterrestrial life has primarily taken place at society’s fringes. Public figures have not historically risked their reputations advocating the search for alien life. And within the scientific community, the subject was largely (and understandably) sidelined until recent years, when telescopes that could detect new planets and instruments that found the ingredients for life on other worlds allowed serious-minded researchers to pass the laugh test.

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Jan 10, 2017

More Than Human: Scientist is Building Animal-Like Machines to Save Lives

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Biomimetics could pave the way for robo-rescuers in the next decade.

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Jan 10, 2017

Meet Prosthesis, the terrifying 14ft-tall ‘anti-robot’ that runs 20mph

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Meet ‘Prosthesis’, the terrifying 14ft-tall ‘anti-robot’ that can carry a human and run over 20mph almost SILENTLY…

A 14-foot-tall exo-bionic racing robot could soon be tearing across the Nevada desert.

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Jan 10, 2017

Microsoft looks to tap quasiparticles to bring about a scalable quantum computer

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Microsoft has been on a quest to build the holy grail of computers for over a decade, dumping tons of money into researching quantum computing and the company says they are ready to transition over to the engineering phase of their endeavor. At least that’s what MS executive Todd Holmdahl aims to accomplish by developing the hardware and software to do so.

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Jan 10, 2017

Image of the Week: Multi-lobe probability density function

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How do 2 random mix Quantum States look like in a graphics image? Pretty.

Today’s Image of the Week comes from a study of The difference between two random mixed quantum states: exact and asymptotic spectral analysis from the Universidad de los Andes and ETH Zürich. In this recent JPhysA paper, José Mejía, Camilo Zapata and Alonso Botero investigate the spectral statistics of the difference of two density matrices, each of which is independently obtained by partially tracing a random bipartite pure quantum state. Their results make it possible to quantify the typical asymptotic distance between the two random mixed states using various distance measures.

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Jan 10, 2017

Invisible Combat Vehicles May Now Be Possible; Russian Scientists Claim

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20 Armata tanks boasted with a science breakthrough idea that reduced visibility with high-tech armor protection have successfully been tested in Russia.

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